It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3 ( Change color of love and revenge ) chapter 14

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~~There was a blood everywhere as I walk inside my eyes fall on the women who was breathing hard asking me to come close to her .I bent in front of her my hands are covered with red …it is blood but not mine its someone else ….I killed one man ,i am not good girl now i know it .i see the women lips are trembling as she stared me with softness i just wanted to kiss her forhead but if she harmed me .no no i will not kiss her .i felt her hands trying to touch me i moved back afraid she will touch me but i saw her body it was showing blood and black spots.she is burnt in fire her face is just left she was saying something to me i heard her pleading voice i don’t know why but her voice was soothing sweet it was familiar i heard her clearly then but for that i have to go close to her if she harm me then no i can’t trust her but then i saw her burnt hands handcuffed she will not hurt me i became happy and go close to her i heard saying me something.
“Swara RUN beta …..please for me beta …go away before they find please i beg you swara my jaan runaway ….i can never be in piece if anything happened to you my princess runaway …..i am sorry beta because of me you …are here ..please runaway beta .they are coming you have to go NOW SWARA RUN!!”~~

SWARA woke up with the scream as she look around her whole body turned cold and her face went pale she muttered “again” .she stood up and drink the water .she was somewhat glad that her room is soundproof. She knew her body is sweating while she can’t be able to sleep now she open her luggage and bring out the box of injections as she inject herself she put it back not even rubbing the injected area with cotton. She didn’t hiss or felt pain because it is her daily dose from past eight years .she knew HE was not sleeping after their small talk in garden she didn’t saw him.she heard the knock she knew who was it .and it don’t even surprise her now .she open the door.
Sanskar see her from head to toe where her forhead is sweating and her hands are trembling. He took few second then moved inside as she closed the door.
Swara silently sat back on bed .And Samskar sat beside her leaving a bit space.
Sanskar -What you saw in your dream’s?
She give him with burning rage .he signed and didn’t ask more.
Sanskar – RIA called me to tell 3S and pari is coming india for tour.
Swara -You killed Ramusingh and got to know another man name.
Sanskar – yes!
Swara clutched the bedsheet and quietly – Stop it you are being mad and it will not bring back anything.
Sanskar -Good night and he left .
Swara just sat there as her touch the metal she look beside there was   box . she open the box it contains diamond set and note “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY”.
She couldn’t help but found herself guilty . Once there was a time she wanted this life and now it meant nothing . her demons have made her not to be happy or be at peace being alive is just because of one promise she did to someone .

Scene shift of desert area ,midnight
Ragini goes towards the temple where HE is standing with facing his back .she is afraid but still standing here .
Ragini – Why you call me ? I  am doing what you have ask!
MASK MAN- How much time you want huh !!
Ragini – i am doing my best as you said i am trying hard to get the papers signed from ,Arjun and Arnav they both will not trust me that easily but i am trying. But because of Swara being alive  is making all difficult .
MASK MAN – i gave you six months Ragini gadodia and you have just one month left otherwise you will get the punishment the same thing Roshani gupta got .
Ragini step back not able to breathe- Why you killed Roshani ?
As he step close to her and whisper- Because I want Swara Malik dead and now you will kill her . if …..don’t want to revealed that where were you in this last few years .
A laughter made Ragini to fall on her knees with sobbed coming out of her mouth
Mask man – now you have two works Ragini Gadodia first to get the sign of Arjun and Arnav in that file and second do the remained work of Roshani kill Swara Malik.
Ragini cant able to say anything just moved out of place .
Mask Man call someone and said -Ragini gadodia is going to do what Roshani gupta was not able to do .as the word’s came out the Mask came out of his Face revealing DP with devilish laughter .
DP – half work is done now remaining work you have to do.
Call ended while Laksh who  has heard all this from dark corner took his car and zoomed off.

Sujata  – Arnav beta this is big opportunity  you should go and it is just about for one year . with that Laksh can also be happy getting his bhai accompany.
Arnav and Laksh look at Sujata, Swara,Arjun,Sara,and Ragini with anger !!!
Its been two months after engagement where Sanskar was still trying to tell his dad about Ragini while Ragini started ignoring Sanskar and Sara as much as she can.
From past two days all are trying to make Arnav and Laksh agree for conference invitation for their future business plans and for that they have to go to LONDON as exchange program college and they both are selected but they both are reluctant to go.
Arjun sat beside Laksh -Dude its big chance lucky if i were in your would be damm to drop it.
Laksh -oh please you and take it noway for you Swara is your life and where i know you are too clever to sent so that we cannot spend time with our shona right!!
Arjun shool his head and Ragini sat beside Arnav -Arnie please man we are not making Swara marry in this year and when will you come then only marriage will be happening.
Arnav – No meams no I am not leaving you all for one year.
Swara – fine you two don’t go and i will not talk with you both ever.
Both Arnav and Laksh knew she is not joking.
Arnav -Shona how could we left you like this.
Swara – Nav bhai please i am not going anywhere and beside devil is too here so stop worrying about me.
Laksh- but we will miss you alll
Sujata – I promise that we all will come for your farewell. Please say yes .
Arnav and Laksh both nodded helplessly.

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