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Author’s Note :-

This day marks 365th Day of me being a Immj2 commenter on TU. One year ago this day gave me some tales of fun, fight, party, games, records, paagalpanti, obsession, carziness, and  few friends who are worthy of being called pal. This page and Immj2 made me a writer, composer, observer, investigator, standup comedian, editor etc. I never thought in my life that a mere web page would become a significant  page in my book called life which I never wanted to tear apart.🦋💖 


“Ok dad, You won….but I don’t agree with your decision.”
Declaring this a girl in her early
the twenties grabbed the sharp blade from the nearby table and slit her wrist.

“Happy!” a man in his mid-sixties ran and tugged her before she could tumble on the ground.

“Babe open…babe,” a woman in her early fifties said checking her bleeding wrist.

*******3 days later********

Ahaana’s POV

“Relax sweetheart, I’m all good… Why you’re becoming like those cringy ’90s maa” I said looking at my mum who is online with Video call

“How did you ever thought of suicide? Is this only way before you?” She asked raising her eyebrow, stern present in her voice.

I laughed out loud in my hospital bed wearing those tacky blue hospital gowns.

“Mummz lemme tell you a secret,” I said directing my phone towards my left hand and I tap on the reverse camera. And said

“Look mummz,” I said

“What’s it Happy? So you fooled him.” She retorted at me

“Well it’s not about fooling dad, I did this because he holds his worst health drama,” I said simply at her.

“So you did a drama of suicide!” She exclaimed at me.

“What shall I do else, get engaged to that monster?” I queried at her

“But still it’s wrong!” She exclaimed again

“Mumma he was not at all hearing to me and I didn’t have any other options,” I said lowering my gaze from her.

An eerie silence was there for the next few seconds. Breaking that silence she queried.

“Happy, doesn’t Kabir visit you? ” She asked changing the topic.

“Haan, Janaab was the one who took me to hospital. Later he took the whole hospital upside down that I guess hospital management might have prohibited him to enter again” I rolled my eyes. And Mumma giggled back.

“Sometimes I even feel that he is not any of my random friends but my guardian itself. Such an irritating guy” I smugged

“But he doesn’t text me for the last 2 days. Where is he missing?” Mum asked

“Might be with his Ridhu elsewhere. They both might be hanging out, that’s the time when his gadgets can have a vacation.” I growled

“Ms Ahaana Have your medicines.” My duty nurse came with a bundle of craps.

“Happy, have your medicine and take a rest. I’ll call you later” saying this Mumma hung up.

The nurse gave me those tasteless crap one by one with a smile plastered on her face. Damn these medicines. Yuck!! If I had the slightest idea about these medicines, I swear I would never have done this drama in all my life.

I started to recollect how my and Kabir’s Journey from strangers to crime partners.

FB starts…

It was my first birthday celebrated on social media, only that year I opened an account on social media. Everyone from my best friend to acquaintance was wishing me by sending a different kinds of messages all filled with love and fun. Some even posted wishes on their feed as well. It was like a fantasy dream for me. After Mom-Dad’s divorce, I never had such fun. From all these sacks of wishes, I found a message from some random person named Kabir who is unknown to me.

Dooriyan bahut hain Magar Itna samajh lo,
Paas rehkar hi koi khaas nahi hota
Tum Aaj bhi is qadar paas ho Mera dil ke,
Mujhe duriyon ka ehsaas nahi hota.

Wishing you millions and millions of happiness on your birthday.
I still miss you.”

He is a good poet for sure, but who is he? Shall I text him back? Lemme. I checked his profile named from top to bottom
Username: Kabir_here
Bio: Peace out
And nothing much.
Does he belong to my middle school? Who knows lemme text him.

“:- I’m sorry, did I  know you?”

I texted him back and waited for the reply for about 5 minutes…but uski Naam aur nishaan nahi the. And after a very long 2hour, he replied and I saw that after another 2hour. Damn!!

“:- my love didn’t you get me?
I’m Kabir”

What love? Crap! Soon I texted him back.

“:- Look you’re mistaken. I’m not anyone’s love”

And kept the near my study table. But soon I got a pop-up sound from my phone indicating his message.

“Kabir:- Ridhu, stop playing around

Ahona:- WTH
Who is Ridhu?

Kabir:-  Really?
Then who are you?

Ahona:- That’s none of
Your Concern

Kabirr:- Come’n Ridhu

Ahona:- I’m not any Ridhu!

Kabir:- Then what’s
your name then?

Ahana:- I can’t reveal my
name to any stranger.
Who knows you aren’t any professional killer
or kidnaper.

Kabir:- WHAT!
Are you kidding?
Why should I kidnap
or murder you?
You Aren’t any celebrity
or famous persona enough.

Ahona:- If you gotta
know that I’m
not your Ridhima,
then leave
or else
I will block you.


Next-Day at 11:00 am

Kabir:- Kooi

Ahana:- Now what?!

Kabir:- could you help me
, please?

Ahana:- No!

Kabir:- You’re so mean!

Ahona:- I am mean.
Now happy

Kabir:- It’s too urgent,
I don’t have any other friends available now.
I’m trapped here
It’s about my life.

Ahana:- Hmm
Tell me what it is!

Kabir:- Sent an image

I don’t know what to chose.
Pls help me

Ahone:- Are you kidding me
I’m not any of your
And How could I choose far a strange person,
whom I didn’t even know?
Choose by yourself.

Kabir:- Okay
Just check my profile
You’ll get my Pics.


Help naa yaar

Hey Miss Robo

After 20 minutes

Ahana:- Hey
Are you there.

Kabir:- Yeah I’m here.

Ahana:- I need a help😑😑

Kabir:- What’s that?

Ahona:- How to block someone here?

Kabir:- What you didn’t know how to do😂😂
Then why you’re giving me the block threats

Help naa

Kabir:- So that you can block me.
What an idea sir ii

Ahana:- Not for you
It’s for some random Reddy
He is texting me
numerous texts.
That too with
some language
out of the universe.

KaPbir:- Hmm

I Ahana:- Help na yaar

Kabir:- Help me First!
Sent an Image


Ahona:- Are you still?!

Kabir:- Yup!

Ahana:- Choose that Navy Blue.

Kabir:- okay😁😁

Ahana:- Now my turn!

Kabir:- Tap on the 3 dots on your Top left side.
Then click on privacy
Then Block.

After 1 minute.

Ahana:- Okay thanks

Kabir:- is it done.
Then now block me.

Ahana:- Why?
You’re not that
bad as I thought.

Kabir: So are we friends?

Ahana:- Not so soon

Kabir:- but maybe in future 😉😉

I never thought in any of my dreams that I’ll be befriended by such an idiot. After that day we used to chat every day. We started sharing everything from my Morning black coffee to Bedtime coffee. He also used to text me about his routines from flirting with his classmate to hangouts with his friends. He is also like me a wandering soul in top of that he is also a coffee addict. Once he shared his and Ridhima’s story. They both were in the same school. Loved each other, but unexpectedly her family shifted out of the country. Which cuts their contacts. From then hie starts to search for her on various social media. He loves her a lot. A  that he had gone into a kind of like depression that caused him to be a chain smoker at a very young age. ,

Days passed, I shared my name. But we used to call each other with the lamest nicknames we can. I wasn’t the first one whom he messaged, but I was the first with whom he kept texting. Our friendship kept growing. He became a part of my life and I became addicted to my phone. My grades got slipping and Dad grounded me. Too factual for a teenager. All thanks to my stepmom. She isn’t any kind of stepmom portrayed by ITVs and Bollywood. She is nice towards me and allowed me an hour per day that too Dad se chupke. Sometimes she forgets to keep a record of the time and I happily misused that.

One Tuesday while scrolling through Mr Tea cup’s profile. Teacup, not any new character spotted, he is Kabbu itself. One day he gifted me the name Coffee cup so as a return gift I named him Teacup. It’s neither the first name given by him nor the last. I saw him posing with VANSH! Wishing him a Birthday. Yeah, that was October 27. How could I forget that date? But I’m surprised to see Vansh and Kabbu’s bond. How come they knew each other? More than That Why on earth I found a best friend from Vansh’s circle? Was disturbing me more. I confronted him about this. He admitted that they knew each other from childhood onwards but he was unaware of the fact that Vansh and I knew each other. I understood one thing Destiny is a real cheater! But that doesn’t affect our friendship. We kept our conversation going.

Two years passed I got enrolled on University, a new academic year started. We started to meet. Like in our old days, we started to share our daily routines face to face about how I struck my bully senior on the face, how I had a heated war with my schoolmate for annoying me. And guess what he gifted me the Title DonY like seriously. Don is okay but DonY. He shared about how he used to bunks classes how girls used to drool around him a total baddy playboy, and one of his favourite hobbies was to criticise my university for no reason and praise him…..That was above unbearable.

On another day he was highly emotional throughout the convo.  The reason was Ridhima. She is back. He was ecstatic for her return and distraught thinking whether she still loves him or not. After that particular day, we didn’t have a proper convo for few days neither had a chat nor had a meet. Almost after 2 weeks, he came back. He was on cloud nine and locked his arm around me out of a sudden. The reason is Ridhima is ready to be together with him. He fervently took me on a coffee date and he was relentlessly talking about that moment over and over. Although I was glad for him getting back to his love, one side of mine was out of sort and grief strike for something out of my knowledge, something not defined yet for me.

FB ends

Due to dosage of medicine sleep engulfed me hastily.

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