Pandya Store 15th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Dhara takes a decision

Pandya Store 15th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raavi colliding with Gautam. The mortgage documents fall down. She asks what shall I tell Dhara. Dhara and Gautam pick the papers. Dhara asks what were you going to go. She asks Suman what’s all this. Suman says its my property, give the papers to me, go to doctor and get the treatment done. Suman asks Dhara to just go. Dhara says he called me next week, we have to wait for some time. Rishita comes home and says exactly, I told the same, we can pay the loan first. Dhara says we will pay the loan first and then other things, will everything get managed, I will mortgage my jewellery also. Suman asks did I die that you will mortgage your jewellery. Dhara says why not, jewellery is kept for this day, Gautam come with me, we will throw the money on Rishita’s boss. Suman says that money will be used for IVF, that’s full and final. Dhara says sorry, I can’t snatch the roof over my children for a child. Suman asks will you get voting. Raavi says I m with Suman, we will ask Shiva and Dev. Suman says I have told my sons, they have no problem. Rishita says but I have a problem, we can’t lose our house, we are badly trapped. Suman says we won’t take money from you, we are trapped because of your family, so just shut up, my decision is final, this money will be used for IVF. Dhara says I also have some rights to decide, sorry, but the house and shop won’t get mortgaged, we will pay the loan first, its my final decision, if you mortgage the papers or get my treatment done, then I will never conceive in my life ever. She goes. Suman thinks she always does her wish. Rishita thinks Dhara proved Bua wrong, its good, else Dev and I would have left this family. Dhara says I have to sell the jewellery and get the treatment, I will hide this from Suman and Gautam, I will go to doctor and get my tests done.

Raavi comes and says you lied, right. Dhara says no, why would I lie. Raavi goes to attend a call. Rishita comes home. She meets Kirti and says I m fed up of dad and Bua’s drama. Kirti argues with her. She asks Rishita to leave. She says I became Krish’s friend now, stop this drama. She goes. Raavi serves the food to Shiva. Gautam tells everything to Shiva and Dev. Shiva says we will find a solution in 3 days. Gautam says we will see it tomorrow.

Hardik comes to Prafulla’s house. Anita shouts and asks him to open the door. Hardik opens the door. She falls over him. He says sorry, I slipped, Prafulla called me for some work, is she not at home. Anita says no, she had gone out. He says I will go now, tell her that I had come. He goes. Prafulla smiles seeing them.

Gautam talks to manager and asks for three days time. Kamini and Janardhan hear this on call and smile. Manager says fine, just three days. Dev threatens the manager and goes. Kamini says nothing will happen, promises are made to break. Janardhan smiles. Raavi comes home and meets Prafulla. She eats the dhokla. She asks about Hardik and Anita’s alliance. Raavi says so much is happening with Dhara, you are saying this. Prafulla says you don’t think about me, have the food. Raavi says no need, don’t ruin Hardik’s life, Anita is after Gautam. Anita says you are mistaken. Dhara goes to sell the jewellery. She sees Gautam and hides. Anita says there is nothing between Gautam and me, I have moved on, Hardik is a nice guy, I thought about him. Raavi says I can’t digest this goodness drama. Shiva sees Dhara. She hides. Anita recalls Kamini’s words. She says you don’t trust me, see what I do now. Shiva says Dhara is there. Gautam asks what will she do here. Shiva says I just saw her. Dev says she won’t come to buy jewellery. Gautam thinks did she come to mortgage her jewellery.

Dhara gets scared seeing someone. The man fools her and takes the jewellery from her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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