An orphan falls for a goon (chapter-2)


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123Here it goes•

After completing her dinner. She washes the dishes and while cleaning the knife her hand got cut she groans in pain and ties bandaid on her wound herself.
THAPKI:- why this happens to me only. Oh god plz give me strength for tomorrow. I wanna work hard for my career.
she lays down on her single bed and starts thinking about tomorrow.
THAPKI (to herself):- Now I’ve to be very punctual and….careful too. But people in that company are not bad like those where i used to work earlier.

After saying this she becomes sad. But suddenly something pops up in her mind.

THAPKI:- hmm that idiot man who took beer in office, I’ll teach him some ethics. But he wasn’t drunk. Is he a noble person? Maybe.. oh whatever. He took bad thing. And I hate such people who even bring this thing with them. Huh.


Here he is laying on his fanciful bed and thinking about today’s incident.
BIHAAN:- how dare she fight me. Such a rude girl. But where as I think there is always a reason behind someone’s anger. Otherwise nobody fights with a stranger man without any reason. Hmm…well. I’ll teach her tomorrow!

By saying this he turns to other side and takes blanket on himself.
He sleeps.

He is ready to leave for office. Wearing his jeans and shirt and a black jacket. He comes down. And dadima is shocked to see that how bihaan got up so early today.

BIHAAN:- Hi dadima.. bye dadi ma.. I’m leaving for office.

DADIMA (shockingly):- What??? Am I dreaming?

BIHAAN:- haha no dadi. You’re not! And Where is maa,?

DADIMA:- She has left for another city where her friend lives.

BIHAAN:- but why?

DADIMA:- her friend was very much ill that’s why she went there.

BIHAAN:- so why she didn’t tell me about that?

DADIMA:- You slept so early yesterday and she went there early In the morning today. She didn’t have much time to tell you. Don’t worry! You’ll meet her when she will come.

bihaan nods. He hugs dadi and says..

BIHAAN:- okay see you soon.

He leaves for office.

Thapki arrives here. She enters in company and sighs. She goes to reception

THAPKI:- hhhi! Can you tell me where is the boss’ cabin.

RECEPTIONIST:- yes. There. (receptionist points towards the cabin with her finger)

Thapki was about to move towards cabin but receptionist stops her.

RECEPTIONIST:- listen ma’m

(Stammers) THAPKI:- y.yes!

RECEPTIONIST:- be careful please. I think you did wrong yesterday with that man. You don’t know who he is…

Someone interrupts in between.
(A worker) and asks thapki to go to boss’ room he himself has called her.

Thapki becomes exited and she thinks that “big boss’ must be happy with her that’s why he has calls me to his cabin because I did right with that bad man. Hah.”

She sighs. Smiles and goes to cabin.

Thapki goes.

RECEPTIONIST (to coworker):- I’m shocked that why didn’t sir say anything to her yesterday. And now why he called her in cabin.

WORKER:- I think sir is going to throw her out today from this company.

RECEPTIONIST:- maybe! We never know about sir’s mood.

Thapki knocks the door. And goes in. A man is sitting on chair and his back is facing thapki.

BIHAAN:- so. Welcome miss….thapki… chaturvedi g. (Emphasizes his words)

THAPKI:-y..y..yes sir.
(Her stammering worsens as she is nervous)

BIHAAN ( in mind):- hah? a chuk chuk gari (he makes a little fun of thapki)

BIHAAN:- hmm, i think you must also be willing to meet me. Right?

Thapki gets more nervous.

BIHAAN:- well, have a seat. Ms. thapki?

(His face is still on the other side. Thapki haven’t seen him yet)

Thapki sits on chair.

THAPKI:- w..wo sir I wanna tell you about a person here in your company. Well I don’t know anything much about him. But I don’t want that type men in such a nice company. I m..m..mean this will affect your level in market and your standard…

Bihaan cuts her words in between.

BIHAAN:- oh miss thapki please. You haven’t even worked a single day here. And you’re

Thapki interrupts.

THAPKI:- but s..s…sir.

He again interrupts her words. He turns towards her and hits his hands on a table with a loud stroke. Thapki closes her big perfectly shaped with eye liner eyes in fear.

BIHAAN(in anger):- now you will teach me how to cure my repu….

Suddenly he stops as he sees thapki’s face. She made innocent and cute face with a pout of pink lips. A lid of hair was on her face. Bihaan is totally lost in her beauty. Thapki opens her one big eye as she feels the silence. She sees bihaan. And she gets shocked

THAPKI:- YOU! what you doing…here. (She stammers a bit)

Bihaan comes back to his senses.

BIHAAN:- i..i.. am the real boss here.

THAPKI:- NO! I doubt.

BIHAAN:- what?? What type of question is this . I’m sitting in boss’ room and for your very kind information that nobody can sit like this in boss room. so the conclusion is I’m the boss.

Thapki becomes a bit confused.

BIHAAN:- well this isn’t conclusion. It’s just a start.

He smiles

THAPKI:- no you can’t be owner of this big diamond company? I mean how could you. You’re a bad guy.

Bihaan snaps his finger in anger in front of her.

BIHAAN:- when I’ll get you out of here then you’ll believe that I’m the boss’ here.

Thapki becomes worried about her career and her hard work that she did to come in this company.

THAPKI:- no no no. Sir I’m so sorry that was my mistake. Please you don’t know how much I’ve suffered. I don’t want to suffer more. Kindly don’t fire me from this company. I’ll do my job honestly pleaseee!

She makes a cute innocent face that bihaan melts.

THAPKI:- say something sir please.

BIHAAN:- okay! You may leave!

THAPKI:- did you forgive me?

BIHAAN:- yeah. Go now please.

thapki leaves. While leaving a loose ring from her finger falls down and bihaan doesn’t notice this.

BIHAAN:- what was happening to me when she was in front of me? What just happened ?

(After few hours)
Thapki comes to Bihaan’s cabin she knocks.

THAPKI:- sir..

BIHAAN:- you didn’t go home yet?

THAPKI:- no I..I was doing work.

BIHAAN:- listen, it’s your start only. You should learn first that how we do our accounts work here.

THAPKI:- y..yes sir of course. I’ll learn few things tomorrow from Samar sir.

BIHAAN:- hmm.

Thapki goes.
She again comes within few seconds.

BIHAAN:- aa, now what? Do you wanna say something? Say it ? And if you don’t wanna say so just leave. I haven’t thrown you out from this company so this doesn’t mean that you’ll disturb me.

THAPKI (in mind):- such a akru man he is! Rude man! Huh!

BIHAAN:- say!! (He shouts)

THAPKI:- no no! Nothing okay bye sir.
She goes out quickly from his cabin.

THAPKI (in mind):- what type of man is this. I just went in his cabin to search my ring. Well, leave! I’ll Search somewhere else! Huh.

She leaves.

Bihaan stands up from his chair and he feels something under his shoe. He sees and it’s thapki’s ring. Bihaan thinks that this is ladies ring.

BIHAAN:- whose ring is this? This is ladies ring! And nobody from ladies came in my cabin except THAPKI.

He takes the ring and puts it in his drawer by thinking that he will return her thing whenever she will ask him about ring.

He comes out from his cabin and goes to reception.

RECEPTIONIST:- sir! Samar sir didn’t come today

BIHAAN:- oh yes! I forgot about him! Why didn’t he come!

Receptionist thinks. “Bihaan sir has stayed in office for the first time for so long”

BIHAAN:- well I will call him ok. you all can leave! I am also going home

He walks out from company.

His Friend named (paan) is waiting outside the company. Bihaan sees him and goes towards his friend standing with his bike.

BIHAAN:- what are you doing here. Why didn’t you come in?

PAAN (bihaan’s friend):- bro! I came in your company 1 hour ago but the workers and employees of your company told me that I should not come in your company in this condition. Actually I’m drunk na! And I’ve got two more bottles of expensive wine. your favorite!, for you too.

BIHAAN:- what do you mean. They stopped you and you listened to them? Why? (shockingly)

PAAN:- I was also shocked that nobody has ever stopped me to enter in your company till now. What happened today. I also called you but your phone was off i think. By the way they didn’t stopped me they just told me that I should not come in because of a girl in your company.

BIHAAN:- ah yes my phone’s battery was low. And what they said you can’t come because of a girl?

PAAN:- yes

Episode ends.

SO THIS WAS THE SECOND CHAPTER “thahaan’s first meeting” hope you guys liked it.. I know I was late. Sorry! I’ll try to update soon. Asap. Chapter 3

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