The one who is meant for me – Chapter 5

“Yess!!!I came to my home finally” I screamed into my mind. I am back to my oldself after reaching to my heaven which has the name India!

I felt really overwhelmed by stepping here. The spiritual scent of the sand after the rain shower made my mind peaceful. I sighed and stepped out of the airport.

“I think it rained as the unbelievable fact had happened.” said Bulbul throwing her hands around my shoulder.

“Which unbelievable fact?” I asked being puzzled and perplexed. ” The fact that You have come to India.” Purab said grinning at me.

I just glared at them and smiled realizing that it was true.”Really the weather is soo good.”

“It would be really good when a beautiful girl like you steps inside the country” said a voice and I turned to see a 6 feet tall muscular man intently staring at me. My heart skipped a beat.

Purab”Bro!!!!” he exclaimed and hugged him whereas I just smiled looking at their bond

Purab”Bro!!!!” he exclaimed and hugged him whereas I just smiled looking at their bond. They broke apart and the man looked at me and asked”By the way who is this angel? He said coming close to me.

Bulbul and Purab exchanged glances at his compliment and pressed their smiles.

“Pr-ag-ya” I stammered looking at him (Why the hell I am stammering?? Oh god! What is happening to me? This man is making me crazy!!)

I was nervous of the closeness between us.He smiled. ( Woah! He smiled at me yay!!! Wait.. Why do I have to be happy? Leave it.. sometimes even Mind and heart goes insane) ” I am Abhishek.” ( God!! What an name!! It is awesome. An awesome name suits for a awesome man like him.)

He said and shook hands with me. Oh god!! My hands were almost shaking. I withdrew it so he could not see that My hands were shaking.

(I could see a unknown feeling in his eyes. I really felt attracted towards him. I had a mixed feeling while I looked at him. I couldn’t say what I was feeling but.. I felt something special.I liked to be around with him. His eyes… were magical.. I wish to be drowned in it forever. I feel a happy world around him.. A world which is bright. Again.. again.. Why in the world I am thinking about him..

“Where are we going now?” I asked Bulbul bringing my thoughts to a halt. “To home.” Bulbul replied in her gleeful tone. Purab and Abhi dropped us in Bulbul’s house and drove away to their office as they had some work. (Oh!! He had gone.. so sad)

We entered into her house.Her house was really awesome. It was very cool. It was a flat in a apartment. I liked it very much. I was just going around it when Bulbul looked at me sadly.

“Why are you looking sad Sweetheart?” I asked and she said” Dii.Do you like this house?”

” No Bulbul.” I said and she looked down sadly. Really she was such a baby!! I smiled and patted her shoulder and said” Bulbul.. I just love it!!!”

Bulbul’s eyes were wide open and she jumped in joy. “Hey!!! Dii love my house!!”

I cannot control my laughter and said” Stop behaving like a child Bulbul.” Bulbul frowned. Bulbul”Dii..I am not a child.” and turned her face. I smiled at her and said” You are always like my child Bulbul.”

Bulbul smiled at me and hugged me and started crying. I was shocked and so pacified her. Sometime after she broke the hug.Her eyes were red with crying. “What happened dear?” I asked caressing her hairs.

“No-thing dii.. I ju-st go-t emo-tional.” Bulbul said wiping her tears. I smiled her and said”I think you need some rest.”

I made her to lay in the bed and sat on the couch flipping the pages of my new novel in the living room.


Dii.. She is my dii.. My dii.. Bulbul sobbed and sobbed covering herself in the bed sheet.”Why mom why? Why you did you tell me this bitter truth? Why did you make me cry?” She sobbed and her eyes and reddish due to sobbing.

Buzz.The phone ringed ad she gasped looking at the caller id. “Mom?” The number was shown with the picture of her mom in it.

She wiped her tears and drank some water and attended the call

She wiped her tears and drank some water and attended the call. “Hello” she said in a melancholic tone. ” What happened beta? Why do you sound sad?” Bulbul”No..Mom I am not sad..”

She smiles and says”You did not even know to lie properly Bulbul.” she said and Bulbul sighed. “Mom..” Bulbul tells sighing again in defeat. “There is no use of crying beta.” She said. Bulbul”You don’t want to even see your daughter?” Bulbul asked as a matter of fact.

She smiles with tears in her eyes and says” If we meet, she would not leave me at any cost. That’s not what i promised to him. I am the sole reason that she hates him. If she comes to know that……………. She would really…. she paused and said”I hope you understand dear.”

“The most important thing..If she comes to know that you are her sister..She would be badly broken Bulbul.. Understand.. Any mother cannot see a daughter in the terrible state.. I hope you would give all the happiness to her and be happy. Please don’t say the truth to her.. It is a promise made by you on me.. I hope you won’t break the promise.she said and ended the call.

Other side she was also crying like Bulbul.. She was a mother right.. How can she hide it?? A mom always wanted her child near her. After these many years of her comeback, How would her heart allow her to send her again to the place she hates?? Her heart ached that knowing the fact that she would be with her for a couple of days. It was all because of Bulbul’s compulsion she brought her here calling him after so many years. He agreed to send her on the condition that she won’t meet her.
And she profusely lied to him that she wanted to send her here for the sake of her grandmother who wanted to see her as it was her last wish.She did not open a word about Bulbul.

Bulbul didn’t know that she was her sister at all. One day she saw her breaking down looking at a child’s photo and realised that she really had a sister. Bulbul being smart searched about that and was shocked to know that Pragya was her sister. She was all numb that day. She didn’t even speak to anyone.Moreover Bulbul was a child at heart. She could not bear such shocks.She was not able to take the truth easily. Seeing her like this was so painful to her which made him to speak to Pragya’s father.

She thought and hugged a baby picture close to her heart.

She thought and hugged a baby picture close to her heart

She is so cute right?? Cutie Sriti..???

“Happiness? Happiness..” Bulbul commented sarcastically. “How I would be happy when it is temporary? No matter what.. I will not leave her. My sister would be only with me. No one can take her from me. I would never let her go.

Maa.. I am sorry.. I am not going to obey you.. I can’t let my sister go away from me. How much days I would have earned for a sisters love?? How much time I would have cried seeing siblings together. How much it would have pained me??? Now it is time to heal the pain..

My Dii have suffered more than me.. You have done a wrong job by separating the siblings JAIDEEP ARORA. I hate you!! I hate you!!! You have snatched happiness from her life. She is that badly broken that she even.. told that it is better to die than to live.. But you know why she didn’t do that??She is brave.. I am not sending her to you again.. To the hell again.. I want to see my sister happy always.. I will go to any extent for that.

Even god comes to get her, I would not give my sister to him. My sister would stay with me always…. and forever.. and wiped her tears.

She ran to Pragya and fell in her lap. Pragya” Be careful Bulbul. Youngsters get hurt.” She said as Bulbul laid in her lap.

Bulbul”Diii..” Pragya”Hmm..” Bulbul” Dii.You won’t never leave me na?” She asked making Pragya confused.

“Dii.. Don’t tell me you would” he eyes started to brim with tears. Pragya” ohhh!! Bulbul I would never leave this chubby baby.. Happy?” She asked looking at Bulbul.

Bulbul smiled and hugged her. “You are the world’s best dii!!” She exclaims with joy..

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