Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 6th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 6th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, cousins are waiting for nisha,bunty says kirti di nisha di will come, nisha comes and says ok shall we leave,kirti says no take some more time, nisha says shut up and says before we leave let me clear it no one will aplly me color, suku says oh look our nisha is so smart, has colors in her hands and says no colors,bunty says ok no one will apply color lets go.kabir comes and says I hope im not late,suku says here comes panuti, kabir says we are going to holi celebration,suku says I think u forgot nisha said u wont come, kabir says oh don’t take her seriously she keeps talking nonsense and suku, suku says oh hello suku for family u call me suketu,kabir says ok suketu its holi lets forget anyways I don’t know what ur problem is, umesh and aman says guys come downstairs all are waiting even summit is here,cousins get excited hearing abt summit.
Nisha asks umesh and aman are u coming,kabir says nisha didn’t they tellyesterday its their first holi and they wont come and umesh listen to me keep this suku along with u spoiling all the fun,nisha says see kabir we cousins always go together and if anyone has problem,kirti nods no,nisha signs her to nod yes, and says see kabir we are going bye.
Kabir teases suku, andasks nisha to wait and says nisha look at umesh bhaiya and aman and see its our first holi as well after marriage,nisha says this is the reason why im not taking u,kabir says and yes don’t forget my challenge,nisha says I will never miss u,kabir applies color to nisha,nisha says u fool how dare u,rukhma comes,nisha says kabir u wait here and takes rukhma to side and asks did u add,rukhma says yes two packets,kabir slowly hears all the conversation, nisha says ok rukhma go,rukhma goes to kabir and says kabir bhaiya happy holi have milk,kabir says oh thanku rukhma and here u have the milk,rukhma has to drink it as kabir forces her,nisha gies to kirti and tells her that I mixed bhang in kabirs milk.

Mohan asks dadaji is he coming,dadaji says yes,virendra asks ramesh are u coming, ramesh says yes why not,dadaji says no one else required virendra, ramesh gets upset and leaves, nisha stops him and says where are u going,ramesh says later bye,nisha says first colors, ramesh says ok and wishes happy holi to nisha and leaves.nisha goes and applies holi to everyone but while applying color to dadaji the colors fall down, nisha says sorry dadaji.dadaji picks the color palte and applies color to nisha, everyone smiles and take a breath of relief,dadaji leaves,dadi says nisha I know what are u thinking but I also know it will take time but will surely happen we all will be together just have patience and don’t u worry I promise I will bring dadaji to holi celebration.
Vieaj with kiara leaves for holi celebration,kiara asks viraj is he upset,viraj says no im fine, nisha car passes by virajs car, all reach the holi celebration party, viraj reaches as well, nisha sees kirti and suku palying with colors and smiles, nisha turns around and sees viraj ,viraj is busy talking to someone,nisha turns her face and when sees back viraj isn’t there she thinks it was just a mairage but later sees viraj back, viraj turns and sees nisha as well and smiles , nisha slowly walks towards viraj but kiara comes and nisha stops ,kiara asks viraj are u fine and come everyone is waiting,viraj says yes and looks at nisha, viraj walks towards nisha but nisha acts as if she is busy in phone she searches her contacts and sees kabirs name and kabir comes from behind and applies her color, viraj stops. Nisha looks at kabir and smiles.
Kabir says see I told u , u need me n I will be there,nisha looks at her phone and sees kabirs name,kiara calls viraj,viraj leaves,nisha says kabir I want to go home,kabir says why,nisha says everything doesn’t need an explanation u are here so I want to go, and anyways how are u here I had made arrangements that u wont be able to come, kabir says oh the bhang thing . rukhma is in kitchen laughing and behaving like fools.
Mr goel welcomes viraj , cousins look at viraj,kabir says so this is the reason right,kirti asks nisha is she fine,did u know he was goona come,nisha says forget it,kirti says shall we go home,nisha says yes I think we shd leave.kabir says see nisha if u want to go, go but if u ran waway the whole life u will keep running away, kirti says but its normal to be occurred in front of ex,kabir says its abt u not ur ex relax live ur life ,kabir says so are we going or staying
Dadaji mohan and virendra enter,suku says forget holi its gonna be diwali now look dadaji,dadaji sees viraj on stage , mr goel welcomes dadaji,dadaji says mr. goel u knew we aren’t doing well with viraj, goel says sorry but invitations wasn’t with me,dadaji says I think I wont stay here, goel says gangwal sir ur the backbone of association if u leave I wont be happy neither can I now ask viraj to leave plz, dadaji says ok I will stay here for sake for association but soon leave.
Cousins get worried seeing dadaji on stage,kabir says see ur dadajo knows to handle situation very well,nisha says im nervous,kabir says relax he will manage,viraj looks at nisha and doesn’t seam good looking nisha and kabir together,viraj turns to dadaji and bows down for blessing.

PRECAP: suku and bunty ready to throw water balloon on viraj ,kabir sees that and runs to stop them but gayatri comes in middle and the balloon hits her,viraj gets angry and asks who did this,suku and bunty hide and kabir stands on their place.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. heyyy i love kabir bcoz he cares for me aur viraj sir abb mein aapki bhabi huin
    kabir apne bhaiya ko samjhao please i love u not viraj

  2. eye lock is very cute i love kabir only viraj ne bina mera reason sune mujhe chod diya i and kabir that is nibir only roxx

  3. vaise viraj sir kaira bhabhi kaisi hai

  4. Viraj is a look alike of JFK Jr. He’s damn s*xy, he just needs to go shirtless once to get brownie points from u all ladies/gals/gays. Have u ever seen JFK Jr? Then google it. I feel Tahir is re-incarnation of JFK Jr. Both look hot!
    And about mishkat he’s not that hot at all. He lacks style, machismo and karizma a gentleman has.

    1. we don’t need JFK Jr for nisha.. u better take him and go. she is simple and need kabir.
      btw viraj was looking like skinny earlier.. abh muscle banake aaya hai.. if he go shirtless too we want kabir, it doesn matter lol

      1. angrez gaye bhut saal pehle hahaha

  5. Viraj aka tahir Shabbir is much hotter and cuter than JFK jr

  6. I really like kabir for nisha he is soo cute n he n nisha make a LOVELY pair also kabir is always there to make nisha happy even though is sometimes irritates her.. he make nisha forget whatever happened btw viraj n her

    1. correct!! agree

  7. In holi so much drama is gonna take place.kirti and kabir will dance and force nisha to dance.kabir pushes nisha and she will accidently fall on virajs arms,they will have a romantic eyelock…later nisha collides with a waiter and juice will fall on her,kabir watch this and rushes towards nisha but will accidently collides with kaira.kabir and viraj will fight in kairas matter and nisha will come between both and stops them.

  8. Plz don’t again break nisha’s heart again viraj.nibir r the best

  9. Hey guys afterall writer ko bhi to kuch accha milna chahiye……..
    Nisha,kabir air viral ko el completely different background( kahin foreign mein ) bhejna chahiye haha ek doosre ke liye sirf cog teenon Ho
    phir kuch accident ya kuch aur adventurous ka masala milakar story aur bhi mazedar Ho jayegi…….:)

    1. ashmitha kulatunga

      can u plz translet in english! couldnt understand some words in hindi since im a sri lankan fan

  10. Hi is the tellytadka results out?

  11. nice episord nd kabir is very funny boy nd nisha is very sinsirly girl so very quity kapals.


  12. Can anyone tell me at what time updates are posted? They are too late.

  13. I love today’s (7th march) episode!!!!
    Nisha says she hates Viraj Singh Rathore ^_^

    1. ashmitha kulatunga

      yeah bt i hate todays recap!!!feel like kabir too likes nisha!!

  14. please yar kabir and nisha become love birds plz plzplz

  15. ashmitha kulatunga

    haha day by day that tall brook is getting uglier

  16. Nisha and viraj love each othet so much. When we saw niraj we liked them then we wanted viraj come back. Now you all guys said that you don’t like viraj. But i am sure when you saw nisha and viraj’ romance feelings for each othet and jelousy track you all again like their pair. But plz wait. It will be more intersting .

  17. they both are a perfect couple means nishu and kabir. whenever they both come together I just love that scene.

  18. they both are a perfect couple means nishu and kabir. whenever they both come together I just love that scene. plz viraj leave them alone.

    1. ashmitha kulatunga

      haha even i have the same feeling!!when they both cm together my heart skips skips a beat lol

  19. nisha's family

    yes we are ready to except my daughter( nisha) and son in law(kabir).

  20. wow awesome episode….specially luved 2 see viraj being jelous…. hate u viraj…pls dont be a kabbab mein haddi between nisha n kabir
    NIBIR ROCKS!!!!!

  21. today’s precap….such unnatural kind of romance(was it an eyelock!! o.O..which clearly looked so fake>_<).. which was too pathetic to watch…nisha n chemistry at all.. -_- plzz…kabir n nisha luk really gud together…viraj luks too mature for nisha…its just a month since kabir was introduced!!plzz…makers y dont u get d point…nibir all the way!! <3 <3 <3

    1. ashmitha kulatunga

      yeah agree with u amrya!!they never had a good chemistry ..never will be either!!bt chemistry between kabir n nisha is jst fab!!love them to da moon n back

  22. nisha if you don’t want kabir then give me bcoz he is so cute and I love him.

    1. yeah he(kabir) is sooooooooo(tending to infinity) cute!!! :* *_* <3

  23. Lol.. kabir even told viraj to smile… n finally nisha said that she hates viraj the Monday episode will turn out a little bad.. brothers fighting.. NIBIR BEST!

  24. emmanuel pervaiz

    nisha and kabir looks beautibul . Director should coutine the love traigle of kabir and nisha

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