Not a Contract marriage Ruhaan-Janvi TS(ShreNal)Part 2(Last part)

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Not a Contract marriage Part 2
Janvi took the car and went to the temple.When she returned she saw Ruhaan staring at her angrily.
Janvi got nervous:What happened Ruhaan?Any problem?
Ruhaan:My problem is you.
Janvi was shocked:I?
Janvi’s heart broke into pieces.
Janvi thought:What happened due to which Ruhaan is so angry with me?
Ruhaan:Since you took my car I could’nt get car on time.
Janvi:Sorry.Since my car has problem papa told me to take your car.
Ruhaan:You had no manners to ask me before that?
Janvi:I am sorry Ruhaan.I would not have taken your car if I had known this.

Ruhaan:No need of your stupid sorry as it has become too late.Dad’s car was also not here as he went out.I did’nt get taxi on time.So I could’nt reach my studio on time.So the top model I fixed for my personal calendar shoot went back.She is very busy.I got her after requesting her a lot.Now what will I do?That model and I were supposed to pose together as a couple for the calendar.Now nothing can be done.I have no model to pose with me.My calendar shoot got cancelled because of you.If Mishti was there i could have asked her to be the model.But she is out of station.
Janvi felt guilty and upset.
Janvi:Ruhaan…don’t be upset.We will find a solution.
Ruhaan shouted at her:What solution do you have?Will a behenji like you pose as a model for me?

Janvi’s eyes were full of tears.She ran to her room.

After some time…
Ruhaan was sitting his home studio.He was frustrated.
Another photographer:Ruhaan Sir…did you get another model?
Before Ruhaan could say ‘no’ he heard some foot steps.He looked at that person.He could not believe his eyes.It was Janvi in a red gown.She looked gorgeous.
The photographer smiled:Ruhaan chose your own wife as the model?The model you have chosen is perfect.This Calendar shoot will rock.
Ruhaan was numb seeing Janvi like this.
Ruhaan and Janvi posed together in different outfits for the shoot.

While posing with Janvi unknowingly Ruhaan got attracted towards her.
Ruhaan thought:Og heart is beating fast.Why?

The photographer:Perfect couple.
Ruhaan and Janvi looked at each other in an odd manner as they knew the truth of their relation.

At home…

Ruhaan:Thank you Janvi.Though modern dress is not your comfort zone you still wore it for me.
Janvi:No need of thanks Ruhaan.Though we are not a real couple still you are my husband.I did it for my husband.After all it was because of me that you faced problem.I just tried to correct my mistake.
Ruhaan looked at her emotionally:I am sorry Janvi.Though we became friends I became rude to you.Please forgive me.
Janvi:There is no sorry in friendship.
They both giggled.

Janvi arranged surprise birthday party for Ruhaan.Ruhaan was surprised.
Ruhaan cut the cake while Janvi and others sang the birthday song for him.
PK:Feed it to Janvi.Being your wife she deserves the first piece.
Ruhaan and Janvi were shy as they are not a real couple.
Aradhana:Come on Ruhaan.
Ruhaan fed the cake to Janvi slowly.Janvi could not stop blushing.

PK:Now it’s Janvi’s turn.Take the knife and cut the cake Janvi.

Janvi was shy:Ji papa.
Janvi fed him back shyly.They all howled due to excitement.
PK:You are really a lucky husband Ruhaan.See your loving wife Janvi arranged birthday party for you specially.
Ruhaan smiled,but it was pale.
Ruhaan went near Janvi:Thank you for the party Janvi.
She smiled.
Ruhaan:But why did you arrange party for me?

Janvi became emotional.She smiled painfully:You are my friend Ruhaan.Before going i wanted to celebrate your birthday.I feel nice to celebrate your birthday.After this I won’t get a chance to celebrate your birthday.Right?

Ruhaan noticed tears in her eyes as she walked away.
Ruhaan:Why do I feel that she really loves me and is sad to divorce me?When I divorce her she will be so sad?How can I hurt her when she does everything to make me happy?Why her pain is affecting me?

Janvi went home for a few days to look after her father as he was having fever.
Ruhaan was missing her like hell.
Ruhaan:Why I feel restless when Janvi is not around me?Mishti has been away for months for modelling commitments.But I never felt so restless.But why I am restless when Janvi is just a few days away from me?Am I falling in love with Janvi?
Ruhaan was in dilemma.
Janvi reached back.
PK:How is Ashok now?

Janvi:Dada is fine now papa.
PK:Good.This house was sleeping without you Janvi.
Aradhana:We really missed you Janvi.

PK:I am happy that you are back.Life is impossible without you Janvi.
Janvi smiled:Now I am back papa.

Seeing Janvi Ruhaan was so excited that he ran towards her and embraced her.Janvi was stunned.

PK and Aradhana became shy seeing their hug.
PK:Today’s generation has no shame.
PK and Aradhana walked away giggling to give them privacy.
Ruhaan:Thank God Janvi you reached back.I really missed you.
Janvi felt happy hearing those words and got lost in their first hug.
Suddenly Ruhaan realized what he did and broke the embrace.He was embarrassed.
Ruhaan:Sorry.Don’t get me wrong.It was just a friendship hug.
Janvi became dull.
She walked away.
Ruhaan thought:When Janvi is near me I feel very happy.Dad is right.We should not judge anyone by their appearance.Like dad predicted I am very happy in my married life with Janvi.I think i love Janvi.
Suddenly he became upset remembering Mishti.
Suddenly Mishti rang him up.
Ruhaan:Mishti is back.She wants to meet me.
Ruhaan picked up the call.
Mishti:Ruhaan..I am back.Let us meet.
Ruhaan:Sure.I really want to meet you.
Ruhaan said in his mind:I have to tell everything to Mishti.She will be so hurt.Will she feel betrayed?

Ruhaan and Mishti met.
Ruhaan:Mishti..I need to tell you one thing.Only a few more days are left for our contract marriage to end.
Mishti:I know.But sorry Ruhaan…I can’t marry you as I promised you.I got few more modelling projects.For that I need to shift to Middle East.I don’t think long distance relationship will work.

Ruhaan smirked:Break up.Right?
Mishti:I think that’s better for us.Otherwise you will keep on waiting for me and I won’t be able to give my time to you.I don’t want to spoil your life Ruhaan.You deserve someone better who loves you a lot..who gives you enough time.
Ruhaan:I also think that break up is better.Because I have fallen in love with Janvi and that’s what I wanted to tell you.
Mishti was relieved:Thank God.I was guilty of hurting you.
Ruhaan smiled:No.You have not hurt me.In fact you helped me to move on smoothly with Janvi.
Mishti smiled:I always felt that we won’t be able to get along with each other for a long time.And I knew that Janvi is better for you .That’s why I asked you to marry Janvi.

Ruhaan was surprised.
Mishti:I am happy that you are finally settled with Janvi.Wish you all the best for your married life with Janvi from the bottom of my heart.
Ruhaan smiled:Thank you.Wish you all the best for your career.I am sure that with the upcoming projects you will be a top model.
Mishti:Thank you Ruhaan.
They parted away giving a friendly hug to each other.

Janvi was in tears as their marriage was going to end.Ruhaan entered the room.Though she wiped her tears he saw her tears clearly.
Janvi:Ruhaan…our contract marriage is going to end.You can marry the girl you love.It’s time for me to leave.
Ruhaan:Then what about my parents who are more attached to you than me?
Janvi said painfully:We will tell them.It’s time for them to know about our separation.But don’t worry..I won’t tell them about our contract marriage.We will tell them that due to compatibility issues we are getting separated.

Ruhaan:Are you sure that you want to leave?
Janvi looked at him confusingly.
Ruhaan:Tell me the truth Janvi.Do you love me?
Janvi was frozen by his question.
Ruhaan:Don’t try to hide anything.Say.
Janvi burst out:Yes I love you.But what’s the use of knowing my feelings for you?Nothing can be done.Right?You don’t need me.

I am the most unlucky girl in this world who had to do contract marriage.What is worse than contract marriage?It is my fate to have the brutal tragedy like contract marriage.I wish no other girl on this earth gets my fate.

Her tears were rolling down her cheeks.
Ruhaan felt a prick on his heart.
Ruhaan:What if I say that our marriage is not a contract marriage?
Janvi was confused.

Ruhaan took the contract marriage papers in his hand and tore it shocking Janvi.
Ruhaan:Now it’s no more contract marriage.We are a normal couple like any other couple.
Janvi’s lips shivered:Ruhaan..what is all this?I can’t understand anything.

Ruhaan cupped her face emotionally:Though it was contract marriage you did everything which a wife does for her husband which I did’nt deserve..Janvi…you taught me what love is and I realized that the person I love is not Mishti..but you.I love you Janvi.I want to lead a happy married life with you.I don’t want divorce.
Janvi looked at him in disbelief.
Ruhaan:Say Janvi..will you forgive me and live as my wife forever in every sense?
Janvi nodded smiling with tears in her tears.He too smiled emotionally

and embraced each other.

Ruhaan was clicking Janvi’s photographs.

Janvi:What’s this Ruhaan?I am not a model just because once I posed as your model.
Ruhaan pulled her closer:You may not be a fashion model.But you are my role model.
They smiled at each other.

Time passed…

We can see a framed photograph of Ruhaan Janvi on the wall.

Ruhaan and Janvi were busy managing their beautiful daughter named Alekha.

Alekha was the pet of her grand parents PK-Aradhana and Ashok Anuradha.

They don’t leave a chance to pamper Alekha.

Ruhaan Janvi lived happily with Alekha,

The end

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