Paramavatar Shri Krishna 17th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Balram takes shesh naag avatar.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 17th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mandhrachal taking his human form and he comes out to fight balram. Balram says good you came yourself, now I will kill you. balram fights mandhrachal with his mudgal, mandhrachal makes a strong mudgal made of rock. Balram beats mandhrachal and puts him down on ground. Balram beats him more as mandhrachal is in pain. Mandhrachal stops balram and gets up, he goes ahead back in the mountain and says balram, do anything but you cannot defeat me. balram gets angry and says I will push you inside the Yamuna river. Balram uses all his strength and starts pushing mandhrachal, kanha comes and helps and together they push mandhrachal in the river.
Balram says kanha, where is nagraj vasuki? How will the river be churned? Who will cover around mandhrachal? Kanha says nagraj vasuki denied to help. Balram says then who will help? Kanha says brother you will, you will churn the river by rotating yourself around mandhrachal. Balram says are you mad kanha? I am not so huge to wrap myself around the mountain, I can push the mountain but not churn it because I am not like nagraj vasuki. Balram says just leave me kanha, he goes. kanha says how do I tell brother that he is shesh naag avatar?
Kanha goes to balram and says brother listen to me once. Balram says no kanha, I am not listening to you. kanha says brother get up, you are my elder brother but you were born as my elder brother, you are the avatar of shesh naag and you were born to be my elder brother. Balram says what? Shesh naag? Are you crazy? Narad muni appears and says yes balram, you are the avatar of shesh naag. Kanha says see narad muni is here, he is saying the truth and you have to believe it brother, just remember who you are. Balram is confused and he closes his ears and eyes and says stop! I am not shesh naag. Kanha says all gods and devrishi, we have to make brother realize who he is. Kanha, narad muni and all gods start singing a song to make balram realize he is shesh naag. Balram hears the song as his eyes are closed. Kanha says remember who you are. Balram finally sees shesh naag in vaikunth and he opens his eyes. Kanha takes his huge divya avatar of Vishnu. balram sees and he has tears and says my prabhu, I have realized who I am. Kanha comes back to normal. Balram becomes huge in size and he closes his eyes and brings the shesh naag avatar. Everyone see and do pranam. Narad muni says I am grateful fro this darshan shesh naag. Balram appears and says prabhu, now I know who I am. Narad muni goes.
Kanha says brother, then lets go because mandhrachal will put the life of all people in danger.
There mandhrachal says before kanha and balram come, I will submerge inside the river and kill all vrindavan people. Mandhrachal starts submerging. The water enters inside the mountain and people say what is this? damodar says it doesn’t feel like we will be saved this time.
Kanha says brother come on we have to churn the river, take the shesh avatar. Balram says okay prabhu as you say, till today I could not understand but now I do. How could I be foolish to wish to be your elder brother? Kanha says please forget that all now, come on. Kanha and balram go.

Precap: Mandhrachal tries to submerge but kanha sends kurma avatar which keeps mandhrachal on his back on the surface of the river. Kansa sends karkasura to kill kurma avatar.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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