Paramavatar Shri Krishna 13th June 2019 Written Episode Update

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 13th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha & Balarama proceed with monkey’s directions but here the monkey shows them wrong direction to stop their way for acquiring religious flag. Here hanumanji smells of take utmost care of this religious flag which might go in wrong hands. Hanumanji sees kanha & Balarama walking towards him & thinks in himself to please come fast to take this flag, suddenly he thinks no, it is not possible or is that monkey playing some game with kanha. Hanumanji sitting on recitation of jai shri ram & narad muni erupts in front of him saying come out of recitation & shri krisna has sent me here to take this religious flag from you so that you keep reciting of shri ram & hanumanji gets happy knowing shri ram reminds him. While narad maves to take the flag hanumanji stops narad stating that shri ram had personally told him that shri Krishna will come & take this flag from you personally. Narad says on this that when I am his main devotee then why shri krishna should personally come & this is wrong. Hanumanji smells wrong & clears the hurdle by hitting narad & the monkey erupts.
Kanha & Balarama reaches at hanumanji place.
Here bhadraksha meets monkey & tells him if he fails to bring the religious flag then kansa won’t tolerate this & will punish you so make it fast to bring the flag.
Radha having clay idol in her hands & her father mother with villagers proceed towards the evil & the villager tell radha that the evil is biggest enemy of girls so you have to be most careful. Radha says once I meet him everything will be sorted out. They stop in-between near evil’s den & villagers tell her now we cannot go further from here. Radha’s father tells her to hand-over the idol in his hands but radha insists no as he is enemy of girls & he won’t talk with anybody except girls. Radha’s mother says in what kind of trouble you have made us fall in. Radha moves ahead towards evil’s den & father mother keep shouting her name from behind to stop & not to proceed. She keep going. Villagers say we have to go back as if evil sees all of us then he will kill all. Radha keep the idol on stone in front of him. The evil laughs & comes out. He picks radha & takes with him. Radha’s mother sees this & runs towards her shouting & falls unconscious.
Here kanha converses about good things with hanumanji & praises him too. Kanha tells him I have come here to take this religious flag from you. Hanumanji happily says that I can give you this flag only on 1 test from your side to confirm that if it is only you as original kanha who has come to take this flag which is very important for all religions. Balarama laughs on this & says that you will confirm us if we are original or duplicate inspite of we met with a duplicate of you in our path. So hanumanji reciprocates on this that if you found my duplicate then how should I feel that you are original so want to test you. Balarama get convinced. Hence hanumanji puts test of fight with him & if loses then will get confirmed. Kanha accepts.
Here evil talks with radha in his den. Radha asks hm why you are such evil towards girls. He tells due to my daughter my neck is cut so I will kill you. Radha runs & hides. She shouts & says what kind of evilness you have acquired & world’s savior is brahmadev. She makes him run behind her & hits him by some stone & immediately he falls down & the evil gets released from human who had acquired this fifth shish of brahmadev & was wrongly got converted into evil. The human thanks radha to made him free from this evil shish & requests her to destroy this immediately so that no enemy erupts from this shish.
Here hanumanji gets confused to fight with kanha but as he starts to fight he was unable to lift his gadha to hit & realizes true kanha & bends down to say sorry to kanha. He tells kanha that he has realized his maistake & knows that my gadha cannot be lifted to fight against only 1 that is shri ram.
So I was waiting only for you to hand over this religious flag in your safe hands. Suddenly the monkey emerges & takes away the flag & kanha pleads to hanumanji & in return hanumanji grows himself & lifts kanha in his hands & flies with kanha reciting jai shri ram to catch the monkey. Balarama says again kanha has left me behind alone.
Here radha is praised by villagers & tells her where a girl like you born in any family that family will always be blessed. Radha in return says yes but it is possible if you pray to god for girl child birth. Radha tells her father for which we were doing our travel for search of shish, we have found here itself & now we have to dedicate this. In return her father says he feels proud & happy having a daughter like you & bids to villagers.
Here monkey keeps on flying with the flag & behind him kanha & hanumanji. Hanumanji tells kanha because of my mistake the flag ig taken by the evil monkey but kanha reciprocates not to worry as this religious flag is not meant for any evil. The monkey in-between feels flag becoming very hard to fly with. The flag becomes hard & monkey stops. Kanha comes from behind with hanumanji & monkey starts repenting & tells kanha I had told kansa the flag is not possible to bring & peads kanha that he wants to stop such evil acts to do so kanha tells monkey I will send you at such a place where kansa also can’t come there & kanha orders hanumanji to send him to patal-lok where he will repent for his deeds. Hanumanji does that. Hanumanji gives the religious flag in hands of kanha & promises that he will always be there to for this flag’s guard.
Here radha takes shish to dedicate in pure sea but sea goddesses immerge & tells her that she can’t put this shish in our waters as it is of evil & will destroy all waters connected sea. Radha gets confused. Narad muni understands & immerges in front of her & tells her to invent new sea water & can dedicate & immerse the shish in that water. Radha feels happy of good solution.
Here kanha meets gurudev & gurudev praises kahna & while conversing gurumata comes out from house & tells kanha that they wish to do your aarti for achieving all such big powers. Aarti is done by gurumata & gurudav of kanha. Gurudev tells kanha now you are pure god & have to do deeds as per god. What god wishes you have to wait for the same.
Indra dev talks with prabhu that kanha has acquired all powers & now only sudarshan chakra he has to acquire. Narad muni also says indra dev is correct. Prabhu reciprocates yes & after that kanha will become ishwar avatar. Indra dev asks permission by prabhu dev to allow them to celebrate kanha’s sudarshan sanskar & prabhu dev gives permission. In between rishiwar erupts & is against the decision of acquiring sudarshan chakra by such a small child like kanha & is against them. Idra dev explains rishiwar that he is the only child & human to acquire all powers with his smart brains, strength etc. & also as avatar of Narayan prabhu too. Rishiwar says if he is Narayan avatar so it does not mean he should acquire sudarshan chakra, Narayan prabhu tells rishiwar that he accepts as unless kanha is not capable it is not possible to acquire, so you suggest what we should do. Narayan prabhu tells rishiwar to test kanha by yourself then only if he passes from your tests then he can acquire the sudarshan chakra. Rishiwar accepts the task from prabhu to take his tests.
Here radha prays to goddess for invention of new water sea on plain land to dedicate shish. Water starts erupting from plain land & radha thanks to goddess & immerses the shish with prayer. She sees parampita & prays.
Kanha is playing with Balarama & friends where rishiwar is shown seeing kanha playing with friends. He makes his thoughts that he will prove that kanha can’t acquire sudarshan chakra. While playing he sees brahman dev & brahman dev shouts at him & says playing is wrong in gurukul so take me to your gurudev & kanha takes him & there he talks in anger with gurudev against kanha & says he will curse him if tries to teach. Gurudev tells brahmandev to please forgive this small child as you are big to understand. Brahmandev in return curses gurudev & Balarama intervenes & tells brahmandev that you are insulting our gurudev. Brahmandev gets more angry & tries to give shrap to both but gurudev apologises but brahmandev does not stop & keeps cursing but gurudev tells brahmandev if I am wrong to teach them then I request you to please teach them now onwards by your lessons. Brahmandev keeps a task in front of gurudev that if you want me to teach them you have to remove yourself & stay away in-between us. Gurudev accepts the task & brahmandev says then I will teach them as per my lessons & make them work for me & if they go wrong then I will curse them. Gurudev tells kanha to take teaching from brahmandev & kanha acceps happily. Brahmandev says within himself that he wants kanha to make only 1 mistake to prove his guilt & gurudev understands about brahmandev to test kanha but says within himself that instead it should not happen that kanha teaches you.

Precap: Radha understands from parampitah that she has two birth curses so she has to proceed yatra to kankhar to clear & complete this hurdle, Here kanha & Balarama are given tasks by brahmandev to prepare tasty food for him or he will curse them.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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