Opinions and point of view on starplus drama

my point of views from star plus drama from 5:30 to 10:30 and u can give ur comments down in the comment section.

Jaana na dil se door
it use to be a nice story and it was interesting to watch ot every day but now they spolied the drama for lots of reasons.
1. where is kalash kashyup
2. when is athrav gonna get better
3. they killed guddi character
4. vividha being in between to males
5. too much dragging

Mere angne mein
the drama is kinda funny in some episode but the then drag it too long and makes it boring.
1. sarla is being too greedy when her own family helps her fix the mistake she does and then still bes against them
2. preeti is showing to much attitude
3. kaushalya opens her mouth at wrong time cause when she needs to talk she bes quite and when she doesnt she creates a problem
4. sort rani and amit lovestory out

suhani si ek ladki
i use to love this show because i love the suhani and yuvraaj nok jhok and funny cat fights between rags meneka and suhani. And now the things which they ruined.
1. dadi always creates problem
2. rags is boring without meneka
3. dont like the grownup kids
4. they shouldnt have done the leap pr could have just did one year leap
5. shouldnt have added shambav character in

this was a lovely story and kinda funny but now they just repeating and dragging the story.
1. gopi and jaggi marrying in the age fifty
2. meera should have made vidya her surrogate mother and this chanda is boring
3. pari and mona kinda make the episode better with their nok jhok

yeh hai mohabbetein
love this show soo much but sometimes raman and shagun spoil the story
1. raman need to sometimes control his anger
2. shagun is a disgusting women is already married buts wants more mens in her life
3. custudy track need to stop now too much dragging
4. need to expose shagun

pardes mein hai meraa dil
love the chemistry between between raghav and naina and the bollywood songs in the background
1. cant say anthing yet because it just started the new drama
2. but only hate one thing is that they way the family treats raghav and the way naina brother and sis in law treat her and be greedy for her money

chandra nandani
looks okay but havent seen any episode so no point of view or opinions on it

the drama is 50/50 and okay story
1. ashish needs to be a man
2. the way ashish treats asha and avni and doesnt tell want no one to knows thats his wife and daughter

love the O bros bonding and love between them and the way they care for each other. Also i like the nok jhok between shivaye and anika and the love hate chemistry.
1. tia needs to go away from shivaye
2. finish the mystery track of om and priyanka
3. whos is this D guy
4. expose tia and daksh

yeh rishta kya kehlata hai
sometimes depends which track bes interesting and i use to love it more when naksh use to be small and his mischeif and all.
1. this new naitik talks way too much
2. atleast now tell whats karthiks family mystery to much dragging

so that all the dramas from star plus and let me know what u guys think about it in the comment below and also thinking to talk about each and every male characer from the shows one by one.

  1. The new natik is jigar from SNs

  2. Shakaib

    I only watch sns and ib, pmhmd and yhm too but not agree with with one point of view in sns, Jaggi-gopi’s marriage in 50, we do not think its important for marriage what age is? Yes, park Mona make epi better. Meets can make vidya surrogate mother but CVS has to introduce gaura,thjats why chandna’s track is introduced.

  3. I agree with Ishqbaaz’s points of view,as this is our most favorite soap of all tv’s soap

  4. I agree Suhani ek ladki has become trash.The grandmother is not a loving one only forever plotting against the family. Cultureless. The grown p children are all below average.A complete thumbs down.

    In Saath Nibhana Sathitya why are people around Gopi always dumb? Men in serial have no standing. I think it borders on stupidity .A country cousin like Chanda knows how to use android phone and sends msg using English script.Meera has always been shown brainless but off late it is terrible .Is any child worth loss of so much self respect? only in the mind of the director and writer.Like someone said Vidya could have been a surrogate .IN all these serials the police are a buyable commodity .Thumbs down here too

    1. Agree with u….. I dont like new cast acting…. N they cannot make the sizzling chemistry like yuvraj n suhani….. They r so boring always plotting…. Baby is just irritating n saiyaam look wise gud but always behind yuvraj…. Yuvan stupid he is the responsible for suhani’s fate n krishna must know the truth that yuvan doesn’t love her….. Y cvs r fooling her like suhani….. Same story suhani too loved yuvraj n yuvraj too realised his love 4 suhani….. But yuvan is damn boring now he is not even looking krishna…. Bichari ka haath….. Yuvani his criminal like rags n dadi…… Wish this show shut up now…

  5. This dumb lady wasted my precious 5-10 minutes! Grow up you idiot. Stop watching shows if you don’t like them. Moreover, as you desire, if all the mysteries in show and the disputes are resolved then there’ll be nothing left to show dumb people like you!
    May God give you some brain soon! Peace ✌

  6. yes the comments are true in the above mentioned. change the timing of ishbaaz to 8pm

  7. Suhani si ek ladki me kya bakwass ho rhi h …
    Ek taraf to dikhate h 15 year ka leap aaya h …
    Ar dusri side sayyam ko itna bda dikhaya h …ki vo planning and plotting kr RHA h ..
    Decide it kitne time ka leap h …
    Kon kis SE kitna age differ kr RHA h …
    Particularly Yuvaan Krishna And Sayyam….
    Bahut confusion h …

  8. I just only like ishqbaaz

  9. Avanikamdar

    I want our YuvAni back i don’t want grownup kids i want that after bomb blast also they live together

    1. A.Tejaswi

      Yes.I agree avani.


    Agree with you fully but adding some shows are slow and others are uncessary dragging with same story…….
    Must end many shows and start new one…
    By the way you forgot about PoW-bandhi yudh ke

  11. Hello dear as far as your analysis concerns about Ishqbaaz I am totally agreed with it and I too want the same but I feel that Rumya marriage will open up in front of om then SHIVIKA marriage and then these mysterious tracks or maybe they will include more to it

  12. Riana

    Well i watch Suhani si ek ladki…Sns…Yhm…Pardes…Ishqbaaz…
    1. Suhani di ek ladki was really a good but some points are right that sambhav’s character was the worst n leap is bakwass…Grown up kids r really boring…

    2.Saath nibhana saathiya is my first favourite show….But still i hate the chanda track…but one thing i really like that is jaggi n gopi’s marriage…they really makes a perfect couple…well ahem was smart but jaggi is cute n funny so like this track…But it should be introduced more earlier…

    3.Yhm is my 2nd favourite show…Ishra makes a superb couple…but shagun drama is spoiling the show….Still i like ruhi,adi n pihu n bhalla n iyer family…

    4.Pardes is a new show….But Naina is really smart n Outstanding…i love her character…also i like raghav equally…hope ekta will not destroy dis show by introducing useless leaps…

    5.Ishqbaaz is my 3rd favourite show….Om,Rudra,Shivaay all r the best…Anika is too good…i really like the show till now…

    But i cannot say that all shows r bad…some has good effects n some has bad effects too…

  13. I only watch ishqbaaz…its the best show ever…love the obros moment…and the shivika ‘s nok jhok..and their chemistry is astounding…❤❤

  14. even me i watch only ishqbaaz that is my favorite show

  15. I just luve ishqbaaz…..brothers bonding…..shivika’s nok-jok…….
    Totally the story is really awesome…..

  16. I love isqhbaaz dadi 3bro’s love they bonds specially anika as panika sahil prinku sumo zulfi sing&ishana i love to watch isqhbaaz atleast extend timing day to day episode endup fastly

  17. Ssel I don’t like leap and grown up kids

  18. luv jndsd very much….why there is no repeat telecast of this even twice??…only once, at 3pm…i cant understand why dis ishqbaaz is telecasting severaly(a stupid show,anika sooo overacting n shivay sooo ovrsmart…really i hate dis serial)….jndsd shud replace ishqbaaz repeat telecast tim

    1. i agree with u. starting it was very good, but now its very boaring

    2. yes true starting it was very nic. … vitharvzz just in love with them… but now its boring I wish it will become old jndsd w8ing for it….
      I seriously want to jndsd with vitharvzz only missing old jndsd and tooo it should have repeat telecast….

  19. I watch Ishqbaaz . Rest are all Bakwas serials. BORING .
    “Where is Nayi Sooch?

  20. ssel i like to watch some positive and happy things in this show always one aftr the other can show a family time with their children. suhani and yuvaraj are nly a treat to watch

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