One more chance to hold you twinj ff part 17

One more chance to hold you twinj ff part 17
(Hey guys….i know im damn late im sorry forgive but what to fo my situation was like that cant help it…only i know what i have gon though this days my dad got unwell before somedays and got admitted to hospital…and that day was horrible but thank god everything became fine after some days he got discharged from hospital…i thought everything is fine now but no again he wasn’t feeling well at home so taken him to other doctor and got to know actual problem was something else and previous doctor treated him for something else after scanning got to know there is internol injury in head they admitted him to ICU immediately and started treating our condition was worse thinking what will happen now but thank god immediately treatment started and my dad got saved im so happy…and now we have to take good care of him so in that i didn’t got time to read /write any thing sorry for that i wasn’t in mood to do anything and sorry i couldn’t read any fiction so i didnt commented too now in my free time ill real everything….my dad’s health is improving now so bit relaxed…and i think you dont believe i wrote sajna ve ff 3 times and deleted it….why?…because i was writing emotional scenes in it as you remember in that bebe health isnt good n admitted to hospital ….and guys whenever im writing it something happened pappa health got upset and all oh god i just cant explain it may i look silly or funny to say this but that scene when repeating in my life i just deleted it…unable to write further or not daring write anything like that….I need some time to write that again but may be not with more emotional scenes…leave it dont think me as mad like relating those emotional words to my life and saying blah blah my current mund state is like that …uff leave it im sorry for everything and sorry to make you all bore with my personal story just wanted share thats it…and now in my free time ill definetly write ff for you all….and now my dad is good and fine thank you god for returning my hapiness….but guys forgive me may i cant write more emotional scenes in sajna ill write it later..)
Kunj looked at twinkle who is packing there luggage to go for taneja mansion
Kunj came close to her and back hugged her tightly
Twinkle-kunj leave me
Kunj- no im feeling good like this
He turned her around pinned her to near by wall
Kunj- yesterday night was beautiful baby…we became one again he rubbed his thumb on her lips sensually
Twinkle- k..k..kunj chodo
Kunj- nahi chodunga kya karegi thu….😜😜😜 why you lie every time that you wont love me anymore haa
Twinkle-its truth i dont love you she said looking at other side
Kunj- acha baby….he kissed on her cheeks while twinkle turned face to other feeling his touch kunj pulled her by waist and rubbed his face with her then gave her wet kisees and love bite making her moan loudly Twinkle became shy and turned red like tomato
Kunj- so if you dont love me why this all happened to you…why my touch affect you this much…and your cheeks are red why Twinkle
Twinkle- v…vo aishe hey….you are idiot now leave mei have so many work to do dont waste my time got it she acted like ignoring and acted like nerthing happened kunj pulled her again and looked at her lips
Kunj- kiss me then ill leave you
Twinkle- ill slap you
Kunj- ok after slap you have to kiss me ok ready?
Twinkle- shameless
Kunj pulled her more
Kunj- ok then let me show you how much shamelese iam there face came closer kunj above to place his lips on her
Bebe- arey mene kuch nahi dekha…ahem ahem coughing
Twinkle pushed kunj
Twinj – bebe bebe vo vo
Kunj- kuch kaam tha bebe kuch chahiye
Twinkle- im going to take bath she ran from there
Kunj- mey bhi
Bebe- kya tuje bhi abhi nahana hey
Kunj- haan matlad nahi matlab bhad me jaunga abhi twinkle hena tho mey kaishe
Bebe – arey puttar aisha math kaho na javo na jaa ke madad kar twinkle ko
Kunj- haan bebe abhi jatha hu (pov arey bebe telling me to join with twinkle in bathroom bebe kitni romantic hey)tho jatha hun mey bhi twinkle open ..
Bebe – kotte da puttar……kuch tho sharam kar…
Kunj- bebe vo
Bebe- chup ….tho ye tha tera kaam haa mera room pey ake bacho ko mere naal isliye chod aya thu ye kaam karne ke liye idhar uss bechari twinkle ko tang kar rahe ho
Kunj- no no bebe you are mistaken me actually twinkle is not bechari ok …usne mujhe kal
Bebe- chup besharam muje kyu bata raha hey atleast close room door and im going to mandir so came here to leave kush tanu here
Kunj- ok bebe
Bebe- haan ….and you also going with twinkle
Kunj- yes bebe
Bebe- ok take there care and dont tell anyone anything got it…and give milk to baby and tell twinkle to take care of herself and caΔΊl me everyday…kunj not listening to bebe correctly he is thinking about there romantic moments and smiling like idiot
Bebe- are you listening to me?
Kunj- ha ha bebe suna na
Bebe- tho bol?
Kunj- oh….oh yahi ki twinkle ko doodh pilavu aur babies ko kehtha hu ki apna kayal khud rakhe aur apko call karte rahe
Bebe- kya? Haa bhay tera jaishe baap hone ke wajha se bacho ko apna dyan khud rakna hoga chalo mey chalthi hun..kunj ruffled his hair jumped on bed where kush and tanu waiting for him to come and play with them
Kunj- why you guys came so soon you know what i was above to kiss my girl but in seconds i missed it he said making puppy face babies giggled and laughed looking at him kunj started to tickle them they laughed more
Kunj- now you both sit here quitely ill pack our luggage ok ill help twinkle she will become happy and gives me a kiss😘😘😘
He started to pack luggage almost done now folding all clothes
Kunj- done 😍😍 now Twinkle will come and praise me for my work…he looked at bathroom
Kunj- may siyappa queen takes some time to come outside im tired until that ill relax he gave kush and tanu there milk bottle and sat on bed closing eyes for few minutes
Twinkle came outside
Twinkle looked at bed and …
Twinkle- what the hell
Kunj- what? Still closing eyes ….i did all this work to help you tumhe tho kush ho key muje tightly hug karna chahiye aur uske badh kiss per thu what the hell keh rahi hey
Twinkle- you call this as help haa ….you done this all to increase my work you ….😠😠😠 what mess you have done haa
Kunj- mess ??? He opened eyes only to see all clothes are scattered here and there he looked at bags where there are no clothes but kush and tanu inside it looking at him with there big eyes
Kunj- naughty babies you both did it
Babies node in no cutely looking at twinkle
Twinkle- why you telling them haa you did this all my babies are so innocent like me they didn’t do this you did it sadusnd now you blaming my babies and you packed them in bags how mean kunj you are treating them like luggage
Kunj- siyappa queen aur uski siyappa babies and what you told haa innocent Right ….they are innocent like you huh you look like innocent but you are not and this two are also same like you look at them they spoiled my work and giving innocent look like they dont know what happened here huh
Twinkle- dont you dare to tell them anything vo mere bache hey
Kunj- tho bhay meri what hey vo?
Twinkle- what?
Kunj- dhek tera sath reh reh kar tere jaishe Butler English mey bath kar raha hu….they are my babies to my dear wifey …i can tell them anything he looked at kush tanu who busy in drinking milk from feeding bottle he took that out from there mouth
Kunj- you both did it i know
Both looks at him and started to cry
Kunj- drama
Twinkle- oye kadusli how dare you to do that
Tanu kush – mummmmma😒😒😒😒
Kunj- siyappa princes and prince saying this he gave them back there food
Twinkle- now do this
Kunj- what?
Twinkle- do packing baba?
Kunj- no im not doing innocent twinkle tumhara bahuth ho raha hey tho khud kar apna kaam huh im going outside huh saying this he went out
Twinkle throwed pillow at him
Twinkle- saduuuu sarna kadusli kahike ….ill see you later huh
After some time twinj became ready
Twinkle sat in car with babies kunj too came behind her
Twinkle- oh hello mr. Why are you coming with me haan
Kunj- arey meri pyari gajni ithni jaldi bhul gayi hume naming ceremony mey jaan hey na vo hey tera body builder wala bhay ki baby yadh aaya kuch
Twinkle- oh hello i know that and its my brother so im going why you coming πŸ€”πŸ€”
Kunj- and its my wifes brothers function and its my saala so im coming you got it dear wifey πŸ€—πŸ€—
Twinkle- huh look kunj there people dont like you and won’t respect you so you better dont come otherwise you will get upset later
Kunj- im ready twinkle.. i know im not going to get royal treatment there and i dont want that also i just wanna be with you everytime thats it… i can understand your feelings or worry baby and i know you will not let anyone to disrespect me there and thank you baby for your concern i can see love for me in your eyes
Twinkle- shhh…dont dream much huh lets go we are getting late
They reached taneja mansion
Twinkle- waw look at the decoration really it looks amazing still sitting in car
Kunj- car se uthar ke dheko aur bhi amazing lagegi…huh 10 min sey andhar bet key maharani jaishe kar rahi heu aur muh kholthi tho sirf uski rocky bhayya ki tareefe vo aisha hey vo hey muje tho pata nahi vo aisha kya kiya hey ek bacha huva hey vo bhi abhi abhi iski liye ithni tareef huh….. tho isko muje bhi tareef karna hey bhay mey bhi tho bacha banaya hey vo bhi do do anmol ratan ……
Twinkle- what? What did you say ?
Kunj- praise me twinkle
Kunj- because i gave you two cute babies
Twinkle- you want me to prise you for that huh you think its some kind of achievement
Kunj- then same applies to your brother he haven’t done any achievement by giving baby….from that time you are prising him and this decoration huh from which angel it is looking nice to you…..everywhere pink pink it looks like big pink cake for me it is looking like cartoon
Twinkle- shut up ….you sadu when you will stop this haan jab dekho mere mayka ka bejthi karo huh
Kush- ewwww
Kunj- see he also didn’t liked it come lets go back to our home
Twinkle- shut up Twinkle frowns and went inside with tanu
Kush- mummma mey lu
Kunj- she will not stop baby she forgotten us huh come lets go inside saying this kunj followed her
Leela looked at twinkle with love
Leela- meri beti😘😘 Twinkle
Twinkle- mumma😍😍
Both hugged each other
Leela- how are you Twinkle?
Twinkle- good maa i missed you
Leela- miss you too bacha and sorry
Twinkle- why sorry maa
Leela- puttar hum kuch bhibrukh nahi paye tumko phir se uska sath jaana huva per thu chinta math kar hum kuch na kuch karege aur thumko humare pass rakhege
Listening to it Twinkle’s smile faded away yes she wanted this only some times ago she just dont wanted to live with kunj but now she dont know what to do
Twinkle- per maa…
Leela looked af kunj and she looked at him angrily
Leela cupped twinkle face
Leela- tumhe kishise darne ki jarurath nahi hey….
Kunj- who dared to scare my wife now maa
Leela- maa? Who is your maa haa
Kunj- aap hi ho mere maa …. i know maa i did mistake and i got enough punishment for that and you can give me more punishment im ready to take it but please dont ignore me like this and dont treat me like enemy…and please maa now im trying hard to get my love back now please dont seperate me from twinkle i cant live without her….please dont try to snatch her from me
Leela- im trying to snatch her from you really sach tho ye hey……. you snatched my daughter hapiness she forgotten to smile because of you….thut juki thi meri beti teri wajha sey
Twinkle- maa please
Leela- nahi bolne dey muje aaj
Rt – leela stop it …..its not time to talk that
Kunj- no papa dont stop her i deserve this after all what i did with twinkle …….
I can understand your feelings and your anger on me maa i broke your trust and promise ….i promised you that ill keep twinkle always happy and will never let any one hurt her but i couldn’t keep my promise, i know i disappointed you so much…when everyone opposed our love you stood by our side and supported us and united us…but i just spoiled everything in my anger i forgotten everything and hurted my love lot and later i got to know what blunder i have done i realised everything but it was too late everything was finished she wasn’t with me i searched everywhere no clue of anything i was broken i was guilty i realised my mistake i got punishment for that being away from my family is biggest punishment i wasn’t knowing about birth of my kid i couldn’t do anything for them….i wanted her back in my life now to make everything right i used this chance just to get her back in my life and not to snatch baby from mother and now im trying hard to seek her forgivness ill wait for forgivness till my last breath you can punish me in any way but please dont take her away from me instead of that kill me
Leela was calm listening to him feeling that he really meant it
Twinkle looking at kunj with teary eyed…
Rocky- ok then die na kunj we dont care …..mar jaa na yar kisiko kohi pharak nahi padega
Twinkle – shut up bhayya dont talk about death
Kunj looked at her lovingly
Kunj- pharak padne walo ko padtha hey yar
Rocky- twinkle are you mad why you taking his side you forgotten what he had done haa you will talk back to me for him…
Twinkle- bhayii please..
Rocky- and why he came with you
Kunj- viren bhayya invited our family here and this family include me also so
Rocky- family hahahaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ what did you said family… call this as your so called family jiska atha patha bhi nahi tha tumhe ek saal sey aur bache kab huve vo bhi nahi pata tha
Kunj- just shut up
Rocky- you shut up ….you are in my home dont dare to raise voice on me
Kunj- you started fight first
They continued arguing with each other while babies were above to cry rocky pushed kunj
Twinkle got scared – kunjjj
Kunj somehow managed not to fall and held kush baby tightly who was above to get hit by wall badly he started to cry badly being scared
Rt- rocky just stop it ….bahuth huva tera
Twinkle- kunj are you ok kush kush ro math baby kuch bhi nahi huva 😒😒😒
Kunj- dont worry twinkle we are fine….mere rehte huve kuch bhi nahi saktha humare bacho ko…aur rocky isse galthi sey bhi kuch lag jatha tho mey thumhe nahi chodths samajtha kya hey khudko thu
Leela- yes rocky you didnt do right we were talking why you came in middle
Twinkle- haan bhayya and why you raise hand on him if something would had happened then
Rocky – shut up Twinkle…..are you mad haa why you taking his side i think he brain washed you again like before he did huh and kunj dont act like you care for kids stop this drama and dont dare to touch them give him to me now only
Viren- why you behaving like this rocky leave the past now everything is becoming fine …dont continue this fight now …..they are our guests here so behave
Rocky- huh kush baby come to me while kush held kunj shirt tightly and turned to other side kunj smirked looking at rocky while he got angry
Rocky- kush dekho mey tera chota mama
Kunj- kis angel sey ye chota lagtha hey bhay
Twinkle- kunj
Kunj- its truth twinkle ….yar now dont say i did brain wash to babies too to not to go to you
Rocky tried to take kush forcefully while he cried more
Kunj- are you mad rocky its not toy leave him dont make him cry take him later
Rocky- chup tujse pehle mey sambala hun isse
Kunj-ha par mujse jyada close hey…mera khoon jo hey
Rocky- hey…
Twinkle- stop it you both my babies are scared you both dont know how to behave
Jeevika- twinkle aagayi thu😍😍
Rupali- haa haa agayi 😊😊 fake smile….kaishi hey thu? Acha huva thu jaldi agayi
Twinkle- im fine ….rupali bhabhi invited me then i have to come early only na
Everyone looked at each other face likewhat rupali called twinkle as they know there equation
Kunj only heard her voice felt it familier ashe didnt cameto there marriage so he didn’t got chance to meet her
Rocky- rupali go and look at work to be done… dont stand here smiling
Rupali- oh…
Rocky- come with me he took her inside
Kunj- i heard this voice somewhere and why rocky behaved with her like this leave it mujhe kya
Jeevika- twinkle you guys go and take rest for sometime
Twinkle-haan ok Kunj come
Twinj in room
Kunj- see babies you are back to pink cake πŸ˜‰πŸ˜œ dont have any option have to be here for few days huh im getting irritated
Twinkle- what?
Kunj-oh ….you are here only still i thought you are in washroom …. and i was telling that this room is very beautiful and colour is just cool really your taste is very good baby
Twinkle-haaa my taste is good but this room and interior everything planned by rocky bhayya give compliments to him
Kunj slowly vahi tho baby mey sochu tera taste ithna karab kaishe ho gaya abh pata chala ye ghatiya design terabhayi ka hey uski tarah hey hey
Twinkle- did you said something
Twinkle- kush dont cry baby come to me ill make you sleep
Kunj giving kush to twinkle while he winced in pain- auch..
Twinkle- kunjjj kya huva?
Kunj- kuch nahi
Twinkle- show me come to me she made him to sit and saw he got hurt in hand ….how this happened ? She remembered how rocky pushed kunj
Kunj- its ok Twinkle its not hurting much but he is so careless i mean can’t he see i was holding baby agar usse lag jatha tho i swear i would have killed him…only i knowhow i controlled my anger heis crossing his limits now
Twinkle- hmmm i know he did wrong and im in state i can’t support anyone because last time whenever this fight happened i took your side and stood by you and what i got in return you never stood by me when i need you most..sorry to remind you that i know you are feeling guilty now but kya karu kunj i can’t forget that all easily i can’t forget the pain i went though ….and i know whatever bhayya did today is wrong he shouldn’t have raised hand on you …
Kunj- leave it Twinkle i saw love and care in your eyes for me thats enough for me im not telling you to choose me over anyone….im waiting for that day when you trust me again like before …..
Twinkle you still love me so much hey na please dont lie now …..please tell me that you love me…please look into my eyes and tell those magical words thats enough i dont ask for more please na yar tell me once that still you love i know that you do but please i want to listen it from you
Twinkle- kunj…..
Kush tanu started crying twinkle gave them milk and was making them sleep not looking at kunj
Kunj to sat on bed looking at her who is trying to ignore him
Kunj- dont worry ill not force you to tell me that now only ….was just eager to listen that but its ok ill wait …..sorry to make your mood off ….you take rest ill arrange everything ok Twinkle nodes in yes and slept turning to other side
After some time
Twinkle- hello mahi im at taneja mansion now you guys too come here soon ok
Mahi- ok dear me and yuvi will there soon and listen did kunj came with you
Twinkle- haan he is here only
Mahi- why he comes with you put him outside wait ill come there and send him out
Yuvi- baap re uski pathni sey jyada isko gussa hey uss per bechara kunj
Mahi- what?
Yuvi- i was telling baby ki vo uski pathni ka ghar hey tho usse jyada haq hey udar rehne ka aur thu jake usse bahar nikhalege haa vo honey wala bath nahi hey…..
Mahi – shut up
Twinkle- stop it yar you guys dont start now and mahi kunj will not cause any problem here so no need to say him anything he is quite now he is changing
Mahi- arey twinkle you don’t believe him ok
Kunj snatched twinkle mobile
Kunj- hey whats your problem haa jab dekho meri wife ki khaan bharti rehti ho mere khilaaf mene kya bhigada hey tera
Mahi – oye…
Yuvi – kunj please now you both dont start mahi cut the call we will go there and talk ok
Mahi – cut the call
Kunj- you called right so you cut the call
Mahi- mey keh rahi hoona rakha phone nahi tho twinkle ke hath mey dho
Kunj- nahi dunga hatt
Mahi – how dare you
Yuvi- bhay mey khatunga mere currency jata hey aap logo ka nahi huh
Twinkle took phone back and gives look to kunj
Kunj- what?
Twinkle- you
They heard small voice of baby crying both looked at kush and tanu but they were sleeping peacefully
Kunj- its not kush tanu then who? Twinkle is it you?
Twinkle- pagal ho kya vo chota baby ka voice hey huh bahar jaa ke dekthi hu she went out
Kunj- tho ye bhi tho chota baby hi hey chodo rukho chota baby nahi twinkle may bhi aatha hu
Thu aage aage mey piche puche he to ran behind her
They reached room where small baby placed on bed
Twinkle- awww meri rocky bhayya ki beti aww she is so cute😍😍😍
Kunj- but its too small why she is too small
Twinkle looked at kunj and slapped her Forehead she took baby in her arms and smiles at her babybwas crying still closing her eyes Twinkle made her calm after some time baby became silent and looking at twinj ….
Kunj looking at baby like it came from another planet he touched her hand slowly and shaking it while baby made crying face
Twinkle- kunj what you doing haa its small baby still why you making her dance
Kunj- twinkle is it really a baby?
Twinkle – you have doubt?
Kunj- haa see she is too small she is only this much showing his hand and my baby is bigger than this…rocky ki baby ko tho aur bhi bada hona chahiye kyu ki vo tho mota hey
Twinkle- chup kunj….dont act like stupid humara baby 10 months ka hey and its not even month old aur ye kya hey rocky mota hey baby chota hey laga key rakha hey
Kunj- i didn’t looked any tiny small baby Twinkle so i wasn’t knowing
Twinkle- hmm take this baby
Kunj- arey no its ok.
Twinkle- kunj i have to take this call so …she was giving baby to him kunj hands were shaking and he was so scared to hold it
Kunj- twinkle aram se yar rehne dho i dont have experience in this
Twinkle- acha tho experience kaishe duu
Kunj- πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” hmm let me think …..haa idea you give me other small baby then ill practice holding it then ill take other small babies ….hojayega experience hena
Twinkle- hehehe very nice
Kunj- 😊😊
Twinkle- chup…give me one more baby huh she put baby on his lap kunj held her carefully and smiles looking at her
Kunj- yar she is so cute 😍😍 look at her small eyes small nose and small lips and
Twinkle- sab kuch small hey kunj why you becoming excited
Kunj- its first time im holding small baby i kean ithna chota wala mera bacha ko tho aisha hath lagane ka mohka nahi mila tho bass
Twinkle remembered her moments how badly she wanted kunj to be with her that time
Twinkle- those days are really memorable in everyone life its happiest moment but in mine its painfull ….you know what when i got to know im pregnant i dreamt many things like you will take my care and handle my mood swings and when our baby comes to this world first you will hold it and it will look at us first and many things but everything got vanished not even one dream got fulfilled what treatment i got when im pregnant no one should get it not even my enemy everyones happy moments but in my life only tearful moments …my dream was like water bubble it wasn’t having much life
Kunj- sorry twinkle vo…
Twinkle- chodo please lets concentrate on present now
There was silence now baby made some noice both were busy in her and forgotten there pain
Kunj- why she sleep so much
Twinkle- kunj its baby so now no more questions ok kunj node in yes
Kunj looking at rocky room he looked at one photo and got bit shocked
Kunj- this photo
Twinkle- rocky bhayya wedding pic it is
Kunj- so this is his wife i mean your bhabhi …..he married this girl only
Twinkle- off course kunj he married her so she is in wedding attire with him….and what happened to you ….uski shadi iski sath huvu huh kya bhol raha hey are you ok huh i think you should take rest for sometime come lets go from here
Kunj- tho ye hey rupali hey
Twinkle- ughhh haan abh chalo
Kunj – oh this girl once was behind me so rocky fighted with me and
Twinkle- what? What you telling ? Did you talked about any girl?😠😠
Kunj- no….no baby …you do your work ok wake me up after yuvi comes here ok
Twinkle- haan ok
Kunj- iski uski hey uske yahi hey
Yuvi – kya?
Kunj- try to understand man
Yuvi – iski uski kya laga key rakha hey sidha bholna
Kunj- rocky married to his girlfriend who is his wife now she is the same girl
Yuvi- twinkle was right you gon mad arey bhay uski girlfriend aur wife dono ek hey hey tho kya problem hey yar teri gf teri biwi bani aur mere gf meri biwi aur uski bhi same for this you got tensed
Kunj- ufff…..wait let me explain you….his girlfriend you remember our common friend rups who was behind me and rocky fights with me and he told something
While twinkle standing there back shocked to listen that
Twinkle pov (tho isliye rupali mujse ladthi hey …..hey baba ji sab ladkiyo ko iss mere ek lotha pathi ki piche hey kyu padna hey yar …..aur ye saare mujse ake jagad the hey iska reason hey ye sadu aaj mey nahi chodungi isko….sadu sarna😠😠 )
To be continued……
( again sorry for late update guys and reason for that is above….thank you for reading hope its ok …..ok sorry if its not good …writing after so many days so may be its nit that good ….ignore mistake no proof reading……thank you for likes and comments for last one …..share your views on this…hope i didnt bored you….bye love you all)

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    Hi anuksha di what a episode πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘from starting to end the best I don’t know why I love this ff so much because it’s best that’s why.. Kunj for twinkle and his regretness πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘kunj babies really master devil.. Bebe wrong timing.. this rocky huhu.. that scene was so sad and beautiful when kunj take rocky daughter share his first time experience to see new born baby.. mahi and Kunj conversation awesome man.. part heheheh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚can’t wait to see what twinkle did with kunj. Want to see her possessiveness. And yuvi and Kunj comedyπŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›..
    Plz plz plz plz post and where is manohar.???
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    And this Rocky what did he think of himself..huh and what is this rupali’s mystery…
    Post soon…
    And take care of uncle and also of aunty too

  10. Sameera

    Firstly to welcome back di .
    Seriously missed you alottt alott can’t even describe …
    Will pray that your dad gets fine fully and recovers soon di ..
    No worries you can write when ever you wish we will wait ..
    And the episode was really amazing twinkle feelings changing again …her heart is melting lovely di …
    Hahaha can’t wait for next but will wait ..
    Har koi Kunj k peeche πŸ˜¬πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Take care of yourself don’t take tension di ..
    Miss you
    Love you πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

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    Post when you are free.
    So chill about updating.
    It is awesome amazing
    Babies are too naughty.
    Kunj care for his baby and twinkle concern for him is awesome.
    Superb and don’t worry everything will be fine

  13. Sana785


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