Painful Love (Kanchi And Sukor) – Episode 4

               Painful Love

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A mansion was shown decorated beautiful. Outside it, some men were seen decorating the main gate with flowers. They were writing something on it. It read ‘Sanchi weds…’ but it was half written. Inside the house, there was hustle and bustle. Everyone is seen running here and there.

Chakor was seen going somewhere with jewellery boxes in her hand. She was smiling, the real smile. She reached a room. Inside that room, a beautiful girl is shown in her bridal attire. Ofcourse she is Sanchi with Swara and Tina.

“See Sanchi, I have come with the jewellery. Now get ready quickly.” Chakor said reaching towards her.

“Yaar, I don’t know why she is getting ready so soon.” Tina said.

“Yes Sanchi, the weeding will happen at 7 but now it’s only 4:30.” Swara said confused.

“Bride takes time to get ready that’s why. And Swara, Tina Jaya mom was calling you.” Chakor said.

“Oh ok. Now Sanchi we will leave and we will now come when your groom will arrive, to take you down.” Swara said and both hugged Sanchi and left.

Once the door was shut, Sanchi started jumping.

“I can’t believe today I’ll become his wife. I will be his for my entire life. Chakor I love him so much” Sanchi said excitedly.

“Yes but don’t forget your mission.” Chakor smiled at her.

“Yes I won’t. Now make me ready Chakor, I don’t want to be late on my own wedding.” Sanchi said and Chakor giggled. (Any Guess??Guys what’s happening?)

Time skips to 7 and as said by Swara and Tina, they came to get Sanchi and saw her fully dressed with a long veil. Both got confused but as time was running, they took Sanchi with them.

Here the groom was sitting at his place waiting for his bride and when Sanchi was coming downstairs, he turned and is revealed to be Veer (Shocked???! Don’t kill me for that)

So Sanchi and Veer got married and took blessings from elders and as there was still time for departure, Jaya and Sunil took Sanchi with them to talk with her.

After sometime, both came with Sanchi and Jaya removed her veil. After all the rituals, Sanchi left in car. And while the whole wedding, Kabir, Vivaan, Kusum, Suraj and Chakor were absent.(Why so???)

In the car;

Sanchi was looking outside and Veer was looking at her. There was complete silence. After sometime, they reached Malhotra Mansion where all rituals went well and Sanchi was taken to Veer’s room. And she got lost in her thoughts.

Her thoughts were broken when Veer entered the room and locked the door. Sanchi became aware of his presence and got nervous. Veer went and sat on the bed and took the veil off Sanchi’s head.

“I’m so happy Sanchi. Aaj mera sapna pura ho gya. Mujhe tum mil gyi [My dream got fulfilled. I got you.] I love you Sanchi.” Veer said and moved closer but Sanchi stopped him by holding his shoulder.

“Veer I’m sorry but I don’t love you.” Sanchi said making him shocked.

“But Sanchi I thought you love me, that’s why you agreed for the marriage.” Veer said.

“No Veer, it was because mom and dad wanted me to marry you. Veer you are my friend but Veer I want time to accept you as my husband.” Sanchi honestly told him.

“It’s okay Sanchi. I know my love will turn your friendship into love one day.” Veer said and Sanchi gave him a weak smile.

“Veer one more thing. If you don’t mind then can I get a separate room. I mean we are interns and I want to focus on my studies. You know it’s just one and a half year left.” Sanchi said.

“Okay Sanchi, you don’t worry I’ll talk to dad and mom about this.” Veer said.

“Thank you. Veer you take rest. I want some fresh air after this hectic day.” Sanchi said and got up.

“Okay good night Sanchi.” Veer said.

Sanchi changed her heavy dress. After that she took her phone and went to terrace. And called someone.

“Hello Sanchi. Why you called? Yaar it’s your first night and you are calling us. Go otherwise jiju will curse us.” Swara said.

“What is Chakor’s mobile doing with you? Give it to Chakor now.” Sanchi said sternly.

“Okay.” Swara pouts and gave the mobile to Chakor.

“Hello Sanchi. What happened?” Chakor asked her once Swara left the room.

“I told Veer everything. And he agreed.” Sanchi said.

“Fantastic yaar. You know what Sanchi, I have a surprise for you.” Chakor said.

“Surprise?! What surprise?” Sanchi said.

“Control yourself. You will know that tomorrow morning and take it as your wedding gift.” Chakor said.

“There is no need for any gift. It’s only because of you and Suraj that this marriage took place. Otherwise you know.” Sanchi said.

“True yaar because you both didn’t have guts to confess your feelings in front of all.” Chakor said.

“Oh madam as if your boyfriend proposed you. But mine did and the proposal was just wow.” Sanchi teased her.

“Okay okay I know jiji’s proposal was good but listen your would be Jiju will propose me and it will be the bestest proposal.” Chakor said.

“Okay so bet. Let’s see who gets the best proposal.” Sanchi said.

“Challenge accepted Madam. Okay bye I’m getting an urgent call.” Chakor said.

“Ya ya I know your urgent call. Bye.” Sanchi said and cut the call.

Then Sanchi dials a no. and he/she picked it quickly as if waiting for this call only.

“Hello.” Sanchi said smiling and as a reply she got, made her blush heavily. And they continued their talks with Sanchi’s smile, giggles and blushing.

Other side, same happens to Chakor who was also blushing while talking to someone. After that Sanchi went to Veer’s room where he was sleeping, so Sanchi signed of relief and slept on the couch.

Here Chakor started her talk with her Chandu Ji.


Okay so anyone who can guess what’s happening? I’ll tell the suspense if you will guess it……just kidding but do try. And yes thank you very big wala who will read this update.

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