Paanch 2nd July 2014 Written Episode Update

Paanch 2nd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The epsiode starts with Gauri..Zaraa came back to reagen”s and roy is on bail Sitting together Zaraa asks what about Gauti Gauri tells he is on Run Both her enemies will Fight and anyone of them will be dead…She learned from Gauti only On another side Gauti is running on the Road Police is back of him Gauti is Struggling…Rosh another side tells Nikhil that she wanted to punish Gauti on her own..she should”nt have Surrendered listening Nikhil..Nikhil tells Rosh why dont you understansd..He dont want Rosh to spoil her life..Nikhil tells that he have not done like that only He remembers he was beaten up bt Nihal and yudi..And was just survived from blast ..Nikhil tells that why dont you try to understand That he Loves her…Rosh is shocked to listen all this…Nikhil tells that he cares aboit her life…and he cannot see her in Danger…and hugs her Crying..Shivani comes and is shocked to see Rosh and Nikhil..and leaves Rosh sees Shivani about to go to clear Nikhil stops saying that He will clear everthing..And Nikhil goes..Till that Rosh recieves a message on asking her to go a seculed godownn alone..Rosh thinks that Gauti Sent the message. ..And goes Alone……

As she enters the godown A man tells that Rosh kateria will be killed…Its Yudi who is recovered..comes and attacks Rosh.Gauri is happy sending her back of Gauti but He is not..He tells that gauti is the culprit he dont Care…He only have to take revenge against Rosh He throws chemical water on Rosh..Rosh eyes are burning she shouts….Rosh takes pepper spray and was about to spray but Yudi moves..Beats Rosh with his stick Rosh falls tells that what he did with Neha di..she did the same with him and he deserves it and faints Yudi is about to give shock..Till that Nikhil comes and beats Yudi with barrel tells how dare he touch Rosh …..Yudi sprays Nikhil…He falls on the ground..Helpless Yudi beats him with his Stick and barrel Saying” You have come to Save Roshini,, you will be killed along with her” Yudi opens the switches and was about to give shock to Nikhil till Rosh gets up and beats Yudi he falls on a tank full of water..along with wire..Rosh asks Nikhil is he alright..Rosh threatens giving Electric shock..but Yudi cries and says to leave his life..Rosh says that he doesnt deserve to be left.. Her target is Gauti…Nikhil washes his face..Rosh tells that .she recieved Message on his face and came..She thinks its Gaut message Rosh asks how he came to know that she was here..

Then she remebers that Nikhil phone has tracker He cme by tracking..Nikhil Scolds Rosh saying that if she smart then why did she didnt understand that it was a trap and now all know that neha”s muderer is Gauti….police is back of him what did she want now…Nikhil tell that he is stupid that he left his family..friends And Career and came to her..She has no value of his feelings..ts Torture for him Everyday..Rosh cries says Sorry and Hugs him…Next day in college condulation day is organized.for Nihal..Dean says it is for a Nihal like any other 20yrs old student Nihal has dreams of a photographer wanted to start a new life zaara cries and hugs roy….Roy says He dont want her..Gauri asks Yudi why did he attacked Rosh…Gauri says anyhow she leaved him.Dean calls Nihal”s father He says He lost his son forever ..and cries says that all this happend because of his bad company he got..He tells everyone to leave the wrong path . .Still time is there..One could not reach the destination following the wrong path.and he dont want any other Father to leave is Son.. Gauri tells to herself that she only selects her destiny and thanks Mr sharma for nothing….And leaves..Gauri along with her gang going through the steps find Rosh and stops..


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