O jaana… Ishqbaaz (shivika) ep-3

After the call is over all go to for dinner.

Shivaay:Papa aaj mein interview ke liye gaya Mr Mehra ke sath aur interview successful hogaya.


Tej:Shivaay vo jo pichle aftey meeting hui thi uska kya hua?

Shivaay:Very brilliant gai meeting.

Pinky:Oh my mata!Tum logo ko kaam ke sivay kuch aata bhi hein.

Shakti:Ha ha hume toh khana khana bhi nahi aata isliye toh jaanwaro ki tara kha rahe.

Pinky:Normal tarike se khaa toh rahe ho

Shakti hits his head with his hand.

Omkara:Chachi its out of ur mind.

All start laughing.

Next day Shivaay is leaving for office in his car when his car stops.

Shivaay:Yeh car ko bhi abhi band padna tha.

His comes and checks the car.

Shivaay:Isko toh ghante lagenge thik hone ko.

Shivaay removes his phone from his picket and calls a driver.

Shivaay:Jaldi se yaha car leke aao.

Driver:Okay sir

Shivaay cuts the call.Anika is seen walking on road.She is walking on the same road where Shivaay is there.

She sees him and gets a idea.She is having a water bottle.She opens the cap and throws the water on Shivaay.The phone falls from his hand.

Shivaay:Oh my god!!!

Anika:Oh sorry galti se pani ghir gaya.

Says showing innocent face.

Shivaay:Ghir gaya nahi ud gaya mujhpe.

Anika:Jo bhi hai sab galti se hua.

Shivaay:Oh ha sab galti se hua mera tumse milna aur tumhra paida hona.Jab dekho toh raste pe ghumti ho.

Anika:Mein raste pein ghumti hu toh aapko kya problem hain!?

Shivaay:Mujhe problem hain,aaj toh sirf pani udaa hain pata nahi badme kya kya udega.

Anika:Dekhiye aap over react kar rahe pani se zyada kya udega?

Shivaay:Leave it waise bhi tumse baat karna matlab bhais ke aage bin bajana hai

Anika:Toh aapse baat karna matlab andhe ke saamne nachna.

Shivaay:Idhar andha kaha he aur nach kon raha hai?

Anika:Toh idhar konsa bhais aure konsi been hai!?

Shivaay:Dekho ek baat ki 100 baat tumhare kaaran mera phone tuta hai toh mujhe paise do.

Anika:Dekho aap ho raees mein middle class toh mein pause nahi deti.


Before he completes his sentence driver brings the car.

Shivaay:Tum se toh mein baad mein nipat lunga.

He leaves from there but Anika shows him tounge and goes from there.

Precap:Mr Mehra:Anika i am removing you from this job.

Shivaay:Mr Mehra please dont do that.

Mr Mehra:Mr Oberoi i respect you but this girl will be not working in my office.

Shivaay looks at Anika’s sad face.

  1. Ohh .. is shivaay really concerned 4 ani or just acting…

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      He is really concerned for anika

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  11. Please write in English I don’t understand Hindi…

    1. Siddhi

      Shivaay:Papa today i went for meeting with mr mehra and it was succesfull.


      Tej:Shivaay what about the meeting you went on last week?

      Shivaay:It was gone very brilliant.

      Pinky:Oh my mata!Dont u all know anything expect work?

      Shakti:Ya we dont know that is why we are eating food like animals.

      Pinky:But you all are eating foo properly only?

      Next day

      Shivaay:This car have to stop just now only!

      Checks the car

      Shivaay:It will take hours to get repair

      Talks with driver on phone

      Shivaay:Quickly come here with a car.

      Driver:Okay sir

      Cuts the call.Anika comes and throws water on him.

      Shivaay:Oh my god!

      Anika:Sorry mistakenly dropped the water.

      Shivaay:It is not dropped it is thrown

      Anika:Whatever it is but it is mistakenly.

      Shivaay:Everything happenes mistakenly only like i meet you mistakenly and you were born mistakenly.Whenever i see you are roaming on road only.

      Anika:What is ur problem if i roam on road?

      Shivaay:I have problem,today you have thrown water on me dont know next time what you will throw on me?

      Anika:See you are overreacting.What i will throw more then water?

      Shivaay:Leave it talking with you means playing flute in front of bull.

      Anika:So talking with you means dancing in front of blind.

      Shivaay:Where is blind and who is dancing?

      Anika:Then where is bull and who is playing flute?

      Shivaay:See because of you my phone got broke now give me money.

      Anika:See you are rich and i am middle class so how can i give you money.


      Driver comes with car.

      Shivaay:I will see you later.

      He leaves and Anika shows him tounge.

      This the teanslation of dialouges hope u understand

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