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All had dispersed to their respective rooms and after a while all youngsters were standing at terrace.

Anika: Any idea guys what are we going to do?
Karan: No.
Prinku: How much time we have Shivaay Bhaiya?
Shivaay: Most probably a day.
Saumya: Bhaiyu can’t we talk to any lawyer.
Karan: Saumya that’s useless a lawyer can’t do anything until and unless the court isn’t open.
Ishu: So in short we are totally screwed up and we have no way out. Right?
Om: Most probably right.
Shivaay: Yes of course we have no way out.
Shivaay said with disappointment.

Elders were talking.
Pragya: I am scared now what will we do?
Pinky: USS Aradhya na toh humari aachi O My Mata Ki hai.
Janvi: Hmm. But now the matter is how shall we handle this problem which is in our hands.
Tej: Presently we have no other option then leaving this place.
Abhi: It’s alright we will have to manage some how.
Pragya: What about children? Especially Karan and Prinku both have just got married right now and now this trouble. Why all this always happens with them, first so many problems came in their marriage and now once they are married again the section of new troubles began.
Karan who was coming from upstairs with all the youngsters said: Ma please don’t worry about us right now we need to think that how can we come out of this problem.
Anika: But Bhaiyu we have no solution.
Dadi: Puttar some times giving in and accepting the situation is the biggest solution of all the troubles.
Shivaay: What do you mean dadi we should not do anything and sit dull.
Dadi: Billu even now you are sitting dull only, by just taking tension you won’t find solution to any problem.
Shivaay: Then what should we do dadi.
Dadi: Accept whatever has come your way. You know till now what all you had was inherited, now it’s time for you too show that you were capable of this. Don’t take it as your defeat take this as another challenge and prove your capabilities.
Saumya: But dadi how is that possible I mean where will we stay if we leave this house and go, how will we supplement our needs.
Dadi smiled and said: Do I need tell this to you now.
All look confused.
Dadi: Forgot how three of you came to Mumbai and had spent the first month here.

The S SISOO’S remember the first month of their coming to Mumbai.
Anika: Ya but what’s it’s connection.
Ishu: I got it. (she said with a pinch of enthusiasm in her voice.)
Abeer: What did you understand now?
Ishu: It’s just like our adventure trip, the way we had decided to stay here without using our surname on our own expenses same way we have to do now just the difference is that it would be more tough. Right dadi.
Dadi: Yes Baccha, you have had your trial now it’s time for practical.
All nod.
Rudra: But this will be very difficult.
Ishu: WO toh hai.
All look at each other worried.
Dadi: Oh bass karo khotteyon kini Chintan karoga kuch nahi hona uda naal. (Stop it! How much tension will you take nothing will happen by taking tension.)
All look at her.
Dadi: I will tell you a story, my baba told me that when I was a kid. Come sit.
All settled themselves like kids listening to grandma’s story.
Dadi begins: Many years back their use to be a brave king, he was very intelligent and valiant. He had established his reign over maximum part of India, one day he was going through a desert when suddenly his elephant went out off control.
Dadi stopped for a while and Rudra asked with child like curiosity
Rudra: Then what happened dadi?
All smiled seeing his curiosity.

Dadi: Then there was a man sleeping near by on sand only, he was a passer by sleeping there, very poor, his clothes were shabby and he looked as if he hadn’t had his food since ages accept for clothes he just had a blanket and a box with him. When he heard the king screaming, he got up and looked at his surroundings and saw the king being unable to control the elephant. He got up and rushed to help the king and finally controlled the elephant. King was very impressed by him. The king asked him “How did you control the elephant?” The poor man smiled and said ” My baba trained me how to control animals since I was a child.” The king was impressed by his bravery and intelligence, so in order to show his gratitude he took of his gold chain and gave it to him but the poor man didn’t accept it.

All became confused that why didn’t he accept and this time Ishu asked
Ishu: But why didn’t he accept, he did something for the king and as a token of gratitude the king gifted him that chain.
Dadi: Hmm, token of gratitude ya but that man said “No jahpana (Your highness), I can’t accept this if in your place there would have been some poor man also I would have saved him too. I just helped you too the best of my capabilities.”
Rudra: Aare how foolish if I would have been at his place I would have taken that chain.
Om hits his head and asks him to be quite.
Dadi smiles and continues: His this action made the king fall for his humble and down to earth nature. So the king appointed him as a minister for his kingdom. He accepted that but kept a condition.
Saumya: What condition?
Dadi: Aare baba wait I am telling na. He kept the condition that the king will select him just on the basis of his capabilities and King agreed to that. So when he was asked to give test he cleared that. And became a minister, with in a short time span only he became very successful and king gave him many reigns too, he use too collect revenue from all those reigns and give it to the king and even give a proper account for the revenue, all the people were also very happy with him and his work but few other ministers weren’t.
Rudra: And then they would have took revenge from him right dadi. See I knew it I am so intelligent. He says doing his logic sign while dadi hits his head and says

Dadi: No, nothing like that happened. In jealousy all the ministers went to king and complained about him but the king did not agree, so then a minister among them said “Jahapana (Your highness) he always carries a box with himself I am sure he steels the tax and keeps it in his box.” Everybody agreed but the king was doubtful about this. But as all wanted the minister was called in the court, the king ordered him to show the box, when he showed the box, everyone became astonished seeing what was inside, it wasn’t money.
Anika: Then what?
Dadi: It had the same old torn blanket and clothes that he was wearing on the day when he first meet the king.
Shivaay with astonishment: Why?
Dadi smiled and said: The king asked him the same question and the answer that man gave astonished everyone including the king he said “Jahapana (Your highness) if tomorrow due to some reason I am thrown out of my position, even then I will have my clothes and blanket with me as my companion, moreover they always remind me the place I belonged too. How much ever successful I become that doesn’t means I will forget my roots. If even tomorrow I have to start my life again I will be capable of doing that, that’s why I always have my companion with me.” He smiled and the king became proud hearing him and smilingly patted his back.
That’s it.
She ended.
All smiled, from their smile it was proven that the LESSON WAS WELL LEARNT. All of them decide that they will happily accept the new change and will work hard so that they get back whatever they have lost.

PRE RECAP: Oberoi’s and Singhaniya’s out of their luxurious life.



I hope so the story and the chapter both were good. Well I had read this story when I was a small child so thought to pen it down here as it fitted the column well. If you guys want to share any opinion or any story marking your childhood I will be glad to read that too. And sorry if this was a short update I will try making next one longer. All the comments are welcomed whole heartedly so please if you like my work then do comment.

THANK YOU ? to all the readers and commenters for their commendable support.

Keep smiling
Stay happy
For now signing off

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