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Hello peeps…How are you all??? We are so much happy and overwhelmed with all of your response…!!!!
Okay now time for further informations and details but wait I’ve mentioned in previous article that name of participants will be announced and here we have long list so instead of mentioning name of all I am
mentioning name of person whose entry is at doubt or may be disqualify due to some whatever reason (mostprobably not following mentioned information.)
Doubtful entries


*U r entries not disqualified..if u want to participate then u can send os…else no problem..

Disqualified entries


Any of mentioned users r register members then ignore this and start os writing

(Jndsd is on air so ur entry disqualified )

Now further details and Informations.
(Here you can say rules instead of details and information.)

*You peeps have to send yourentry to
[email protected]

*in subject mention Ur entry like this
#serial name-TU username.

NOTE :Swaragini entries mention couple name also…ur subject will be like..
#Serial name-couple name-TU username..
Bcoz Swaragini have many entries with 2 couples…

*You all can send your entry till 14th June 2017, 12 PM IST (entry after that will be disqualified)

*one participant can send one entry only. (If any person send more then one entry then all entries of that will be disqualified and that participant will be out.)

#One more time I am reminding you all that..!!

*Your story should end in One Shot only.

*Story required 1400 to 2000 words only..else Ur entry disqualified

* You need to use one of following (or if you want then you can use both) two lines in your story… (Beginning, end or somewhere in middle whereever you want…)
And lines are…“




*friends we didn’t reveal Ur identity before result…
So don’t try to give any hint about Ur story

*u can’t submit Ur os from Ur own account before results…
Else we disqualify Ur entry..

Okay, now time for procedure for winner selection here we’ve two round–
Top 10 entries will be decide by reader’s view…And after that Top 3 from that will be decide by okay that’s secret…
Time for Prize
Let’s keep that too secret.
Now start writing.
Send us …!!
(this means I am not alone) your entry…And don’t break any rule peeps else we will disqualify you.
Waiting for your emails..!!!

You can find all competition entries on THIS PAGE.

  1. well thanks for the information
    but as u said that the deadline is 14th may
    but how can it be possible?

    do tell me

    1. Fanandfunclub

      sorry guys …!!!!
      it’s mistake…!!!
      14th June 2017..
      sorry for confusion


    2. Fanandfunclub

      not 14/5/17
      but 14/6/17

    3. Anah

      14th June 2017

  2. Anshikajainn

    the article should be in english only

    1. Anah

      yeah but u can use few Hindi words/sentences…if its required for story

  3. Shruthis

    A doubt we have to send our os to your account or just entering again 🙂 please clarify 🙂

    1. Anah

      no dr…its not just entry …
      send Ur story…

    2. Shruthis

      i have sent os please do check

  4. Adishu

    one question please can I give my name for the competition now
    I know I am late but if u accept
    then I would like to write on
    couple – swasan

    please reply n if I am in… then please tell me that I have to give the story to u on email…
    as u said above to send entry

    1. Anah

      5mins late….
      entry closed …!!!
      but only 5 mins na so i accept Ur entry this time only….
      go and write dr
      but plz email before deadline…

  5. Kakali

    “Story required 1400 to 2000 words only..else Ur entry disqualified”<<—What does this mean? Can't we use more than 2000 words in an OS?

    "Top 10 entries will be decide by reader’s view…And after that Top 3 from that will be decide by okay that’s secret." Woah! Secrets from participants 😀 that too about judges! Interesting! Surprising!

    Need answer of my Q.
    Thnk u..

    1. Fairy

      kaku? came up wid her queries?hehe n dr even i have one question plz see d deadline?…it’s of MAY so….???? Plz clear d confusion ….although m not participating bt still..it’s lill confusing…

      All d very best to all d participents???

      N thnx for conducting such compitition???

    2. Anah

      hey Dr…
      deadlines 14th June only…
      actually we held on air competition on may…i just copy paste that article and did few changes and forgot to Changet month sorry for confusion

    3. Fairy

      K sweety thnx for clearing d date ???

    4. Kakali

      Mujhse naa hoga Fairy! Inne kam words mei OS likha nei jata!?
      Mere OS ka Dahi ban gaya scene cut karte karte! I took my name back that why!?

    5. Fairy

      Ohoo kaku!!! opsi word limits!!??? indeed It’s tough …

    6. Anah

      yes dr…
      u can’t write more than 2000 words….
      i hope it’s not big deal..
      Bcoz in os competition word limits make interesting..

    7. Kakali

      Sorry I was out of town so couldn’t reply back!
      Dear, My OS has crossed more than 4000 words and now it’s so hard to cut out the scenes!
      I don’t know about others but I’m really not capable enough of writing an OS in just 2200 words!
      My OS contained 5200 words, I tried my best to cut the scenes to make it as small as I could!
      But if I erase more, the OS won’t make any sense.!

      I’m taking my name back now! But I will definitely post the OS saying I have written this for competition only.

      Thnk u and sorry for the inconvenience!
      In future please don’t keep any word limit, at least then I can participate?.


    8. Seebu_s

      All the best kaku

    9. Scooby

      Same with me kaku.. I have cut shorted it so much.. And feel my essence is not upto mark.. But since many wished i had to keep my words..

    10. Harshita

      Kaku di plz post your os on tu…..eagerly waiting to read it

  6. Aami

    Thnkz for thw informations……?
    Have a doubt if it contain more thn 2000 wrds…..is.it bcme disqualified……

  7. Aamna_2690

    I have a question!
    We have to write OS and Send U.. Means.. We won’t have to reveal our identities? Means U yourself will post it?

    1. Anah

      yes….we announce Ur name on result announcement u can add song…it’s not under 2000 words…
      about tilte…as u wish

  8. Aamna_2690

    Two more Questions plz?
    If we Add a Song! Would it be count? Means in those 2000 Word’s?
    And Can we give title to Our Story? Or it will also be not given?
    Plz clear My Confusion..

  9. Piyali

    Hello…Can you Please increase the word limit…its toooooo Less for my story….Please….Please…(It wasn’t mentioned in the previous post so I already started writing thats why , Please)
    Thanks a lot for the details…

    1. Piyali

      I have just the start written and its already 1900 words…Please…

    2. Anah

      write on 2200

    3. Piyali

      No, I don’t think the word limit still suits for my story…its just the start written and already 1900 words , I can’t manage it in 2200 words either……Chalo Leave it…I am taking my name back…Sorry for the inconvienence but I truly can’t limit my words…

  10. Harshita

    Dear 1st we have to send you the os and submit it again in tu…..or you will submit…??

    1. Anah

      hey dr don’t submit on tu.
      just send us…we will submit

    2. Harshita

      Ok dear…got it

    3. Harshita

      One more ques plz …. Can we write the os in less than 1400 words

    4. Harshita

      Dear I m not able to send you my os due to some technical problems in my acc… In gmail….it showing that my acc is not getting sync due to which i can’t send any mails ….. Plz can anyone help me

    5. Anah

      no dr it should be 1400-2200

    6. Anah

      hey Dr…we didn’t got Ur os..send again

    7. Harshita

      Hey dear i sent you my os again….and this time with accurate time limit…plz check you got it or not

  11. Presha

    Ok …
    Got it…
    Thank u

  12. IME

    A small doubts!!
    Would you count articles as words or not?

  13. Anah

    hi friends…,
    if u have any doubt after my clarification also…
    then we r done with on air os competition so check out one…u will find all competition details on os competition page…

  14. Neptune

    Ok thanks i understood but can you please increase the word limit to atkeast 2500? It will be comfortable for us..
    And when can we submit iur enry to tu????

    1. Anah

      go with 2200… we update after 15 th June

  15. Fanficwriter

    Can we write the line like this:


    Are the punctuation changes allowed?
    Thank you for your time??

    1. Anah

      we received ur entry

  16. Piyali

    No, I don’t think the word limit still suits for my story…its just the start written and already 1900 words , I can’t manage it in 2200 words either……Chalo Leave it…I am taking my name back…Sorry for the inconvienence but I truly can’t limit my words…

  17. Mars

    Hey dear I had written the story and its word limit exceed 2000 but it’s under 2200. I tried to edit much but now I can’t. I hope it won’t be problem as I saw in comment that we can write on 2200. Plzzz do inform me.

    1. Fanandfunclub

      we got ur os…
      under 2200 na…its ok…
      thanks for participating

    2. Mars

      Most welcome dear

  18. OK we should send it by before 14 right
    N u will post by ur account or by mine?? I didn’t get that

    1. Fanandfunclub

      not ur account but any of club admins account …we will update final details after 14 th June

  19. Farie

    Hi should i enter in subject like this?
    #Ek Hazaroon Mein Meri behana hai-Farie

  20. Is a word count of 2200 ok?

  21. Purvi128

    Hey dear, I have a confusion..
    I participated in on air serials competition too and it was mentioned that we have to mention the couple name and serial name in subject and TU username anywhere except​ subject so it goes the same for it or we have to write it in subject?
    One more question we can go till 2200 words ryt? Coz i saw in some of the comments?
    Do reply?

    1. Fanandfunclub

      yeah…after on air serial competition we changed…
      bcoz some participaters confusing us…some mention starting..some mention end…and some..mention after some lines…its difficult to find…hope u get…should mention username on subject only…and word limit 1400-2200

    2. Purvi128

      Thanks a lot dear! ?

  22. Cheequ

    Sent my entry. Please let me know if you received it. And thanks for conducting the competition.

    1. Cheequ

      Thank U!

  23. Riyaditi

    One question please answer this
    Am I qualified ?
    How we will give title of our os ?
    You said I can’t reveal my identity.. but atleast I can inform some of my TU friends that ‘I am writing an OS for OS competition’
    Leaving this I will not tell anyone anything I will not reveal my pair or anything but atleast this much is allowed or not ??
    Pls reply soon

    1. Anah

      u r in….send ur os before deadline dr…and u can inform ur Frndzz ,readers as u r participating os competition but u can’t reveal ur os details…any hint to identify ur os…like that else u will be disqualify

    2. Riyaditi

      Ya I will not reveal any details .. I will just tell that I am participating.. thanku for clarifying my doubts

  24. Sumayyah

    Anah actually I have forgotten to send pic along with the os now tell me if it was necessary

    1. Anah

      no need dr …
      actually we use common one

    2. Anah

      we received ur entry

    3. Sumayyah

      thanks Anah

  25. Anshikajainn

    where i have to send the entries

    1. Anah

      sorry for late reply …u can send now if u didn’t send ur entry till now then

  26. Sumayyah

    how can I confirm that my sent is goes to right place I’m really confused as I first time use email

  27. Shubhangi1

    Hey i sent u my os plz can u tell me if u have recieved it or not.

    1. Anah

      we received ur entry

  28. Adishu

    I have send my story please tell me if you have got it…

    1. Anah

      we received ur entry

    2. Adishu

      OK thanks

  29. RANdomfANCreationz

    By the way can u tell me the date when you will publish all the one shot as I write on Wattpad also , and once the story gets published here I will publish it on Wattpad too.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Well by accident I revealed the name of my one shot but to make up for the mistake I will change the name of my one shot so am I still in?

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Or to not make it so complicated I will publish this one shot only after the results will be out cause I know many TU use wattpad too

    3. Anah

      hey we update all entries after 15th and change the name…u can publish ur entry anywhere after results announcement…!!!
      wait for our final information for exact date…!!!

    4. RANdomfANCreationz

      Yeah I already changed the name when I mailed you the one shot

  30. Fanficwriter

    I sent in my OS, please do inform me if it was recieved. Thanks??

    1. Anah

      we received ur entry…
      u got our email…then reply us soon…we r waiting for ur answer…check ur private msg too

    2. Fanficwriter

      Yes I replied, thank you Anah??

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