Paanch 2nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Paanch 2nd April 2014 Written Episode, Paanch 2nd April 2014 Written Update

The epi begins with Gauri asking Rosh the meaning of this Image,Rosh looks for her bag , Gauri orders Yudi to give it to her ,she takes out the phone sees Nikhil’s warning message and deletes it , on Gauri’s signal Yudi comes up to her and asks if something’s wrong she opens up the image and says that the wall scribble is incomplete and shows them the actual one with Rosh n Shivani’s name added, she reasons if she was the one targeting everyone then why would she right her own name she tells everyone that she has a habit of making notes and hence wrote everyone’s name she thought could be under the threat of being attacked Roy, Nihaal and Zaara are crossed because they have already been victims , Gauti gets irritated and impulsively gets into a fight with Roy asking him to stay away from Rosh,

the 2 have a face-off and Gauri gets pissed and asks Roy to behave , accusing him of being too much into drugs and being out of Control infuriating Yudi who asks Gauri why she is taking Rosh’s side so much she joined the gp recently while Roy’s been in the gp since the begining is it because of Rosh or ur baby bro Gauti, he says they ‘ve all noticed that in front of Gauti ,she keeps everything aside, their friendship, their group everything, Rosh taking advantage of the situation puts the blame on Roy for breaking their group ,1st creating tensions between Zaara-Roy and now between YuRi , Yudi gets mad at him and Roy punches him impulsively Gauri points out saying see what she meant when she sais he’s getting of control, Gauri asks him to leave the group and Roy too goes but before leaving he warns that its Yudi next and Gauri , last!!!
They finally reach The farmhouse where Yudi’s mom welcomes everyone , MP Kharbanda eyes her like a pervert and it is evident that Yudi’s mom isn’t fond of Gauri at all, while Yudi plans to go for a swim others leave to their respective rooms to freshen up and sleep.
At hostel, Nikhil receives Rosh’s call and RoHil have a video chat wherein Nikhil tells her he checked Neha’s drafts and found out that Neha had complained Dean against the 5 and when she came back the 5 were in her room and how Yudi gave her electric shocks to torture her with her hands tied,he asks Rosh abt her hurt forehead and she tells him Gauti saved her . Just when they are done chatting and Shivani is trying hard to convince Nikhil to stay in the hostel with him they hear a voice outside, Shivani goes out to see who it is and finds a broken vase, looks around and finds noone . She finally convinces Nikhil to stay for the night, when she’s gone we see Roy sneaking around ,he calls Gauri who asks if he reached Hostel and is still upset with the day’s events,he says he got her message and informs him Shivani isnt alone a guy is with her, Gauri asks him to get fool proof evidence as she really wants to find the real culprit its his only chance to win back her trust and rejoin the group

YuRi have a romantic moment which ends on a bitter note when Gauti becomes the topic of discussion . Yudi leaves towards the pool, Gauri sees him leaving and hatches a plan,

Precap: she goes to the main switchboard near the pool and finds a live wire there she places the live wire in the pool and is abt to connect with the main board when we see a shadow lingering around she looks back in shock while Yudi takes the plunge in the pool.(The shadows seems to be gauri’s,hope I m wrong)

Update Credit to: Serendipity

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