Papa By Chance 21st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Yuvaan gets arrested

Papa By Chance 21st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvaan going to bash up Harman. They get into an argument. Yuvaan’s mum comes and slaps him. Yuvaan gets shocked. Harman acts innocent in front of her. She says if Samrat was alive today, he would have got ashamed of you. Yuvaan taunts her and says my mum will become widow by my hands, remember this Batra. He goes to his dad’s car and drives off. He recalls his dad Samrat. The girl is also in his car. She wakes up and asks him to stop the car. They argue. She says you are drunk, you may hit anyone. He says I will throw you out. She says I will jump down. She sees some dry grass and jumps off. He sees a speeding truck. He tries to apply brakes. He says what happened to brakes now. Harman says Yuvaan will get arrested now.

A couple, Jeet and Nimmi gets sad and tries to commit suicide to save their children’s life. Jeet says Lord will send some angel for our children. Yuvaan asks them to move away. They hold hands and come in the middle of the way. Yuvaan jumps off the car. The car goes and hits the couple. They fall down the cliff. Yuvaan shouts. Police gets the car. Yuvaan says I shouted to them to move away, but they didn’t listen. Inspector says drink and drive… Yuvaan says I wasn’t drunk, I didn’t kill them. He gets arrested. Harman comes there and sees the car. He says how will Yuvaan get saved from this mess, he will be in jail now. Yuvaan kills mosquitoes in jail.

He tries to talk to constable. He bribes him and asks him to call his lawyer. Yuvaan counts money. The goons decide to help him and kill mosquitoes. He gets good treatment. He pays them money and talks to them about his mom. His mom comes there. He gets angry that she has got married. She asks did you do anything with responsibility. He taunts her about Harman. She says our bond has turned into poison now, I m your mum, I will come with your bail papers. She gives him water and goes. Yuvaan throws the water.

Harman asks lawyer to defame Yuvaan in court. Yuvaan shouts I didn’t kill them. The kids see their parents dead and ask who did their accident.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Show is not different but only little twisted and copied from thoda pyar thoda magic and one 2 ka 4 films

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