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Hi guys first of all Congratulations to all RIANSH & RRAHEL fans Rrahul Sudhir & Helly Shah wins best jodi award in iconic gold awards πŸŽ‰ .

So this start from when Anupriya burns Vansh’s mother’s last picture Vansh blame it for Riddhima.

Let’s startΒ 

Vansh: why you burnt my mother’s last picture? (Shouting & tears in eyes)

Riddhima: Vansh trust me I didn’t burnt your mother’s last picture.

Vansh:you are lieing . ( Shouting)

Riddhima: Vansh trust me pls

Vansh: trust on you never

Riddhima goes Dadi

Riddhima: Dadi atleast you trust me ( crying)

Dadi: Sorry Riddhima I can’t.

Vansh: leave VR Mansion till morning otherwise consequence is not good & yes after some time Angre gives you divorce papers sign them also

Saying he goes .

Everyone goes to their respective room

Riddhima was shocked

She goes to her room

Riddhima is sitting on floor crying bitterly

After some time Angre came to her room.

Angre: bhabi this is divorce papers

He handover papers to Riddhima

Next day

Vansh: Angre check that had the or not & divorce papers also

Angre goes Riddhima’s Room

He find signed divorce papers & letter

He goes Vansh

Angre: Boss divorce is signed & I find this letter in room .

Vansh: give me

He gave letter & divorce papers to him

Vansh: you go

Angre goes

Vansh start reading letter

In letter

Vansh I know you won’t trust but pls check CCTV photage once . I had signed I won’t come back but pls check CCTV photage once.

This is my first & request to you .


Letter ends

Vansh goes to check CCTV

He checks CCTV was shocked that Riddhima is innocent but his step Mom was burnt his mother’s last picture & then he check more Anupriya’s room CCTV. He was more that Riddhima loves Kabir & trust him alot but he manipulated her using her & Anupriya is also with her

On other hand

Riddhima was walking on road crying . She is for not crying that she left VR Mansion she crying for she innocent but still Vansh blaming her.

She comes Kabir ‘s house

Before she could enter in room she heard talkings of Kabir & Anupriya.

Kabir: Mom , Riddhima is too fool na she thinks I love her but she don’t know I am using her for Vansh’s property. Love with Riddhima never ever

Anupriya laughs

Anupriya: Even Vansh don’t know that I am his mom also fooling her.

Riddhima was shocked not because of Anupriya but because of Kabir .

She goes from there.

Riddhima was walking road like lifeless body

At that time someone came from her behind that person put handkerchief on her mouth full of chloroform . She is unconscious now

At VR Mansion

Vansh was crying for he did with Riddhima . He was again & again reading letter. Then called Angre

Angre came

Angre: yes Boss

Vansh: trace location of Riddhima

Angre:ok boss


Riddhima was still unconscious

Person 1: we will sell her

Person 2: yes we will get big amount her

Riddhima get conscious

Riddhima:who are you? Leave me

Person 1 : we won’t leave you. We sell you . Now shut your mouth

Riddhima: I am not public property ( shouting)

Person 2: we won’t need public property for sell

Riddhima: you stupid , idot , mental you don’t know laws

Person 1 : we don’t know .

Person 2: I will shoot her she speaks too much . (Pointing gun towards Riddhima)

Riddhima closed her eyes in fear she heard another gun shot . She opened her eyes saw the person lying dead .

Riddhima: Vansh

Vansh shoot to other person

Vansh came to Riddhima

Vansh: I am sorry Riddhima I did wrong with you.

Riddhima: it’s ok . Vansh I want tell you something.

Riddhima tells about Kabir & Anupriya

Vansh: I know it

Riddhima πŸ™ shocked) how ?

Vansh: by CCTV Photage

Riddhima: ok . Then also forgive me

Vansh: it’s ok Riddhima

After 1 month

Vansh: Riddhima .

Riddhima: hmm

Vansh: I want a tell you something.

Riddhima: speak

Vansh: I love you

Riddhima: I love you too ( she realised what she spoke)

Riddhima blushed

Vansh: what you spoke . Repeat it

Riddhima:I love you Vansh

Vansh: I love you too sweetheart

Riddhima:Β One truth can change our life

Vansh: yes

The End.

Hope you you like it.

Take Care.

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