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@LEAF 44

After one day Ishu leaves for the Cannes fest.

Anika is standing near the door and Shivaay is concentrating on some of his files.
Shivaay: Get in Anika.
Anika gets startled and confused, she begins to look here and there.
Shivaay turns towards her, raising his eyebrows and moves his head in the way Anika is doing.
Shivaay: What are you looking for Anika.
Anika comes towards him and then takes his file and checks it, then she looks here and there. Shivaay gets confused and irked by her behaviour.
Shivaay: What the heck Anika. What are you upto.
Anika: Aap mujha aaj Bata hi dijyiya. (You tell it to me today.)
Shivaay: What?
Anika: Aap koi sant mahatma ho kya yah koi divyadrishti, kunki aapka aaspass koi camera toh hai nahi na hi koi laptop hai.
(Are you a priest or do you third eye sought of thing. Because I am not able to say even a single camera or laptop around.)
Shivaay: Okay relax Anika. Tell me what do you want to know?
Anika: How did you know that I am near the door?
Shivaay: I could feel it.
Anika: That’s what I am asking HHOOWW??
Shivaay casually: No idea. Leave all that and tell me why did you come here.
Anika passes a naughty smile and thinking something mimics
Anika: Why? What happened Shivaay baby can’t I come to your room.
Shivaay gets hell irritated and shouts
Shivaay: What the hell Anika, stop your nonsense and come to the point.
Anika sadly replies: Vo papa sent this for you.
Shivaay: Okay now you may leave.
Anika: How rude? Kanji aankhon wala bagaad billa.
Shivaay: What did you say?
Anika: None of your business.
Shivaay opens his mouth but before he could say a word Anika leaves showing attitude/tadi? to him.

Shivaay was reading the files and was penning few things down, he seemed conveniently disappointed with few things.
He takes out his phone and calls Khanna.
Shivaay: Khanna, did you do my work.
Khanna: I am trying sir.
Shivaay angrily: What the hell are you trying. Shivaay Singh Oberoi doesn’t wants excuses, I want result. Do you get that.
Khanna: Yes sir ji.
Shivaay: Good hurry up and fix my meeting.
Khanna: Ji sir ji.
Shivaay: And that too within a week.
Khanna: Okay sir ji.
Shivaay: Fine.
Looking at the files.
What the hell is all this. I will have to go to office myself and check everything.

Abeer enters the room with his guitar and luggage in totally irritated and angry way. He throws his hand bag on bed.
Karan: Now What happened to you Mr. Angry bird?
Karan: Say it Dumbo.
He says hitting file on Abeer’s head.
Abeer: Aahhh. You idiot it hurts.
Karan: That’s the reason I hit you.
Abeer: Very funny.
Karan: Now say what happened.
Abeer: I will live here.
Karan: That you are already doing.
Abeer glares at him.
Karan: Okay now at least come to the point.
Abeer: I have left my house forever.
Karan: May I know why did you do this great Job.
Abeer: Same reason my beloved bapu ji. (dad).
Karan: Now what happened.
Abeer: Same chi chi of every day.
Karan laughs saying: Chi chi, Abeer at least say cha cha.
Abeer: He does chi chi only and it’s my choice to say what I want to. Stop irritating me.
Karan mockingly: Ya definitely my drama queen.
Abeer throws a pillow at him, Karan returns it back accompanied by another, Abeer takes both the pillows and keep it under his head and lays down. Karan gives him ‘what the hell look.’.
Karan: What was this.
Abeer annoyingly: Good night.
Karan: At least think about mom.
Abeer: I thought and I don’t think so that she will object.
He says and turns to the other side.
Karan: And why is that so?
Abeer looking at him yet his hand is under the pillow and he has just tilted his head to look at him.
Abeer: Because she also has to bear him for so many years.
Karan: Shut up haan. She isn’t bearing him.
Abeer: Ya right she is suffering.
Karan: Hye monkey man stop it haan.
Abeer: Shut up of Ishu isn’t here that doesn’t means you will call me monkey. It’s only her right.
Karan: Okay fine did you at least inform mom.
Abeer: She is out of station, when she will come I will inform. But I am not going anywhere and that is final.
Karan: At least go to your room.
Abeer: You get lost.
Karan gives an irked look and continues his work, when Abeer switches off the lights.
Abeer: It’s night and I can’t sleep with lights on.
Karan bangs the files and lays down on the bed.

Om is on call.
Om: Hye how is your fest going on.
Ishu: Omi this is the tenth time you have asked me the same question if you don’t have anything else to ask then I am cutting the call.
Ishu: What happened?
Om: Nothing.
Ishu: Mohaabat ka tufaan Mai hum ghira Hua hai,
Aur dhoobta Hua aap dikh rahain hain.
(I am stuck in the waves of love, but it seems like you are drowning.)
Om: No no nothing like that. You are mad Ishi.
Ishu: Oh really.
Om: Hmm yes Miss..
Ishu: Okay anything else.
Om: How is the weather there.
Ishu: Oh really Om if you don’t have a good reason to stop me on the call than please at least don’t use these hit and trial methods.
Om: It’s not any hit and trial.
Ishu: Oh so it’s a confirmed method. If it’s so then this can’t be yours who has advised you let me guess…..hmmm….. Rudra. Right.
Om: Shut up! Why will I ask anything to Rudra.
Ishu: Don’t tell me you have used such methods on someone else as well.
Om: No.
Ishu: So this is your first time.
Om: Yes… Aaah I mean no. Bye it’s too late I need to go.
Ishu laughs: Ok ok Mr. Painter no need to fumble. Haahaa good night to you. Bye.
Om: Take care.
Ishu: Yupp!
They cut the call.
Om looks at his recent painting that stood on it’s stand. It was eighth painting of Ishaana that he had made since she left for her Cannes fest.
ShivRu enter in his room and the sight that they witnessed was no new to them, it had become Om’s habit to look at Ishu’s painting and keep smiling on his own.
Shivaay hits lightly on Om’s head.
Shivaay: Why don’t you say it to her?
Om: Why don’t you say it to her?
Rudra: But what to say?
ShivOm: I love you.
Both glare each other.
Rudra: But why will Shivaay Bhaiya say that to Ishu di.
Om hits his head and says
Om: Not to Ishu but to Anika.
Shivaay: Hye guys please haan, I don’t love Anika, she is a walking talking Aafat. I can never handle her.
Rudra mimicking Shivaay says
Rudra: You mean Shivaay Singh Oberoi can not handle a girl, nothing is impossible for Shivaay Singh Oberoi.
He does Shivaay’s signature step.
Shivaay gently slaps him on face.
Shivaay: Shut up!
Rudra: Okay. Let’s go to our favourite place.
Om: Ru we had our dinner just a while ago and you are again hungry.
Rudra gives him an annoyed look.
Rudra: I am talking about pool side O.
Om: Oh.
Shivaay: Let’s go then.

Rudra is flirting with his college girl.
Soumya sees this, she thinks of a plan and goes inside.

A girl in ghagra choli approaches Rudra.
G2: Swaami aap yahan kya kar raha hain.
Rudra gets confused hearing ‘swaami’.
Rudra to the girl with him: Jo rock show Mai perform Karta hai wo hota hain rock stars,
Jo Ladkiyoon ka dilon par raaj Karta hai Vo hai Rudy,
Aur Jo lake Mai swim Karta hai wo hoti ha swaami. Waah! waah!
G1: WOW Rudra you are amazing man.
Saying this she hugs him while Rudra gives the cool dude look.
G2: Haye Mai luti gayi barbaad ho gayi mera naseeb phot Gaya. Mera pati aaj iss gori maim ka saath chipka pada hai. Manaye kya si baapu ji nu Ki mera pati mujha chod ka chala jeyaga.
Rudra: Pati Aare bhenji kahan hai aapka pati.
(Hye sister where has your husband gone.)
G2: Aap aap hai mera pati.
Rudra & G1: PPAATTII.
G1: You you idiot when you are already married even than you are flirting, how shameless. Get lost. Don’t you dear show me your face.
Girl leaves while Rudra pleads her and then finally makes his most famous cry baby face.
Rudra: Who are you?
G2: Removes her vile and bursts out laughing seeing Rudra.
Rudra: Sumo.
Soums: Yupp! Cry baby. Haahaa
Rudra: How dare you? I won’t leave you.
Soums: For that you need to catch me first duffer.
Soumya begins to run and Rudra chases her, it’s then she was about to cross the road without noticing, when Rudra saw a car coming, he quickly pulled Soums towards himself and captured her in his arms. After a few seconds he parted away and Soums had still closed her eyes.
Rudra: Soumya are you okay.
Soums opens her eyes and nods.
Rudra: Are you mad Sumo, is road a place to play. If something happened to you then. Can’t you just see and walk provided what was the need to even run.
Soums like a cute kid hears his scolding’s by bowing her head down. Rudra realises her silence.
Rudra: Would you speak up Sumo.
Soums: Sorry.
He calms down and brushes his hair with his hands and then looks at her and a smile forms on his face.
Rudra: Vaisa I am not concerned for you but for this road, look if you had fallen here a big pit would have formed.
Soums looks at him with disbelieving look and
Soums: Rudra you are impossible.
Rudra: I know.
Both look at each other for split seconds and then burst into fits of laughter.


Hye guys I know you all are hell angry on me and well your anger is totally justified but even I am helpless as I already told you guys that only my pre boards are over not boards so I am too busy in it’s preparations, moreover my practical’s are also starting. That’s the only reason that I am not able to read any ff and I didn’t even comment. BIG SORRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYY guys please gustaki maafi kijiya.
TO ALL THE AUTHORS: SORRRRRYYYY guys I am un able to read any ff or comment on it but I will try my best to read them.

Stay happy
Keep smiling
For now signing off

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