Do opposites attract always? (ShivIka an OS) By Rithika

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**********DO OPPOSITES ATTRACT ALWAYS????**********

OS :

A beautiful morning. We enter a room filled with pink; pink walls, pinks teddies and some pinked shade balloons and a picture of a girl….hmm lets see if whose is it……ur right our cute bubbly Anika whose sleeping peacefully to be woken up by her mother; Jhanvi ?

Jhanvi: I knew it she’s sleeping like a kumbkarn huh!!!

She shakes Anika

Jhanvi : Anika….utho….Anika please wake up
Anika : (sleepy) Jhanvu sone do na
Jhanvi : (murmurs) I have to everything itself huh!!

She smirks and takes the jug full of….nah not water but juice ?? and pours it on Anika ?

Anika : (jerks) Jhanvu!!!! What’s this haan??? I was dreaming of my Prince Charming and u spoiled it huh!! Ja mein tujse baat nahi karti huh!!!

She pouts and Jhanvi melts

Jhanvi: Aw!!! Meri bachi if I wouldn’t do this then u would miss ur new term of college
Anika : (widens her eyes) Aw!!! Jhanvu I love uuuuuu thanks I’ll get ready love u ummaaahh!!!

She passes a flying kiss to Jhanvi ?

Jhanvi: Arey beta ma bula not Jhanvu
Anika : Arey Jhanvu ur like my friend na then y ma Jhanvu is perfect ?
Jhnavi: U’ll never change now go

Anika smiles sheepishly and goes

Hmm yeh toh sudarne se rahi, but now we’ll peek into a boys room hmm what’s this he’s toh up and preparing for his term while his mother is pestering him for stopping it

Pinky: Oh my mata, Shivaay now enough please take rest

That boy is none other than Shivaay ☺️

Shivaay : Ma just 5 mins anyway I have to leave now na so let me prepare ok now go and give me breakfast jaldi….

Pinky bangs her head with her hand and goes…

Hmm so I these were our characters (main not side Haan…???)


Now we come to college, Shivaay and Anika walk from opposite sides (huh ? Just like their characters) Shivaay with books and Anika on the phone. As expected they dash and……Na na Shivaay doesn’t catch Anika but Anika catches Shivaay and saves him from falling ?? Haw!!!! Itna bada or drastic change kya zamana aa Gaya huh!!! Ek ladke ko Ek ladki ko girana se bachana chahiye but opposites is opposites (Huh!!! Don’t stress ur brains people this story is of opposites toh kaise everything can be correct ?)

They get engaged in a eye lock, our delicate Anika who couldn’t hold our Shivaay’s weight drops him and herself and Anika ends up on top of Shivaay chi chi ??. Soon both snap out of it and are charged full of rage

Shivaay : Hey miss what’s this Haan can’t u look up ur phone
Anika : Oh hello I saved u thank me Haan cz this is the first time I’m saving a boy from falling
Shivaay : Ya ya whatever huh!! Idiots all over the globe ??

He says and they both give a glad to each other. But in their opposites life only one thing common that’s their class ???? they see each other and again give a glare to each other. Later after college ended they both were on their way home when again they dashed in each other and again Anika held Shivaay and saved him (hay kya zamana aa Gaya ??) And again got up being even angry but instead of fighting (obviously no use fighting cz no one will win?) They gave a glad and went on their way. Many days pass their daily routine was guess guess….(ovio fighting ?) Everyday day they would dash in each other and Anika would save Shivaay everyday ? And they would fight.


Anika : Nahi Jhanvu ab pani sar se upar Chala Gaya hai
Jhanvi : But beta what will u do??
Anika : (smirks) Next time we dash I’ll not catch him
Jhanvi : But it will hurt him na (Arey auntie isse yeh bol kar koi faida nahi ??)
Anika : Let it hurt him i don’t care huh! ?

Next day in college everyone was busy preparing for the farewell party and as always they dashed and as Anika told she won’t catch him she didn’t but opposites mein pehli bar kuch theek hua Shivaay finally caught Anika ?. Few days passed it was the farewell party both Shivaay and Anika dressed up handsomely/beautifully all girls/boys were drooling on them. Now it was time to dance everyone had partners except them and without choice they both went together


Na wo akhiyan ruhani kahin
Na wo chehra noorani kahin
Kahin dil wali baatein bhi na
Na wo sajri jawani kahin

(As they came on the stage they got lost in each other’s eyes swaying to the beat)

Jag ghoomeya thaare jaisa na koi (x2)

Na toh hansna rumaani kahin
Na toh khushboo suhani kahin
Na woh rangli adayein dekhin
Na woh pyari si nadani kahin
Jaisi tu hai waisi rehna

(Shivaay twirled her around and hugged her from behind keeping his chin in her shoulder and she felt so good with his touch)

Jag ghumeya thaare jaisa na koi (x4)

Baarishon ke mausamon ki bheegi hariyali tu
Sardiyon mein gaalon pe jo aati hai wo lali tu
Raaton ka sukoon..
Raaton ka sukoon bhi hai
Subah ki azaan hai
Chaahaton ki chaadaron mein maine hai sambhali tu

(She got shy and was about to go when he pulled her toward him, she jerked and was about to fall when he caught her and again they were engaged in acute eye lock)

Meri duniya mein bhi
Mere jazbaaton mein
Teri milti nishani kahin
Jo hai sabko dikhani kahin
Tu toh jaanti hai marke bhi
Mujhe aati hai nibhani kahi
Woh hi karna jo hai kehna

Jag ghoomeya thaare jaisa na koi (x4)

The song ended and the hall was filled with claps for them. Later Anika’s friends forced her to drink and soon she drank too much that she got drunk. It was late night and Shivaay realized that it was late and their friends have them their apartment for the night (wow opposites do really attract ???)

Next morning Anika was shocked to find herself near Shivaay And she screamed which woke him up

Shivaay : What happened y r u screaming
Anika : What r u doing here??? And y r we here???

Shivaay tells her what happened and Anikaa got even shocked and started blabbering nonsense like “What will ma say??? She must be worried and idiot” and to keep her quiet without thinking Shivaay put his lips on hers.

Anika was stunned first and didn’t respond while Shivaay kept kissing her passionately and soon deepened the kiss by trying to enter his tongue in her mouth while she was too numb and didn’t let him while he hit her lower lip getting her to respond to him and getting access to enter his tongue in her mouth. Soon they broke the kiss, he cupped h r cheek and joined their foreheads and both were breathing heavily. As soon as Anika got her sense she realized what happened and ran away from there feeling shy and somewhat happy while Shivaay felt guilty for his act

Many days passed after this incident ShivIka became good friends infact best friends (wah this world record kyun ki kahi dekha hai opposites being one haan?? ). Once Shivaay called Anika

Anikaa : Haan Shivaay tell
Shivaay : I want to tell u something important, dil ka mamla hai toh zara soch kar bolna
Anika : Arey then tell na
Shivaay : I..I LOVE YOU!! I HAVE LOVED U FROM THE FIRST TIME WE MET…I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED U FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART, I HAVE ALWAYS WAITED FOR A QUEEN WHO WILL RULE MY HEART AND I FINALLY FOUND IT AND IT IS U ANIKA! I LOVE U SO MUCH…WILL U MARRY ME?? (Haha dekha I made Shivaay love Anika I’m so great na ek min ek min zyaada hawa mein mat udo ek twist Baki hai mere tu wale)
Anika : Sorry Shivaay I have never seen u from that way and I don’t love u

She said and her words pierced his heart

Shivaay : (fake smile and eyes brimmed with tears) it’s ok I understand

He said and left her there and went crying and Anika felt bad for him. Shivaay tried hard to forget Anika par yeh dil hai ki manta nahi….and so he started drinking to forget her. After many weeks Shivaay went to Anika and she was shocked to see him with a bottle

Anika : Shivaay this
Shivaay : Shut up! U have no right on me so think of explaining anything

He said and she felt really sad seeing his ruthless behavior

Shivaay : I just came to tell u that I’m going to London for 5 years

She was even shocked hearing that

Shivaay : So I want to asks u some thing, just for my satisfaction answer it, do u love me??
Anika : No Shivaay I told u from before I don’t love u and asking this again and again won’t change my answer

He was heartbroken hearing that and went from there.

10 years passed Shivaay was a great business tycoon but he was least interested in going to office he only attended important meetings and cracked important deals. Anikaa also started working and soon even she realized that she is in love with Shivaay but she realized it late and he was gone by then. Once someone knocked his room door; it was his manager

Manager : Sir ur pa wants you to sign in a paper so I’ll bring it or send her
Shivaay : No send her,

He went and sent the pa in and he looked up and was shocked to find…ANIKA!!! He was too happy seeing her there and engulfed her in a tight hug while even she reciprocated the hug as she was happy to (hehe kya laga just because topic has repel word in it mein such mein ShivIka ko separate karungi Haan ?) see him

Shivaay : Anikaa u here?
Anika : Haan I work here but I never knew u were my boss

She said going close to him and playing with his shirt buttons, he felt happy seeing her close to him he put his hands around her waist but then removed it as he thought she didn’t love her (huh! Pagal ?? Can’t he see Love in her eyes haan?? befkoof ?)

Anika : What happened Shivaay?? Y u removed ur hand
Shivaay : (chocked voice) No..nothing
Anikaa : Don’t worry be happy….even I wanted to tell that but u left me alone huh! Idiot,
Shivaay : What u want to tell

He asked naughtily as he got her answer before only

Shivaay : Arey tell
Anika : U know it na so understand
Shivaay : No I want to hear it from ur mouth
Anika : Ugh fine…..I LOVE U SHIVAAY happy?!
Shivaay : Very happy!!! I LOVE U TOO ANIKA, I finally got what I craved for 10 years
Anika : If u would come to office then maybe u would have waited for less time
Shivaay : Hmm silly me (smirks naughtily) now give me

He says and points towards his lips and she blushes

Anika : But here??
Shivaay : hmm, I want it now and here or u’ll do it out in front of everyone
Anika : (blushes) Haw!! Shamless huh!
Shivaay : Only for u

He says and pulls her closer and places his rough lips on her soft rosy lips, both get engaged in a sweet passionate kiss and it gets deepened when he tries and enters hi tongue in her mouth but she teases him not letting it enter her mouth, he traces his hand on her waist and caresses it and she feels extremely good but soon he pinches her on her waist and she gasps letting his tongue enter her mouth and his tongue tastes her mouth’s each and every nook and corner and soon they break it being low on oxygen.

Anikaa shies and tries and pushes him but he pulls her in his embrace and after this they lead a happy life ahead

**********THE END**********

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