One More Chance- Once Again (BI, PKHJD, MATSH, DYM n QH) Promo for Episode 10 and Suggestions


actually this Promo is for only Episode 10

This time I will write my promo in a different manner, There will be an overall show promo/precap and then individual shows promo.

Overall Promo: All the couples face a tough situation where they think if they should give the one they love a second chance. Aliya is getting engaged to Rizwan, and Zain is not happy. Aliya an Rizwan are not happy too and Preet is having mixed emotions. Aliya and Zain, Rizwan and Preet eye each other emotionally. On the other hand, Ranveer and Ishani gets engaged and Radhika holds Arjun’s arm and they smile looking at each other. All are happy. Zoya and Asad come face to face, Zoya slaps Asad and she goes away Asad is shattered. Asad thinks in his mind I need second chAnce. Just then the door where te engagement is taking place and all are shocked as they leave each other’s hand but they again come back and hold hands tightly. And they decide to face it.

Promo 1: (BI)
Aliya and Zain hated each other a lot but later they join hands and be come friends and they both don’t realize how they fall for each other. But Aliya is getting engaged to someone else, and as Aliya was about to put the ring on him Aliya speaks in her mind I think I loved you but I don’t know but you have never loved me if not you would have stop this marriage. Zain speaks in his mind I love you Aliya please stop this engagement. They both are teary eyed

Promo 2:(PKHJD)
Rizwan sees the mirror and gets flashback of his first wife and speaks in his mind I loved Ruksana a lot but I lost her and also lost believe in love but then and he gets flashback of Preet. I started believing in love again but. Rizwan comes downstairs and Usman says meet the to be new couple Rizwan and Aliya. Rizwan looks at Preet, and Preet thinks why am I not feeling good or happy for Rizwan Ji?

Promo 3: (MATSH)
Ranveer and Ishani love each other A lot but both are unaware of their love. And finally as they Both were about to get engaged, Ranveer thinks in his mind I should tell her about Gudiya and Ishani thinks I should tell him about my past, later Police comes and arrests one of them and their hands get seperated.

Promo 4: (DYM)
Arjun gets married to Radhika and Radhika knows that Arjun have a reason behind this. Arjun gives a lot of love and care to Radhika and Radhika doesn’t dares to ask him. Later Arjun thinks in his mind I am sorry Radhika but I had to do all this for you as I loved you.

Promo 5: (QH)
Zoya gets to know about Asad’s reality and she confronts him. Asad is about to say something, but Zoya slaps him hard which shocks Asad to the Core and he thinks that what is happening? Zoya says you are the no 1 cheater, Zoya is about to go Asad holds her hand and they look at each other as Mitwa plays.

Well I know the promos may not match with each other but believe me as soon as you finish reading episode 10, you will realize that by reading episode 10 it do matches with the promo. But how for that you have to wait for episode 10.

Nowadays I m quite confused what to do. So I need your help readers.

Thing is I m confused between two things as a lot of ideas crop up in my mind.

1) Should I publish my episode 10 in two parts?
Reason is because this week I am busy as it’s last week of classes before my 2 weeks break.
So if Yes,
I will split into two parts this week part 1 which will be a little bit short
And part 2 which I will publish next Friday or Sunday
If no,
You all have to wait till Sunday night or Monday morning

2) Should I end this ff in episode 10 and then comeback with season 2 in end of August?
If yes
I will write two new FFs instead of this
1) Combo of Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi and Manmarziyan
2) Combo of Qubool Hai and Beintehaa
I have the intro in my mind already just have to type them out

Will publish the intro next week
If no
Then I will continue with this fan fiction but maximum episode will be 15.

And if you all want me to continue this fan fiction, I will still write the combo fan fiction but at the end of August as my semester break will start that time which is of 2 months. If not will start with the combo fan fictions next week. And as for individual show fan fiction I am yet to have a complete story in my mind so that’s why have not decided about it yet.

So please do help me out what should I do and then by Sunday I will tell u my decision.

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  1. Write a combo in meri aashiqui tum see hi and manmarziyan Dhi that will be nice

    1. Hey radhika I will tell you in Sunday’s episode what I have planned but right now this seems to be likely to happen and thanks for commenting

  2. OMG!!! Joyee dhi I am soooo surprised hearing the MATSH part.. Oh no.. I think dhi that you should do whatever is convenient for you!!! And I feel like I would enjoy a new ff between MATSH and manmarziyaan..

    1. Hey Bhavu thanks for commenting and it’s likely for me that I may combine MATSH n MMZ and thanks for understanding sis πŸ™‚

      1. No problem dhi!! Of course I understand!

      2. Thanks for understanding Bhavu

  3. Awesome promo, do what makes it easy for you. Your education shouldn’t be affected. πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Brin thanks for commenting and thanks for understanding and till now I m managing my education quite well πŸ™‚

  4. Hey all sorry I may not be able to reply u all one by one as I have a session for my competition till 10pm but will try to reply during my break and what I decided I will try to inform u all by tomorrow and
    hey tellyupdates team is the possible to upload the pic I inserted yesterday while submitting the article last time also I give a diff pic for my other ff but it didn’t get published is it due using my phone instead because last time also used my phone but didn’t get published
    Actually I wanted to publish this two days ago but I delayed it due to the new pic so please do publish it if possible.

  5. awesome but keep it the same.

    1. Hey sanam Samia thanks for commenting and I will inform what I have decided at Sunday and I have decided to split the episode 10 into two parts

  6. Awesome…i want mmz

    1. Hey Rosie thanks for commenting and will write combo ff for MATSH n MMZ soon πŸ™‚

  7. amzaing promo…….. mmz only………eagerly waiting 10 episode……ardhika marriage part.pls update

    1. Hey Subha thanks for commenting will update the next episode on Sunday but in parts, like part 1 this Sunday and part 2 next Sunday

  8. I think u shud write combo of MATSH n MMZ… Or else as ur wish…

    1. Hey Radhika thanks for commenting happy u liked it ya even I m thinking the same

  9. Zuha Fatima (SuNusZuRahLima)

    Hey Fatarajo… sorry if I am late… Let it be the one and if you listen to me so it’s better to split it into two.. And the promo was simply awesome… Keep smiling… Keep writing☺☺

    1. Hey Zu thanks for commenting yeah I m thinking to do the same as I realized most may tend to get confused

  10. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Combo of manmarziyan and matsh!! And this promo is good.. Hope ranveer should tell about gudiya!! Whom did police arrest??

    1. Well naru Bhaia I won’t say anything now u must wait n watch and thanks for commenting and it’s suspense πŸ˜›

  11. Wow…. suuperb precap…. I’m sooo excited to see what will happen….. and im upset that u r going to end this suuuuperb ff….. but I’m happy u r going to continue as season2…. I would like to see matsh and manmarzian combo… but it upon u…. pls post epi soon….

    1. Hey julina thanks for commenting happy u liked it and I will most likely write combo

  12. The promo is exciting.. I think you should end this and start combo of two that would be better.. Rest is your wish… And you can split 10th epi into two as you feel you are comfortable with!! πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Maria thanks for commenting and yes most probably I will combine

  13. Awesome ep joo!!!??????? loved it love you????????❀️❀️❀️❀️?????? keep writing??

    1. Opps did i write ep accidently? I mean the promo was awesome

      1. Hey Sarah thanks for commenting and happy u liked the promo don’t worry I also do the same mistake πŸ˜›

  14. Update soon plz

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