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Oberoi ladies gathered near the poolside unknowingly

Each one is shocked to see other near the poolside

Actually these ladies received a same message from a unknown no

Anika- ishu u messaged me ???? To come near the poolside

Ishana- no di I thought u messaged me , laddoo is that u??

Saumya – y would I ??? I thought u both di , if u both are not then , Ma , choti Ma , dadi u guys messaged us

Jhanvi – common Somu y we will message

she look towards pinky, pinky answered “O my Maata Jethani ji why would Is ah , mummy ji aap hai ”

dadi – shut up pinky y would I message that to from an unknown number I donno who have messaged same message to all of us

voice- mai (me )

every one turn towards voice shocked to see the person with a same reaction “you ”

voice – not only me but 1 more person.

everybody shocked to see the 2nd person also

Ishana – (towards 1st person) are u crazy ah y have u messaged us like this stop playing with us

2nd person  – it’s not her fault I only insisted her

Jhanvi- prinku what r u saying

2nd person is prinku.

prinku- ah Ma it’s me I only insisted Mona to message

1st person is Mona(Ishana ‘s sister )

ishana – but y ???

Mona – becoz we wanna u guys to prove u r not happy

Anika- but we guys are happy .

Prinku – really bhabhis Ma ,Choti Ma , Dadi

Ishana – ah prinku who said we r not happy. We r happy with what we have a good husband, good family. Every girl is not lucky to have a such good in laws

Jhanvi – exactly I am happy to have DILs like Ani, Ishu, Somu , sons,  MIL , SIL , full family

Mona -k aunty  I agree with you , but I also know not only this brings happiness for a woman’s like u guys  I also know  that u guys are not same who were b4 marriage u guys sacrificed Ur self ur carrier , dreams etc ,

saumya – k we agree what s wrong in it after marriage every girls sacrifice their carrier etc.,,

Prinku- really Saumya u r talking to me like this ,dadi u taught us ri8 , men & women are equal every person has a right to dream & right to live as she/he likes , even God has a no right to stop us .

every body was stunned to see their little princess can talk this much

Prinku comes towards to dadi first ” dadi I know u were a good Veena player u used to play @ every dasshera but u hide it from us am I right, I used to see you playing Veena in childhood ” dadi was totally dumbstruck.

She move towards her mom ” Ma  you had a dream to become a CEO of a company am I correct ” Jhanvi nodded.

she moved to her lovely choti Ma ” choti Ma u were doing sweets b4 marriage &used to distribute towards ur neighbors & had started a little shop in ur village but in a position to leave that dream because of no support from chote papa is that true “pinky was shocked and nodded.

precap – confession f dreams 2

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