Pandya Store 17th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Pandya house gets robbed

Pandya Store 17th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a girl coming to the shop. She asks Shiva did Rakhi come back. He says yes, do you feel bad. She says no, don’t let her go anywhere. Shiva smiles. Gautam says I think he is happy hearing Raavi’s name. Krish calls Shiva and asks him to come to college. Shiva says I will send Gautam, what did you do. Krish says its attendance issue, come and meet the principal. Shiva says I will come. He says I will just go to Krish’s college and come, he is calling me. Gautam says fine, come soon. Suman calls out Dhara. She says everyone left me alone here. She sees Dhara sleeping. She says she doesn’t care for my lunch time. She closes the door. She says fine, take rest, I care for my coming grandchildren. The burglar ladies enter the house. Suman looks on. She asks what. The lady lies and says we came to give new utensils for old clothes. Suman says we don’t want, just leave. The lady says we will give good utensils. Suman thinks to bargain. Rishita is asked to wait. She says I will keep my certificates here and go. The lady says no, I can’t handle it. Rishita says its time for Suman’s medicines. She leaves. Shiva comes to the college.

He calls Krish. Krish comes to him. He asks why did you get late. Shiva asks what did you do, why did you call me. Krish says I share secrets with you, I lost attendance because of your marriage and all. He asks Shiva to wait, he will just come. A girl comes to Shiva. He asks who are you. She says eighth class, last bench. He says Rakhi. She asks how are you. He says fine, how are you. She says good, I got a job here. He says great. She says I thought you will do engineering, but you never came, why did you leave studies. Raavi and Krish hear him. Shiva says leave it, its a good thing. Raavi thinks why did Shiva leave studies when he got good scores. The lady praises Suman. She hypnotizes Suman.

Suman gives away money and her jewellery. The lady asks her to keep wearing it. Suman sleeps. Shiva sees Raavi there. Rakhi says stay in touch now. Shiva says I will gather the classmates. She says good. She goes. Krish says my teacher is your friend. Raavi and Shiva argue. Krish stops them.

Krish asks Raavi to please agree. Shiva says take her if you want her help. Krish says you both have to go together, you are husband and wife, please agree. They agree. Krish hugs them. Rishita leaves in a hurry. The ladies rob the house. Door bell rings. The lady says we will see, we will push the person and leave. A man gives electricity bill for Gautam. The lady says we got saved.

Principal gets confused and asks about Shiva and Raavi’s marriage. Krish confuses him more. He says I couldn’t come to college. Raavi says I will teach Krish, please see the attendance. Principal says I know, you got 60% by difficulty, will you teach him. Shiva says don’t worry, I will teach him. Raavi says me and my husband are not good in studies, but Gautam and Dhara will teach him. Principal says Krish, you can give the exam on their request. The ladies enter Dhara’s room. They rob her. The lady says I think Anita took that herb for her. The lady says she isn’t leaving her mangalsutra. Dhara wakes up. She asks who are you, what are you doing here. The ladies tie her up. They say we are thieves, let us do our work. They leave. Rishita comes home. She asks who are you, what did you do to Suman. She pushes them inside the house. She stops them.

Raavi drops the haldi on Shiva. Haldi falls on both of them. Dhara says there is still time, think again, haldi is signing you to stay together.

Update Credit to: Amena

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