One night (Part 2)

Hey guys thank u all for your response. One matter i am informing u clearly is this is not a love story but suspense. Please don’t expect more love scenes from me. It is based on friendship. I accept there will be some love. Because we cannot accept aryan without aaru right. So i will start now.

Aryan saying us about him.

Today i am here because of a reason. If u want to know that then u have to know about me. To know about me completely u have to know about my friends.

Flashback 4 months back.

One big college will be seen with full of students & beautiful girls. There in the corridor two boys are running. Second boy is trying to catch 1st person.

2nd boy: Idiot y u did like that?

1st man: Wait man let me please explain.

2nd man: Today u will die in my hand.

Aryan is trying to stop them. 1st person runs out of the college & hides in his car.

Then 2nd person is trying to open the door. Aryan & his another friend also will come their. Aryan stops 2nd person & asks what is the matter & y they are fighting.

2nd friend: He has spoiled my life. He took my hall ticket & teared it yar.

3rd frnd: Idiot just open the car door.

1st friend: Guys just here me out yar.

2nd frnd: What is there to here man……

Aryan: Wait just listen what he want to say.

Then he comes out of the car & says ” Guys, i did this all for u only.”

Aryan: I did’nt get u.

1st frnd: Are idiots after completing our college our lives will be completely changed. Even if we tried to be like this we cannot enjoy our lives because of responsibilities.

Aryan: Tell me clearly yar.

1st frnd: Ok look at this idiot (3rd frnd) tomorrow his father will take him forcefully into his business. It was just like one way traffic. Once we enter we cannot come out.

2nd frnd: Hey idiot because of him y u have canceled my exam.

1st frnd: Stop it yar. Ur position is too bad compared to him.

Aryan: What is his problem then?

1st frnd: His father has fixed his marriage with his party leader’s daughter do u think that this is because of love on him……

2nd frnd: Then….

1st frnd: Marriage is for u & for him position in party. Frankly speaking for his political future he is sacrificing your life. Lastly coming to u aryan, because of your father’s torture u also will join in any job. Thats it this is going to be our life from now.

Aryan: But if not today the same will happen in any day right.

1st frnd: I agree but that one day is not today. Wait i will explain clearly. Guys now we r not writing exams. Which means we cannot take degree for this year. Next 6 months we remains students. And until we are students no one can separate us. So what do u guys think ha….

3rd frnd: Its true yar. As he said in next 40 years what i have to do my father had already decided my future & maintaining timetable. In that years i want to spend 6 months happily with u all.

1st frnd: Exactly yar. Good.

3rd frnd: Guys what u say?

2nd frnd: All u said is right yar but i am afraid because of my father.

1st frnd: Just 6 months man. Think about it. We will not get any chance to spend life for ourselves. Lets spend most of this man.

2nd frnd: Ok then i am in.

Then all will see aryan. He will nod his head in no.

Frnds: Aryan……

Aryan: No this is wrong.

All will get disappointed.

Aryan: But for our friendship we can do this wrong also.

All will feel happy & hugs each other.

Then song starts. (Guys u please imagine song i am not writing song lyrics sorry for that) Vele song from student of the year.

His friends names are sudeep, rajveer, karan.

Next day in aryan’s house.

Shashwat: Pavitra when i am coming i have met my friend he gave his son’s photo. Show it gayatri & ask her whether she like him or not. If u all like him then we can call them home.

Pavitra: Ok.

Here in aryan’s room, he is sleeping & gayu will come to his room to give tea. But seeping him sleeping she thinks to give later & tries to go but suddenly she will see a tatoo on his hand.

She is surprised & tries to wake him.

Gayu: Aryan get up what is this on your hand?

Aryan: What is your problem di let me sleep na.

Gayu: Just shut up & get up aryan otherwise i will call dad.

Then after listening about his dad he woke

Aryan: What is your problem? What do u want?

Gayi: What is that tatoo on your hand?

Aryan: Di woh…….. woh na……no di i cannot tell u. I am getting shy. Then he runs from there. Gayu is in shock. She will tell to pavitra.

Pavitra: What he had a tatoo……

Gayu: Ha ma. I think that is a girl name.

She will go fastly to aryan & checks everywhere on his body.

Pavitra: Aryan where is that tatoo show me.

Aryan: Mom wait i will show u & he shows his hand.

Pavitra: Who is that girl aryan?

Aryan: Mom that is not a girl name my frnds names S R K. Thats it.

Pavitra: That means our sudeep, rajveer & karan right.

Aryan: Exactly.

Pavitra will beat lightly on gayu’s head.

Pavitra: U r becoming naughty day by day gayu. Now a days u r complaining more on my son.

Shashwat: Pavitra y r u scolding my daughter.

Pavitra: Because she told wrong about my son. My son will never do any mistake. He had just a tatoo of his friends but she is saying that was some girl’s name,

Shashwat: Just shut up. From the day he born he is torturing us. We are doing a lot for him. But today he is giving more importance to his friends. Tell him to go from here & stay with them only. I also will see how many days they will tolerate him.

He leaves angrily.

Pavitra: Every time he will scold only me.

Shashwat will come to aryan.

Shashwat: Aryan take this.

Aryan: Baba what is this?

Shashwat: U told that u r cellphone is gone right. I have bought a new one for u. Do u like it?

Aryan: Thanks dad.

Shashwat: This is the last one i am buying for u from my salary. From now u have to buy by your own money ok.

Aryan: Sure dad.

Shashwat: Give me lift on your bike.

Aryan: Yes dad please come.

flashback stops . At present.

aryan comes to one room in hotel where one person is waiting for him. That person will call to another person & says ur person has came to meet me. And he gives his phone to aryan to speak.

Aryan listens to something in phone & says ok & ends call.

Then the person in room will give him gun & asks if he saw raichand before.

Aryan: No.

Then he will give raichan’d photo & details to aryan. Aryan see it & leaves from there.

Thank u guys please comment take care .

  1. Nitha

    Itzz gud n interstng.. I lik suspns storis But yaar don’t want too much suspense plzz add some aara ‘s lov n frndshp to it if possible,so Dat v cn cherish der memrs, since kd ended.. Req to u?

    1. Sophi

      Thank u nitha & sure i will show love scenes & u will see a complete different role of aaru & their love keep reading pls

  2. Its good I like it but I am confused that who is raichand and why the person gives aryan a gun

    1. Sophi

      Thank u ahmed raichand is a don & aryan is in one big problem so he need gun. I can’t reveal more sorry.

  3. Hey nice concept Sophi I really like suspence stories it makes me very curious so keep gng on and post Nxt epi very fast??and u r frm Karnataka I asked u bcoz this type of stories can be found in south India as my thinking bcuz as a Kannada girl or south Indian I just think that ur r south Indian tank for responding??

    1. Sophi

      Thank u sitara u r right i am from south but now i am staying in banglore. I got one concept to that i am adding more suspense to create my own ff on aara. Because i love them & i am missing them badly.

  4. Hey..Sophie..Dz z so nyc to read..Suspense story??As u wish that u can..No worries, am just xpecting ntertainment..I only needs that & if it z xpressd in brilliant level,it could b so LoL!??

    1. Sophi

      Thanku rebba for supporting me. I will try maximum to entertain u

  5. Rhimjhim

    Aryan a serial killer here or wht???? just guessing…. if rght then plzz tell ok.. well loving it… plzzzz update regularly… ur story is a loy=t more different…

  6. Sophi

    Thanks for commenting rhimjhim but dnt worry aryan is not a killer u will get to know soon. And sure i will update regularly.

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