It was not my fault (IKRS) Episode 3

Hey guys, here’s the third one,

The episode starts with Dhaani reaching down for lunch. She hears Viplav’s voice and thinks I have heard this voice before, I know this voice. She turns back to see when his sir calls her and asks so all settled? Dhaani turns and says yes sir, I am comfortable and she thinks maybe it would be sirs voice… She eats her lunch sitting with a lawyer Raj who asks her to sit. They talk, and become friends. Dhaani while eating thinks, flashback, (Guys sorry for so many flashbacks)

In a restaurant:
Vidhaa have dinner, Dhaani says I am so happy that today we won the competition, I didn’t even expect that! Viplav says you are there na then it was obvious that we would win!! Dhaani smiles. Viplav says Dhaani I want to tell you something, Dhaani asks what? Viplav says actually I wanted to say that… Dhaani asks what? Viplav says I wanted to say.. The waiter comes and asks, sir, mam do you want any deserts? Viplav thinks ise bhi abhi ana tha kya?! Viplav asks Dhaani, she says yes two chocolate ice cream. Waiter leaves. Dhaani says so you were saying something.. He says yes I was saying you dance beautifully, I love you.. Dhaani glares, he says I mean I love your dancing skills, don’t misunderstand me!! Dhaani smiles and says no its ok anyways thanks for the compliment.. And you also dance very well… Viplav smiles. The flashback ends,

Raj asks what happened kaha kho gayi? (where have you lost) Dhaani says nothing just missing my family. Raj says oh.. They both have lunch and they leave to their rooms. Viplav on the other hand chit chats, haves lunch and leaves for his room. He comes near the lift where Dhaani is standing, he says excuse me. Dhaani is about to turn back when Raj taps her from other side and says your handkerchief you left it on the table. Dhaani says thank you and smiles. Viplav leaves from there. Dhaani says so we will meet tomorrow at the conference. Raj says what about todays dinner will you not come? Dhaani says oh yes meet you at dinner. Raj says so tomorrow is Valentines Day, do you have any plans? Dhaani stares at him and bluntly says no. She says ok bye.. Raj says bye.. Dhaani goes to her room and thinks, flashback starts:

Viplav says Dhaani so today is Valentines day, do you have any plans? Dhaani says no I have not yet found my Prince Charming so no plans! Flashback ends,

Dhaani’s phone rings, its Mohan. Mohan asks so how are you, Dhaani says I am good and how are you? Mohan says missing you, Dhaani says missing you too dad, love you, Mohan says love you too… Mohan says ok bye I have some work, Dhaani says ok bye, love you…
Viplav also comes to his room and thinks tomorrow is Valentines day but these old memories don’t leave me, what should I do?
Viplav asks Dhaani will you come in evening we will go for dinner. Dhaani asks but why? Viplav says because today is Valentines day! Dhaani asks what? Viplav says yes I also don’t have any plans and you also don’t have so. Viplav thinks please say yes Dhaani I love you so much and today is the day when I will propose you, please accept it Dhaani. Dhaani says ok we will go for dinner. Viplav gets excited and hugs her tightly and says thank you so much. Dhaani is shocked but happy also she feels warm in his arms. Viplav comes to his senses and says oh I am sorry I have never gone for a date before that’s why. Dhaani says date?! Viplav says I mean dinner yaar! Dhaani says yes so we will meet in the evening, Viplav drops her home. Flashback ends. As well as the episode ends…

I am sorry for adding so many fb but please don’t get confused from it!
Thank you so much everyone for your support, keep supporting me and drop your lovely comments…

  1. Hi maria its not confusing at all. Best part is viplavs fb starts where dhani’s fb end so all clear. Good going.

    1. Thank you renu di 🙂

  2. Very nice maria..
    You are doing like typical indian shows where they everytime miss to see each other?

    1. Haha don’t worry they will meet very soon!!
      Thank you 🙂

  3. Interesting, keep going

    1. Thank you aish happy birthday

  4. keep it up dear …..good going

    1. Thank you Sujie 🙂

  5. Good epi dear

    1. Thank you Nancy 🙂

  6. It was not at all confusing. 🙂 Loved it!

    I will second Arshdeep’s words, you are most likely writing a typical story! ? Enjoying it ver much. ?

    And a bit of coincidence is here, I wrote my first episode of new story. There is something similar in our stories. Which is not good. ?

    1. Aww see we have similar thoughts appi ?? and they will meet soon so don’t worry I will not extend it more okay?

      And I am so happy to hear you started writing story please post it soon, eagerly waiting for it… ☺☺☺

  7. loved it dear actually ur fbs are telling us the real story

    1. Thanks Lakshmi 🙂

  8. Ishqoholics❤

    It was actually good. ???

    1. Thanks appi 🙂

  9. I love the fbs don’t keep apologizing for them. Your ff rocks.??

    1. Thanks dear 🙂

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