On your behalf RishTika (Manit Tejasswi) TS Part 1

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I dedicate this story to fsahlah who wants me to write a story on Manit Tejasswi.

A middle aged man was walking on the road.

He was focusing on his shopping bags,so he did not see the vehicle coming from behind.

Suddenly a young man pulled him to a side.The middle aged man noticed the vehicle going away.

The middle aged man:Thank you very much.

The young man was surprised to see his face:Ritesh Sir!

Ritesh was also surprised:Rishab!

Rishab:You still remember me?

Ritesh:How can I forget my most brightest student?

Rishab smiled.

Rishab took the bags from him:I will carry them.

Ritesh:No need.

Rishab:Sir..you are so tired of carrying them that you are not even able to see the vehicles on your way.So I will carry them.

Ritesh:So what’s going on in your life now?

Rishab:Actually I got a job here.So I am here.I was staying in a rented house.But they have asked me to vacate as the 11 months contract is over.So I am searching for a new house to stay on rent.

Ritesh:When I am here why should you search for a new house?You stay in my house.

Rishab was surprised.

Rishab:But Sir…how can I?Will your family members be ok with it?

Ritesh:My wife and daughter are very supportive.They won’t say no.

Rishab smiled:Thank you Sir.

Ritesh:What is the need of saying thanks for this?
He smiled.

The next day….

Ritesh came home with Rishab.Ritesh’s wife Anushree came.
Ritesh:Anu..I told you about my student Rishab who will stay here.This is Rishab.

Anushree smiled.

Ritesh:This is my wife Anushree.

Rishab:Hi aunty.

Rishab touched her feet.

Anushree smiled keeping her palm on his head:God bless you beta.
Consider this as your home.
Rishab smiled:Thank you very much.

A beautiful girl came downstairs.

Rishab was mesmerized by her beauty.

Ritesh:Swastika beta..this is papa’s student Rishab who will stay with us.

Swastika smiled at Rishab.

Rishab smiled at her.

Ritesh:Rishab..this is my only daughter Swastika.

Rishab smiled.


Swastika folded her hands.

Seeing that Rishab said:Namaste!

She smiled.

Swastika was skipping on the ground.After skipping she went to the dining room and drank some water.She tried to tie her hair.Then she realized that her earring is missing from the left ear.

Rishab came near her with a earring:Is this your earring?I got it from the ground.

She smiled with a nod.

He gave her the earring.While taking the earring from him her finger touched his.He blushed.

Swastika looked at him blush without understanding anything.

After a few days….

Swastika’s kitten Ruby ran out.Swastika ran after the kitten.A car came that way.
Swastika almost cried being scared of the kitten getting hit by the car.But suddenly Rishab came and took Ruby and ran towards her.
Rishab:Take your Ruby.She is fine.
Swastika took Ruby from Rishab and looked at him with gratitude.
Rishab:Ruby is safe.Then why there are tears in your eyes?
She was silent.
He wiped her tears with his fingers.She was lost in him.Coming back to senses she started pampering Ruby.

Rishab was admiring her cuteness.

Rishab walked away smiling.Swastika raised her eye brows and looked at him go with a smile.

Ritesh,Anushree,Rishab and Swastika went to a mall.
Swastika was looking at the dresses.She was confused which one to pick up.
Rishab who was watching it went near her and said:This pink one will look the best on you.
Swastika smiled and gave it for packing.Rishab and Swastika smiled at each other.
Rishab’s colleague Rakesh and Anuj came there.They were surprised to see Rishab and went near them.
“Hi Rishab”.
Rishab:Hi guys.
Anuj:Is this your fiancee Rishab?
Rishab and Swastika blushed.

Slowly the smile faded away from her face.Ritesh -Anushree who heard it from the corner looked at each other painfully.

After a few days Rishab’s mother Rakhi also joined him in their house.
Rakhi:Rishab,you said they have a lovely daughter.Where is she?
Rishab blushed:Maa,she has gone to her relative’s house.In the evening there is Swastika’s birthday celebration.You can see her that time.
Rakhi:I can’t wait to see the girl who captured my son’s heart.
Rishab was shy:Maa…
He turned back not facing her due to shyness.
Rakhi:I know that you love her.That’s why on the phone you are always talking about her.
He blushed.

In the evening….

Swastika came wearing the pink Indian attire which Rishab chose for her.

Rishab was surprised to see her in that dress.
Rakhi went near her:I am Rishab’s mother.Like Rishab said you are gorgeous.
Swastika touched her feet happily.
Rakhi went to talk to Ritesh and Anushree.
Rishab went near Swastika.
Rishab:You look like a Princess now.

She blushed.

He was not ale to take his eyes off her.
Swastika cut the cake and fed Ritesh and Anushree.
Rakhi to Ritesh-Anushree:I just came here today.So I know that it’s too early to talk about this.But I can’t wait anymore as good things should not be delayed.My son Rishab loves Swastika.

Ritesh,Anushree and Swastika were surprised.
Rakhi:Can you hand over Swastika for my Rishab?Will you please get her married to my Rishab?
Ritesh-Anushree were very happy.
Ritesh:To get a nice boy like Rishab for Swastika is a blessing.We are very happy.
Rishab and Rakhi smiled.
Ritesh-Anushree looked at Swastika.
Ritesh:Swastika…are you fine with marrying Rishab?
Rishab looked at her eagerly.
Swastika was just blushing.
Rakhi:My son Rishab is my birthday gift for you.
Swastika ran away blushing.
They all smiled.
Anushree:Swastika is happy to marry Rishab.She is shy.

Rakhi:Yes..I understood that.
Rishab was very happy.

Swastika was standing in the garden.Rishab went near her.
She was shy.
Rishab:I never opened my heart before you as I was nervous whether you will reject me.But now I want to tell you that I love you a lot.
Swastika blushed.
Rishab:Swastika,do you love me?
Swastika nodded blushing.
Rishab smiled:I understood your feelings for me.But please say it Swastika.I am longing to hear it from your mouth.
Swastika’s face became dull.She looked at him painfully.

Rishab:Say Swastika….I have not heard your sweet voice till now.I am longing to hear it.Talk something if you are shy to say openly that you love me.
She ran inside crying.Rishab was stunned.
He turned back.
He saw Ritesh and Anushree in tears.
Rishab:Sir,why did Swastika cry?I can’t understand anything.I just asked her to say if she loves me.But without saying anything she ran away crying.
Anushree wept:Our daughter Swastika cannot speak.That’s why she became upset when you asked her to talk.

Rishab was shocked.

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    Amazing Chapter. Loved the way how Rishabh saved Ritesh. Surprising that Ritesh is Rishabh’s teacher. Anushree and Swastika welcoming Risgavh was nice. Which actress is Anushree? Their bonding is nice. Rishabh meeting Swastika was nice. Rishabh saving Swastika’s cat and giving it to her was amazing. Swastika packing Rishabh’s selected dress was nice. Rakhi attending Swastika’s birthday party and asking for alliance was good. Glad that Swastika too accepted it. But shocking that Swastika could not speak…. Excited for the next episode

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