Not a Contract marriage Ruhaan-Janvi TS(ShreNal)Part 1

Not a Contract marriage Part 1

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PK Mittal moved to the dining room.
He heard her reply:Ji Papa..
Janvi came with a cup of tea and handed over it to PK.
PK smiled sipping her tea.
PK:In the morning if I don’t drink the tea made by you the day does’nt start well.
Janvi smiled.
PK’s wife Aradhana said with a smile:After you came he needs only you.

Janvi smiled.
PK caressed Janvi’s head:You are the daughter I longed for.I was sad that I don’t have a daughter.But though late God blessed me with a daughter in law who is actually a daughter.
Janvi:It’s my luck that I got you both to shower love on me.
They smiled.
PK:Janvi…the business tips you gave me really worked.My business does’nt go up even an inch without you.
Janvi smiled.
PK:Anyways you get ready to go to office.
Janvi:Ji papa.
Janvi is the main hand of PK in business too.In both office and home PK can’t survive without Janvi,
PK and Aradhana’s son Ruhaan passed by.
PK:Where are you going?
Ruhaan:I have a photo shoot.
Aradhana:So early?
Ruhaan:Yes.It’s outdoor shoot.
PK:Ok.But without informing us why are you just going out?You can at least tell Janvi where you are going.She is your wife.
Ruhaan got irritated:I am very busy dad.I have to leave immediately.I will get late.No time to inform everyone.
Janvi smiled:Papa…Ruhaan is right.He has no time.

PK:Ok.But come before evening.There is a puja.Hope your photo shoot will get over then.
Ruhaan:I will try.
He just left.
PK:Why is he like this?
Janvi:It’s ok papa.Ruhaan is a busy fashion photographer.He has work stress also.
PK looked at Janvi deeply:You are happy with Ruhaan.Right?
Janvi’s heart was pricked.She gave a fake smile:Yes.I am very happy.
PK:If he ever makes you upset just tell me.I will teach him a lesson that he will never dare to trouble you again.
Janvi smiled painfully.
Janvi:Anyways I will do arrangements for puja.
PK:Ok beta…

Ruhaan was on the beach as the shoot was there.Seeing the model he got lost in her.

He was clicking photographs of his model.She looked so beautiful that Ruhaan could not take his eyes off her.
After the shoot the model went to the vanity van.Ruhaan went there and held her closer.She blushed.
Ruhaan:I can’t wait anymore.I want to make you mine Mishti.
Mishti:Ruhaan…just a few more months.After that we will reveal the truth and get united forever.
Ruhaan:I will wait for that moment Mishti.
They shared a sweet romantic eye lock.

Flash back…

Janvi was working in PK’s office.Impressed by her PK decided to make her his daughter in law by making her married to his son Ruhaan.But Ruhaan was not interested.
Ruhaan:I can’t even think of marrying that behenji.I am a fashion photographer who works with stylish models.Marrying a behenji like Janvi is a nightmare for me.

PK:Don’t judge anyone by their appearance Ruhaan.With Janvi you will have a happy life.I am very sure about it.

Ruhaan did not mind it.But the strict father like PK kept pressurizing Ruhaan to marry Janvi.
Ruhaan who was attracted to the model Mishti proposed her by making her wear a diamond ring.
Mishti:It’s so beautiful.
Ruhaan:Marry me Mishti.
Mishti was shocked:What are you saying Ruhaan?So early?You know that at this point of my career I can’t get married.
Ruhaan:You know how strict my dad is.I am only a puppet in his hands.There is too much of pressure on me by him to marry his employee Janvi.
Mishti:Marry her Ruhaan.
Ruhaan was shocked:What are you saying Mishti?We are dating.Still you are asking me to marry that behenji?I want to marry you,not her.
Mishti:Relax Ruhaan.If I marry you I will lose all my modelling projects.This year is very important for me.But to escape from your dad’s pressure you marry Janvi.By the end of this year my contract will get over and I will marry you.That time you divorce Janvi.Your dad will also be convinced that Janvi won’t be right for you.

Ruhaan:Are you sure?
Mishti:Yes Ruhaan.

Ruhaan embraced her emotionally.
Ruhaan:I can’t imagine giving your place to someone else.

Mishti:Chill Ruhaan.It’s only for some time.

Ruhaan agreed to marry Janvi which made PK and Aradhana very happy.The wedding arrangements were started.

Ruhaan met Janvi.Janvi was blushing.She has met Ruhaan many times.But this time she met him as her fiance.
Ruhaan:I love another girl.
Janvi was shocked.She felt that her head was spinning.Ruhaan told her about Mishti and his plan making her shock.
Ruhaan:I know that you are hurt.But I am really sorry.I cannot cheat you by giving you false dreams about this marriage.That’s why I told you everything frankly.Now you can take a decision.Either you deny to marry me or sign the contract marriage paper according to which our marriage will only be a contract for one year.

Janvi was shattered.
She thought:Our wedding is going to happen in 2 days.If I refuse to marry Ruhaan in the last moment it will be like breaking PK sir’s trust.He has done so much for me.He trusts me blindly.I can’t hurt him.My dada and Maa are so happy that I got a nice marriage alliance.They have done all arrangements for my wedding.I can’t crush their dreams now.
Janvi looked at Ruhaan tearfully:I will sign the contract marriage paper.

Ruhaan gave her the contract paper and Janvi signed it.Her tears fell down.

Ruhaan and Janvi got married.

Janvi became the darling of Ruhaan’s family,but Ruhaan never loved her.But before others Ruhaan and Janvi played a perfect couple.


Janvi’s parents Ashok and Anuradha arrived for the puja.
Anuradha caressed Janvi:We feel very happy to see you being loved by all.You are lucky that you got a sasural like this.
Janvi:Yes Maa.I am very lucky.
Janvi said in her mind:But very soon I will lose my sasural as our marriage contract will expire in 2 months.
She suppressed her pain.
Ashok said to PK and Anuradha:We don’t have words to thank you both for loving our daughter so much.
Anuradha:Guess even we don’t love her as much as you all love her.

PK and Aradhana smiled.
Aradhana:We should thank you both for producing such a lovely daughter for us.
PK:Janvi is the Lakshmi of this house.
They smiled.Ruhaan came back.Janvi’s face blossomed seeing him.Ruhaan touched the feet of Janvi’s parents and they blessed him.
Janvi stood with the lamp for puja who was joined by Ruhaan.
Ruhaan stared at her thinking:You are the Lakshmi of this house.But unfortunately not my Parvati.

After puja,Janvi brought aarti towards PK,Aradhana,Ashok and Anuradha.

Aradhana served break fast for Ruhaan.
Ruhaan:Oh ho…i don’t like this.I am just fed of having this always.
Janvi came with pasta.
Janvi:I made pasta for you Ruhaan. I hope you will like this.
Ruhaan was surprised:You made it for me?
Ruhaan:But you did’nt know how to make it.

Janvi:But I took the recipe from internet as you like it.
Ruhaan tasted it.
Ruhaan:Yummy..I am impressed.
Janvi became very happy.Aradhana smiled.
Janvi:I will try to make all your favourite dishes.

Ruhaan thought:We are not a normal couple.Still she is doing so much for me.

Janvi noticed Ruhaan in pain as his leg got sprained.
Janvi:What happened Ruhaan?

Ruhaan:Nothing.While walking I just fell down and …

Janvi brought hot water.
Ruhaan:What is this?
Janvi:Hot water massage is really good for this.
Ruhaan:No need.It’s ok.’s ok..I will do it.
Janvi started massaging his legs.Ruhaan’s eyes were on her.
Ruhaan:Why are you doing this for me Janvi?
Janvi:You are my husband.How can I see you in pain?
Ruhaan was stunned.Suddenly Janvi realized what she said.
Ruhaan:What did you say?
Janvi felt awkward:Nothing.
Ruhaan thought:Is Janvi having feelings for me?I hope not.If so when our divorce happens she will break down.

Ruhaan went near Janvi.
Ruhaan:Janvi…can I tell you something?
Janvi nodded.
Ruhaan:Very soon we will get separated.But I don’t want it to end on a sad note.
Janvi’s heart pained hearing about the separation.
Ruhaan:So why don’t we get separated as friends?
Janvi looked at him emotionally.
Ruhaan:Shall we be friends?

Janvi smiled happily.

They shook hands cheerfully.
Janvi thought:What if Ruhaan did’nt love me?He accepted me as his friend.That’s a great thing.

Janvi took the car and went to the temple.When she returned she saw Ruhaan staring at her angrily.
Janvi got nervous:What happened Ruhaan?Any problem?
Ruhaan:My problem is you.
Janvi was shocked:I?
Janvi’s heart broke into pieces.
Janvi thought:What happened due to which Ruhaan is so angry with me?

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