Papa By Chance 6th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Yuvaan proposes Genie

Papa By Chance 6th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amrit saying Yuvaan is marrying Genie. Ullu thinks what happened to Yuvaan, Amrit loves him a lot. Genie tries to fool Yuvaan in her words. She says we will get separated after getting kids’ custody, don’t worry. She thinks I have made such a trap that you have no option. Ullu tells Gungun that Yuvaan is marrying Genie to get our custody. Gungun says Genie is bad, she just wants his money, Amrit loves him. Ullu says maybe we don’t know her well. She says no, I know her well, come with me. She shows Dhoni’s drawings to Ullu. They laugh seeing Genie’s drawing. Dhoni asks why are you seeing my drawing. Gungun says because you are smart, you see people’s truth and make such drawing, we won’t let Yuvaan marry Genie, we should help him. Genie calls her dad and asks

him to start finding land for his school. She says I trapped Yuvaan, we are going to get rich, I will call you later.

Gungun asks what do you want. The kids make Genie against Yuvaan. Genie says you don’t want me to marry Yuvaan, but why. Gungun says we want Yuvaan to marry Amrit. Genie thinks Amrit really loves Yuvaan. Gungun says you leave Yuvaan, what do you want in return. Genie asks them to earn money and give her, then she will move out of Yuvaan’s way. Gungun asks how can we earn, we are little baby.

Kids try to get some work to earn money. They don’t get any job and keep trying. Genie takes the video. She thinks now Yuvaan has to agree to marry me. Amrit comes to convince Yuvaan. She asks is everything fine. Yuvaan says I don’t want to marry. Amrit gets glad. Police gets kids home. Inspector says kids were finding job outside. He scolds Yuvaan for not able to handle kids. Yuvaan thinks to marry Genie, being helpless. He meets Genie and proposes her. He says I m helpless, try to understand me, I can just divorce you after getting kids’ custody, I have nothing to give you. He apologizes to her. She gets glad. She hugs him and says I m ready to help you, the kids will get a house, I will marry you. He asks really, but your dad dislikes me. She asks him not to worry.

He promises that this marriage is just a deal. He hugs her and goes. Genie says just I will become the owner of 900 crores. Yuvaan asks kids to decorate the house, so that they can send to judge. Kids doesn’t listen to him. Yuvaan asks Amrit to help him. Amrit asks him are you happy with this. He says you know I m doing this for the sake of kids. Amrit says but why just Genie. He says who else will marry me. She says you could have seen around, maybe someone is waiting to marry you.

Amrit says I have a problem with Genie, she isn’t good. She confesses love to Yuvaan. Genie says Yuvaan just loves me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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