“Open the damn door” the fierce lady banged the door to get silence as the reply.

“I am not here because of you, I am not even concerned about you… just open this damn door” she banged again.

“Okay last time Mr. Oberoi, open the door” naahhh… he just sat inside doing something that no one knows listening to her voice.

“Done… I am going” she went to the hall and all the eyes focused on her to get a reply but her disgusted face clearly said what had actually happened.

“Beta please… please don’t go, if he listens… he will only listen to you… I am just like your mother na… please for me… for me… get back my son… please beta… please” Pinky folded her hands as tears fell down her eyes.

Anika went to Oberoi Mansion on Pinky’s request as Pinky still believes that Anika would be her daughter-in-law if Shivay gets back to the normal world from his isolated zone.

“Aunty ji… please don’t cry like this, your son is no more interested in me… and we cannot force him in the case of marriage… maybe it was me that’s why he chose not to open the door. It’s okay aunty, give him sometime… he will be back to normal… I should go now” she forwarded a step when Pinky held her hand.

“No Anika… try once more please… for me” mother always knows what their child want, she can also see the void in Shivay’s eyes since the day he announced that he has cancelled his marriage with Anika.

Pinky has clearly noticed how Om has distanced himself from Shivay and how he is stopping Rudra too to go close to his elder brother, even he asked Priyanka to leave Shivay alone until and unless he feels comfortable around us.

“But aunty…” she tried to oppose but you can’t refuse a mother’s pleadings.

“Okay aunty… last one more time” she left a deep sigh and went towards Shivay’s room again.

“This time if you are not going to open, then I will just break the door and come inside… listen mister the marriage thing is the matter between us then why punishing your family by pushing them away? Open the door I said” she banged again but no response.

“Enough is enough now” she was damn angry that he is not opening the door and his mother is not letting her go before he opens the door.

She pushed the door to break it and got hurt but stayed silent. She just don’t want to be sympathy gainer.

1..2..3.. another push and the door didn’t open again.

1..2..3.. boom… she was to hit the door when he opened the door suddenly and she landed above him and her arm got twisted.

“Are you crazy?” after so long he spoke, he tried to sound irritated but he failed to do so as the concern is still visible.

She got up and distanced herself from him.

“Go down… your family is waiting to speak to you” she coldly replied looking at the pool but not at him.

“This is my personal matter D…” he just forgot that he has no right to call her by that name anymore but as this rolled out of his tongue she had to oppose.

“Just stop it… how dare you call someone else’s wife by this name huhh? Listen you may not be one woman man or whatever but I would be one man woman… so stop using that word… go na… just go to that New York girl who just convinced you to break off the marriage” she vented out her anger one more time while he just looked on.

“Listen Ms. Mukherjee, you may think whatever you want to but just don’t interfere in my life” he turned to other side.

She without giving it back silently went away. He turned as he didn’t receive any reply to see her gone.

“Aunty… he has opened the door, let me go now… my work is done” she said not trying to sound rude but her anger was clearly visible.

“Anika di, from where did you get hurt? Di… come here” Priyanka noticed the cut mark near her elbow which she got during the first push.

“It’s nothing Prinku… I will go to home and do first aid” she opposed but Oberoi family care about her just like their own daughter.

Pinky got the first aid box from her room soon while everyone else kept asking her question about how she suddenly got hurt.

“I will do her first aid” came a voice shocking everyone.

“You… you came out of your room… come Shivay… see how much she has got hurt” Pinky couldn’t stop herself to push both of them together again.

He neared her, and she just looked away not even glancing at him. He carefully took her hand in his remembering that her same hand has got twisted too. Antiseptic liquid burned her cut spot as he started to clean the blood around but she held a still face with no emotions.

“You should have been more careful” he blower after completing.

She just closed her eyes the moment she felt his breath over her arm and then opened her eyes after steading her emotions.

“I should go now aunty” she completely ignored the man who did her first aid and took permission from elders to go.

“It’s courtesy to say a thank you” he said making her to hold a step back but after he completed she just went out, again no glance at him.


“Hi… I am Prem… Prem Roy… naam to suna hi hoga, you must have heard about me” why so cheesy bruhh… well our girl, I mean Anika hated cheese or butter or ghee.

“Yeah… the last time when we met, I heard your name” said na she hates cheese so a simple straight forward answer.

“Anika… to be true, last time I liked just after seeing you once” this guy seems to be a gem but wait… let’s see.

“Prem… I know last time I just said a straight no as I wasn’t ready to get married but this time I am seriously looking forward to it” she confessed eyeing him.

“What about your Belgium visit?” she asked remembering how he has said that after their marriage he will be shifting to Belgium.

“Actually… my mom… you know her right like how she wants me to get married before I shift to abroad… so that plan is on hold for now” ohhh okay… so he is going to shift abroad after the marriage then what about Anika’s job? Ummmm… let’s ask him.

“Prem… I know that but what about my job? See you know I won’t leave my job at any cost right… then?” she shouldn’t marry him if he denies about her job.

“Anika… I have searched about your company outlets before coming here to visit you, and your company has an outlet over there and more importantly if you apply you may get a higher post job as well. Now you will better understand.

“Yeah… thank you so much” this guy is really a gem who made her happy so easily.

“So… let’s order our dinner” he asked.

“Yeah sure…” but… someone interrupted.

“Mister, if you don’t mind may I just speak to her for a moment” she will burst any moment now. How dare he follow her?

“Why the hell you are here?” she got up and asked in a low tone.

“For once just come with me… I have something important to say” he smiled foolishly looking at Prem.

“Who is he Anika?” Prem is after all her fiancΓ© as she decided few moments back so yeah… he has the right to ask this.

“Just a stranger who has no manners and who has interrupted our date” she stressed the word date to see any difference in his expression but still he held up his foolish smile.

“Just for once come with me” he requested… wooaahhh…

“Prem I will be back” she stumped her foot and went to a corner with the man.

“What do you want now?” she directly questioned him.

“Hey… I just searched about the background of every men whom you met before me and Prem seemed the best choice for you” he has the list of the men she met.

Has he gone nuts? Why the hell he is following her and the men with whom she talked about marriage.

“Shi… Mr. Oberoi get the hell out of my eyes, I don’t want to see your face. And wait I am not interfering in your life any more then why the hell are you coming behind me?” true… very true, she is no more running behind him, not even then when his family is calling her to visit Oberoi Mansion, what she is simply doing is denying them politely.

“I just called you here to say that Prem is the correct choice, rest depends upon you” he folded back the list and put it inside his pocket.

“I know what is correct and what is wrong for me… so just go to hell” she returned back to her table and explained that he was no one and just wanted to dance with her so he took her near the dance floor.


“Rudra… where are you lost?” Om pushed Rudra lightly.

“O… you remember that girl with whom I collided few days back during our night walk?” he looked at his brother who has forgotten about the girl.

“No… but what happened?” Rudra sounded serious and this is a matter to look into it.

“I met her today again… she… she was with a child, she even looked at me but didn’t smile also” he felt bad at this? But why?

“Why did it bother you?” Om correct question buddy.

“I don’t know, but the day she jumped over my foot she seemed different and today she seemed way more different than the first meet” he fidgeted his fingers to get the thought out.

“Okay… listen Ru… if you meet her again, just go and speak to her… fine?” Rudra nodded and hugged Om as Om stroked Rudra’s hair.


“Just drop me… I didn’t bring my car today” again he interrupted between Anika and Prem. What’s your problem man?

“Great, then listen… I had a plan to go back with Prem today as he offered me lift, so actually we were going to speak to the security incharge whether we can keep my car overnight… now the problem is solved it seems” Anika looked at Prem.

“Yeah… Anu…” what the hell? It’s Anika damn it… it’s Anika for you.

“Her name is Anika” Shivay corrected.

“He will call me Anu… if you have any problem then it’s yours problem not mine” she corrected back.

“Man… just tell me why are you interrupting us?” yo… Prem… prove the line prem ratan dhan paayo, love is gold, prove it man… just give it back to this despo Shivay who is following her. This thought just came into her head.

“One minute… are you following me Mr. Oberoi?” got you Shivay, now answer this. You are gone now.

“No… Ishu asked me to…” again a foolish mistake.

“Ishu… hmmm… let me remind you that her name is Ishana and not Ishu, so better you call her by her full name. You are no one to our family until Ishu gets married to your brother, so please Mr. Oberoi keep distance… and yeah… here is the key… please take my car and go back to Oberoi Mansion, tomorrow Ishu will pick up the car… Happy Journey” she just went away not even turning back once.

“I am sorry” he mumbled and the tear he held back at the bank… he just wiped that. He went close to Anika’s car and opened the door.

The memories, her tantrums, her sudden speeding and then slowing down, her rants because of the traffic… everything… damn everything occupied his mind as he drove… not to Oberoi Mansion, but somewhere unknown.


Heyaaaa… Did you all like the chapter? What do you think… will Anika seriously forget Shivay so easily? And just confess something that how many of you thought that Ankush has interrupted Anika and Prem until I revealed it was Shivay? Say say… Hehehehe.

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