Papa By Chance 22nd September 2018 Written Episode Update: Yuvaan learns Rohan’s truth

Papa By Chance 22nd September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rohan convincing his lover Monu. Yuvaan and kids look on. Monu says you love me and got engaged to Amrit, you are a big cheat, I will call her and tell her everything. Rohan says I m helpless, I have to marry a girl to show my family, they won’t accept my relationship with you, believe me, I love you, you don’t be insecure, I made Amrit and her family out, knowing you are coming. Yuvaan and kids hide from Rohan. Monu thinks Yuvaan will tell truth to Amrit. He slaps Rohan and calls him a coward. He says I will find someone suitable for me. He leaves. Rohan locks the house and runs after Monu. Gungun asks what was Rohan saying. Yuvaan pours water on his head and says there will be big twist in the tale.

Amrit calls Rohan and says where is he, he left me with this tom and jerry jodi. Bela and Mohini argue. Amrit says you both are worse than kids. Mohini’s dress gets spoiled. She scolds the waiter. Harman and Suchi come there for dinner. She asks will we dine here. He says yes, we shall go if you say. Mohini sees them and calls him. He says I will just attend call and come. Rohan comes back to Amrit and asks her to have food. She says I was waiting for you. He stays upset. Bela says why did we come for dinner, if they had to stay upset, it would have been good if I had food at home. Kids talk about Rohan and Monu. Yuvaan laughs and acts like Rohan. Kids ask why are you laughing, Amrit’s mood is bad and she is angry. Yuvaan says I can’t explain you, I will break the news to her. He says if Amrit married Rohan, real joke would have come out. Gungun says Rohan has locked the door. Yuvaan says don’t worry, I will manage.

Suchi says I can’t drink this soup, its very spicy. Harman says its nice, have it. He sees Mohini. Rohan says sorry and feeds food to Amrit. Mohini goes to Harman and calls him. She blackmails him and asks him to give a flying kiss. Suchi asks why are you kissing your phone. Harman shows Suchi’s pic and says you look so good in pic. Mohini says you handled the situation well. She asks him to get Suchi’s necklace for her. He worries.

Yuvaan thinks how will he leave from the balcony. He makes kids get down by a ladder. Mohini asks why are you thinking so much, don’t you want info about Yuvaan. Harman asks Suchi for her necklace, it will suit the showstopper. Suchi says Yuvaan has gifted this to me. He says I will just click its pic and give it. She says you are behaving weird, what are you thinking, I can’t handle this, sorry. She goes. Mohini smiles. Yuvaan tries to get down. Harman catches Mohini and says you like to crack my and Suchi’s relation. He threatens her. She bites his hand. She refuses to give Yuvaan’s info. She goes. He says this woman has become trouble for me, I have to find out Yuvaan. Gungun asks Yuvaan to come down fast. Yuvaan sees Bela and others coming. Yuvaan says I m not scared, look now. Yuvaan and Ullu fall down and get hurt. They argue. Gungun asks them to see Bela. Yuvaan hides stairs. Bela says I will heat the food, we will have food, we won’t go out for dinner. Amrit asks Rohan did he feel bad of Bela’s words. Rohan says no, I got habitual. Yuvaan and kids come. Yuvaan teases Rohan. Rohan worries.

Bela says thief has eaten the food. Amrit goes to check CCTV footage to find thief. Yuvaan stops her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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