Papa By Chance 1st November 2018 Written Episode Update: Genie warns Amrit

Papa By Chance 1st November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Genie getting sweets for Yuvaan. Kids fight for sweets. Amrit asks them to be united and share things. She gives example of Yuvaan and her. Kids agree with her. Yuvaan talks to someone. He says no, kids don’t have passport, make some trip booking. Amrit comes and asks what’s happening, why do you want to go, you won a big case, you aren’t happy. He says if I don’t run away with kids, judge will snatch them, a family is arranged for them, I will go away before this. She says cowards run away. He asks what shall I do then, even I can love them. She says I know you love them the most, you are giving them wrong teaching this way. He says I m doing this for kids. He asks her to make little efforts. She guides him. Genie looks on and creates troubles.

Amrit visits

a shop. She checks shirts. Bela calls her and asks where are you. Amrit says Diwali is coming, so I thought to get a shirt for Yuvaan. Bela asks when will you tell him your feelings. Amrit says no, its not the right time, Yuvaan and kids’ problem aren’t less. Yuvaan tries to knit a sweater. Bela and Mohini come. They get glad seeing this. Bela says I will teach you, its easy. She says why is this thread slipping. Mohini jokes on her and says I will teach you. They argue. He gets worried. Amrit likes a shirt for Yuvaan. She buys it. He gets a call and says my regular customer liked this shirt yesterday, she wants to buy it. Amrit says I have already bought this. The man gets stuck. He says the customer wants to give you double money for this shift. Amrit says I can buy things for kids too. She agrees to give the shirt.

He thanks Amrit and gives her money. Yuvaan sits knitting the sweater. Kids laugh seeing him. He says I m doing this to save you from winter, why did I agree to Amrit. He goes. Dhoni says I will wear this sweater, Yuvaan will be glad. Gungun says we can’t waste his efforts. Amrit comes home and sees Yuvaan wearing the same shirt, gifted by Genie. He really likes the shirt. Genie comments on Amrit’s tacky choice. Yuvaan says I couldn’t make sweater, I can’t become a mum any way, its my mistake. He goes. Genie and Amrit argue. Genie warns her and says I will ruin all your plans, I have done all this to fail Yuvaan, I have a future plan with him, kids don’t fit in it, I will send kids away from him. The kids apologize to Yuvaan. He says I got angry when you laughed on me. Kids used the knitted muffler. Yuvaan gets emotional. Kids hug him. Bela likes them. She says I got tired while working. Amrit says I will see how they don’t become one family. Genie says I won’t let this happen, even if I have to hurt someone, see my next plan.

Genie fools Dhoni and makes her fall down. Yuvaan says its good if the kids go away from me, they will get a good life. Genie smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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