Papa By Chance 24th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Yuvaan avoids Aashvi’s idea

Papa By Chance 24th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the kids crying for their parents. They find hard to accept their death. Yuvaan and Aashvi visit Gurudwara. She says I have told you the option. He says I can’t bear kids, its a flop idea. She says this is my challenge, none can win your case. Yuvaan says we will find some way, when all doors shut, Lord will show some way. Dhoni gets sad and asks when will mum and dad come to take us. Gungun lies to Dhoni about them. She says they went to disneyland to get ticket for us, you have become smart. Gungun says they left this letter, I will read it.

She sees blank paper and reads an encouraging letter. Dhoni agrees to become a monitor for his team. A lady gets glad that she will get 50 lakhs cheque. Yuvaan and Aashvi cook food in the Gurudwara kitchen. He finds an idea and goes. Aashvi asks what did you think, tell me. He says I will do some noble deeds, like all actors do. She says so you have come here for PR, very smart, who is making your video, tell me. He says its not my aim, this is my dad’s lesson, I get a peace by serving people here. The couple says what can we do now, its good that we will raise the kids.

The man says insurance money is of those kids, its not proved that the kids’ parents died in an accident, I have just come to inform you. He leaves. Yuvaan says I will click pic while planting a tree. Aashvi says truth will be seen, Harman isn’t such a fool, the kids need a guardian. Yuvaan says I can’t do this. The girl prepares for her interview. She asks her mum for her things. She goes to look for her mum. Her mum asks her to talk slow. They check out some guys and joke.

Yuvaan refuses to take the kids’ responsibility. Gungun and her brothers do the rituals for soul peace. Aashvi asks Yuvaan not to be adamant. Yuvaan says we will talk to PR agency. A man calls Yuvaan and says its good you got the bail, Harman thinks I have got old and can’t do work. Yuvaan says how can Harman fire you. The crows fly over Yuvaan and irritate him. Yuvaan asks the crows to go somewhere else. The crows fly to the kids and eat the food left for soul peace rasam. The man takes the kids somewhere. Yuvaan says we are going somewhere.

The kids pray for some angel to come. Yuvaan comes there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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