The one who is meant for me – Chapter 4

I being the CEO of the company was held up in works when my phone ringed. I smiled looking at the caller id an picked up.”Hello bro” I said only to hear a furious Purab the other side.

Purab”Why did she come here?” he asked in a very stern tone. “Bro.She said that she wants to work.Let she do that bro.”

“Work…My foot.. Don’t you know that if they find out who she is, anything may happen to her? Beyond all that how did you allow her to work bro?” said Purab showing his anger.

“Purab,Don’t take stress.She would be safe. I have appointed a person who would be 24*7 beside her.So don’t worry.” I said trying to cool him.

Purab was okay and said”I hope she is safe bro. I don’t want any idiot to eye on her.” I grinned and said”No.Purab anything wouldn’t happen to her.Be cool man.”

Purab sighed and said”I doubt how father accepted her request.” Purab asked me questioningly.

“She said that she would leave us forever if he did not accept her request.” I sad in the extreme sad tone.

“What??” Purab screamed making me to distant the mobile from my ear. I”It is true bro” I said making him to understand the fact.

Purab” She is over determined bro” I just hummed and ended the call with him.


I was reading my book when Bulbul called me. I smiled and took the call in one ring. Bulbul” I think dii was waiting for my call?”

I smiled and said”Yes.I was waiting for my pyaari sister’s call.” Bulbul” Aww!!! You are so sweet dii!”

Bulbul loked here and there in the surrounding and says” ssh!”

“What happened?” I was a little loud. Bulbul”Sssh! dii!!Don’t shout.Because I am going to tell a secret!!” she whispered.

“Oh!! ok ok.” I too whispered back. Bulbul”Dii..Ihave booked a ticket for you.” “To which place?” I again asked very softly.

Bulbul”To India!!” she shouted. “Really?” I exclaimed in joy. I could feel Bulbul grinning at the other side.

Bubul”Yes dii..” “I am very happy” I screamed happily. Bulbul”It is good to see you happy dii..” Hearing this I just smiled.

“But.. How and when will I come?” I asked being confused. Bubul”You will come to know it soon dii.” and she ended the call.

I was so confused and laid in the bed when I heard a knock in my door. I opened it and found a guard standing at the door. “Yes” I asked to know why he knocked my door.

Guard”Err..Mam Sir is calling you down.” I frowned and said”I am not coming down.Go and tell him that I am not coming to meet him.”

Guard”But..Err..Mam he asked me to call you because somebody wants to talk to you.” I pondered for a while and agreed to go down curious to know who would be waiting to talk to me.

I just went down only to encounter a Sardar Uncle. I wondered why does he want to speak to me.Just wait..I have seen this pair of eyes and chubby cheeks somewhere.. hmm..Where?

I was brought out of my investigating mind by the cough of that person. Truly,he really looked very funny with big stomach,noddy glasses and his brown turban. Haha! A perfect cartoon character.haha!!

That person winked at me and I felt something fishy

That person winked at me and I felt something fishy. Sadarjji”Bhai saheb! If you don’t mind May i ask the details to your daughter? I think it would be better and it would help for me to make her comfortable for the course.”

Jaideep”Sure sure. You may Sir. Pragya take him to your room.” I just nodded my head and took him to my room.The next thing he did just shocked me. He just hugged me and when I was going to shout he signed me to keep quiet.

He just hugged me and when I was going to shout he signed me to keep quiet

I was bewildered. Then he removed his beard and topa revealing his long silky hair. Wait..It was not he..It was..She..It was my Bulbul.. I was very happy. “Bulbul!!”

Bulbul”ssh!!Not a word dii!!” I realized that I was being loud and zipped my mouth. Bulbul laughed at my reaction.

Bulbul”Dii! You look so cute!!” “Not more than you Bulbul! I said and she smiled. BUlbul”But you are cuter than me!”

“Both are very cute!!” I heard a voice and it made me scared.Then I saw a person approaching us.” I was shocked to see the same security who called me down.

“You? What are you doing here?” I asked looking at the security guard who came inside my room.

“You? What are you doing here?” I asked looking at the security guard who came inside my room

Bulbul was smiling all the while..Or I could say drooling at him. I was looking confused when Bulbul hugged him. I was looking shocked and said”Hello! what is going on here?” they parted away being embarrassed.

I crossed my hands across my chest and raised my eyebrow staring the cute couple infront of me.Bulbul”Dii..He is my boyfriend!!” she said to me hiding her blush.

I didn’t speak anything and was walking to and fro in he room. Bulbul”Dii! don’t you like him?” she said the words in the verge of crying as tears welled up to her eyes.

I cursed myself for making her cry and hugged her and patted her back. “Its ok bulbul! I really liked your pairing very much!”

Bulbul and Purab together”Really!!!” I nodded my head and they both hugged me. After some time of chit chatting I got ready to depart to the airport with them. I sat at another seat behind them thinking to give the couple some privacy.

I was really very happy when my plane was flying in the sky.I t was like I am getting independence in my life.I was free and far from that hell! I could leave with full freedom!

I don’t know why I felt very happy going to India!I feel that I am going to meet someone who is going to be forever with me! I feel that I am going to meet my dear better half! Stupid and Nonsense! Why my mind thinks of all this when it i never going to happen?? I thought and closed my eyes resting my head on the seat.

Do you think Pragya will meet that someone?? Bolo bolo..

Why Abhi wants Aliya to be safe?? Any idea??

If you have any idea about this Please tell your vies through the comments.. Guys from now on it is very difficult for me to update my ff’s and rad all of your wonderful works..I can update it only on the leisure time I get after I complete all my works. I hope you guys understand!!And music of the heart I will update tomorrow!! Thanks for reading it!!

And Silent readers!!Thanks for reading!!Kindly open up when you would like too!!Have fun guys!!Love you all..Take care guys!!

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