Pandya Store 12th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Gautam cheers up Dhara

Pandya Store 12th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gautam hugging Dhara. He thinks you can tell your tensions to me, how shall I tell you my pain. He asks her to think positive. She says what you say, your eyes don’t say that. He says its nothing like that. He thinks if anything happens to the baby, then what will happen to you. Some clowns come to ask for diwali donation. Gautam also dresses as a clown. Dhara looks at him. He sings Tere mast mast do nain….plays… and dances for her. She smiles. He hugs her. He says I m ready to become anything for your smile, stay happy, then our Tara will be happy.

Suman asks Shiva and Raavi to answer. Shiva thinks to tell his feelings today. He says I want to say… The phone rings. They see the lawyer’s call. Suman says see, she doesn’t value my imp talks. Raavi says its the lawyer’s call. She answers. Lawyer asks her to reach for the last divorce hearing. Raavi asks what, on diwali’s next day. He says yes, your and Shiva’s relation will end completely. She says I understand, fine.

Suman asks Shiva to go and end the relation. Gautam and Dhara come home. Suman says you will get freedom from Raavi forever, Raavi wants to go, what is your decision. Shiva says I will go to the court. Suman says fine, end this relation, I will meet pandit and ask him to give engagement date, I will inform Disha’s parents. Gautam says its wrong. Suman asks Shiva not to help Raavi once the divorce papers. She says no girl has a big heart to see her husband with someone else, ask Gautam, how Dhara doubts him and troubles him. Dhara says Shiva is Raavi’s husband, you are sending him to Disha. Suman says you have come to become her advocate, Raavi’s heart is a stone, so she is still silent, she has no love for Shiva. Dhara says Raavi knows it. Gautam says you keep quiet. Suman says divorce will happen, its my final decision. She goes. Dhara says its wrong. Gautam says they should decide, you don’t take stress. She says they don’t realize that they will end after the separation, I won’t let this happen.

She says I will try hard to save this relation. Dhara gets dizzy. Gautam holds her. Rishita says Dev and I are having differences, you assign someone else as the representative at this site. Manager says no, you can’t back out of this project. She says okay. Raavi gets water for Dhara. Shiva asks her not to take tension, they will handle their lives. She asks him to stop playing this divorce game. Gautam asks her not to take tension. He lifts her and takes her to the room.

Raavi says Dhara got so upset. Shiva says you said yes to the lawyer. He angrily leaves. Dhara asks what did the doctor say. Gautam says she said the baby will be baby if you stay happy. She thinks you are still hiding something from me. Krish is on the way. Kirti passes by on the scooty. Ishq wala love….plays… She says you don’t like or comment on my pics. He says my family will know. She says just Rishita is there on my social media account. He says great, your dad isn’t there, I will like and comment now. She says I thought you are saving data cost, you are poor. He says we are middle class, our Pandya store works well. He jokes. She says I will drop you, come. Dhara asks Raavi did she put the diyas in water. Raavi says yes. She goes to fix the garlands. Shiva looks on. She falls over him. Raabta….plays…. He says you like to get the divorce, then you are trapping me here. She asks him to do what he wants. Suman comes and calls him out.

Everyone celebrates Diwali. Suman blesses Raavi that she gets divorced. Dhara gets a guy’s pic. She asks Raavi does she like the guy. Raavi says yes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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