Pairs are Made in heaven..episode 98

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Let start.
Swasan and raglak went inside the resort …manager came.
Man:hello sir raghav .I told u abt fashion show.
Man:yes sir plz come.they follow them ..he showed all resort ..explained abt all resort ..they all went and sat on corner chair …swara was busy in mobile ..sanskar called waiter ..
San:what u like to take .
Ragini: I’m very thirsty
Lak:mee too
San:ok order juice ..which juice u want.
Rag:watermelon juice
Lak: pineapple
San:swara u
San:ok 2 Orange juice 1 watermelon and 1pineapple juice ..bring fast .
Waiter: ok sir .waiter left ..swara got call
Manik: di where r u
Swa:baccha I’m out ..y
Man:I came to office bt u r not here so asked..when u ll come
Swa:baccha it will take time ..
Man:ok di come soon.
Swa:ok baccha bye
Man:bye di love u
Swa:love u too baccha .she kept call .sanskar was seeing her whom she is talking and whom she telling love u .
Rag:what manik told.
Swa:came to office didn’t saw me so called.
Rag:what u think abt venue..sanlak are waiting for answer ..
Swa:I sent pics to Bhaiyu ..waiting for his rply.. There are drinking juice swara got call ..she moved a side and talked nearly 5 min and came back.
Swa:Bhaiyu called and he told yes.
Rag:that’s great ..then we will start arrangement’s..
Swa: ya we have less time ..
San: dnt wry..u jst give us ur decoration plan we arranged all.
Swa:thank u mr let’s discuss abt plans .they all sat and swara took note pad and pencil and told then abt her all decoration nearly 2 hr ..after discussion they went ro to there home. Its 7 in evng
Swara went to office rest all went to home ..
Swara enter office and went to her cabin ..arnav who was passing came to her .swara is busy in laptop .
Arn: princess u haven’t went to home .
Swa: no Bhaiyu ..I have some work ..still busy in laptop
Swa:umn Bhaiyu ..if u free tommrow can go to venue ..bcz today I told abt all decoration and tommrow I have some work so van u plz go and check .plz
Arn:doll u dnt need request me u should order me. ..OK I’ll go .. Arnav left from there ..swara was busy after 1 hr she took her belongings left ..its office closing time ..arnav came to her cabin and saw its lock he to left to home …after 15min journey swaea reached her fashion studio.. She went inside one is there bcz working time is over ..she went to her cabin andthere.n busy in work ..she went near her book shelf .slightly push it left side there is secret door ..she open the lock went inside . only her family member and ragini knw abt that secret door..she went inside . there are so many designs are present she keep all her design in that room ..bcz of rival and enmity ..she engrossed in checking design and final touch up …then she went in room which is present in the corner of secret room .that room is full of family photo the wall is painted with there family photo .. Her parents pic and manarv dadi pic ..she went and took diary and sat on the sofa ..and started writing .after finishing of her writing she took a pic from her packet ..
Swa: I love u very much ..she kissed that pic and kept in diary and kept that diary in locker ..that locker has password. No one knws that password .even arnav also .
Here raizhada mansion ..arnav reached ..he got fresh and came to dinning table where dadi and ayu are Waiting.
Arn:where is doll.
Man: Bhai di dint came .
Arn: what she left before me only …he took his cell and called her .swara received call.
Arn:baccha where are u .
Swa: Bhaiyu I’m in studio ..checking designs .
Arn: doll its late come soon.
Swa: ok Bhaiyu ..and plz u all have dinner and give dadi medicine.
Arn: ok doll bye .
Dadi: where is she.
Arn:she is studio.
Dadi: may be she is Missing manvi(manish &janvi)
(Manvi are swamanrv parents who died in accident that accident is planned only sawarnav knw this …this will reveal later.)
Arn:hmm let’s have dinner and Dadi u have to take medicine.
On maheshwari mansion .
All r having dinner bt our hero is in his dream land .kavita who is sitting beside him saw him and asked
Kav: anb whom ur dreaming.
Sanskar who is lost in his dreamland
San: swara ..all saw him ..
Kav: is she beautiful.
San: yes more than angel.
Kav: u love her .
San : yes ..soon he came to sense hearing laughing sound ..he scratch his head and smile sheepishly.
San: um I’m done ..saying he ran from there…all burst in laugh.
Ap: so my dil name is swara …
Soon had their dinner and left to there room..
Screen shift ro mehte home..
Both khushi and laksh sitting and watching TV ..
Khu: Lucky..
Lak: hmm.
Khu: hw ragini mam knw u.
Khu: di she is my junior in CLG ..she is my friend .
Khu: ok
Both again got busy in TV.
In studio.
After checking design swara left to home she reached home nearly 11..she went to kitchen drank water and came to her room fresh and sat on the couch reading files and checking materials .. She was engrossed in work again .she is workaholic ..she was busy a plate of food cane on table front of her . she snap her head to directions who kept plate saw manik is standing there with angry face ..
Swa: are baccha u havnt slept
.he didn’t aswerd her ..took plate ear beside her and took morsels bite keep near her mouth she ate like obedient child ..arnav who cane there to check swara saw and smiled with tears ..a hand came on his shoulder .he turn and saw his dadi ..he hugged her ..she console him.
Dadi: I knw beta they both are not real blood bt there are connected with hearts .
Arn: no dadi ..he is our real brother may be our parents are different bt our heart is one . both saw swaman with tears and left from there ..after manki made her eat her dinner.
Man: it late nw u sleep.
Swa: baccha are u angry on me.
Man: di u r very important for us ..u have to think abt ur health .I’m not angry just upset .
Swa: sorry.
Man: it’s k di ..nw sleep ..he kissed her cheeks ..good night
Swa: good night ..manik left the room .as soon he left a lone tear escape from her eyes ..she wiped before it falls..and slept

Precape: same as before

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