Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 21st March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 21st March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, viraj asks kaira why is she upset,before kaira could say something,gayatri comes and says oh hi and hugs kaira and says don’t even dare and says kaira we shd go to the designers they are waiting for u and look the house doesn’t seem like an engagement one why so,viraj says I cancelled all the guest it just will be with close members.
The gangwals are dancing on Punjabi wedding song, kabir pulls nisha to a side and says my god ur looking so hot, its so sad that I am not meant for love or else would have fallen for u trust me,nisha says stop over acting, sourabh calls nisha and all give her group hug. Next morning,jwala starts dancing saying its my nishu bros wedding and all join her and have fun, jwala goes to nisha and says its ur wedding its such a fun, nisha says jwala I need ur help look at laxmi she is so tensed do something,jwala says leave that to me. Kabir gets ready and looks at his phone,mami comes and says missing mom don’t worry everything will be fine, kabir says but take care mama doesn’t goof up today.
Viraj and kaira are ready for engagement,viraj says we soon will get married and I want to say thanku for being with me, and heres a gift for u, u are now 30% owner of my property,hearing this gayatri gets very excited and says to herself at last its done and now as they get married I will be 50% owner now,viraj asks gayatri for ring,before kaira puts ring in virajs hand she says viraj I need to talk to u,gayatri says oh is it all fine darling,kaira says viraj I didn’t come to ur life but was forced it was ur buaji who did this, she did this for the property and also one more thing the email fraud was not done by nisha but buaji,gayatri says she is lying, why will I do this im urs,kaira says no u are not I have proof.
Laxmi calls nisha and says look at ur outfit ur look very pretty in it, ramesh comes and says thanku nisha,nisha says why thanku, ramesh says bcoz u asked babuji to hace wedding here in house to lower the cost how will we manage with u,nisha hugs ramesh and says im going no where and will always be urs, ramesh says yes ur always mine, nisha hugs laxmi,laxmi says don’t worry u have always made us happy,nisha says to herself this happiness is just for few months.
The guy tells viraj that he had made the emails public bcoz gayatri gave her money,viraj remembers the days he insulted nisha and asks gayatri why did u do this, u could have told me I would have given u everything why did u spoil my life, here take my cards and spend as much as u can and now I need u no where not in my life nor in my academy and throws gayatri out of house,viraj says to kaira thanks for saving, kaira says not now go its not late yet go get nisha.
Kabirs barat is on nishas scooter, cousins join mama and mami in the barat dance, viraj is in his car heading to nishas house he tries calling her,laxmi goes to nishas room, looking at nisha,laxmi aman and dadi get emotional,laxmi says this lehenga, nisha says its ur wedding lehnga mom I always wanted it but u never gave me and I hope yoday u wont says no,laxmi says no, rukhma comes and says barat s here lets go,nisha asks laxmi where is dad,laxmi says no need to find him he must be coming for u,ramesh comes and says to nisha look ur so grown up and hugs her.
At gangwals house,sourabh goes to meet nisha,sourabh says ramesh uncle go down barat is here, and looks at nisha and says save some tears for bidayi anyways u look like a monkey, and don’t cry the makeup will go and u will look like a ghist,aman hands nisha a tissue,nisha sees it,it’s the tissue viraj gave her. Virajs car breaks down,. Kabir starts dancing in the barat with the cousins. Nisha trows the tissue.viraj starts unning towards nishas place and hits a car but gets up and starts running again.
Laxmi welcomes kabir, kabir looks at roopan and says u look so good in blue see I told u, kabir takes dadis blessing,jwala teases kabir,kabir sees laxmi is tensed and says laxmi relax me,. Laxmi tells kabir to step over the plates,viraj comes he finds the tissue,laxmi abt to pull kabirs nose as a part of ritual,viraj says stop it.

Viraj walks towards kabir and says this wedding cant take place,all are shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. no…i want viraj and nisha together….

  2. guys good news for nibir fans is that ki Nisha aur kabir ki shaadi hoke hi rahegi n kabir apni dil waali dulhania leke hi jaayega…. so happy ….:-)))))…. and it is true bcoz i’ve seen it in SBS ….. they also said that Nisha will go her sasuraal with kabir and there Nisha ka viraj se fir se aamnaa saamnaa hoga …… but then what will happen let’s see ……….( * ___ * )……….

  3. Nibir/Kanisha…… ROCK ON …. yeh hai waqt ka ishaaraa …………

  4. minamma(nisha) : raahullllll(kabir) mujhe uus thangaballi(viraj) se bachaaoooooooo………..

  5. u know guys that i’ve just recorded that scene(kabir kisses nisha ) and seeing again n again. yaaarrr that part is so lovely… plz director jab indono ki shaadi ho jaaye to aisa baar baar karvaanaa………plz …..tabhi to maza aayegaa……

  6. in todayss sbb they showed nishas vidaai maaza ayega

  7. wow ganwal family …. u all r so lucky …… such a nice damaad u have got….. congratssssssssssss………

    1. hyy kanisha hw r u?

      1. i’m very very fine. .. by the way mujhe kya hoga……

      2. KUCHH NHII 🙂 hoga tumhe

    2. bilkul sahi kaha ……… acha jamaai mila gangwal’s ko us kaminey summit ki tharah nahi…….. hamara KABIR toh sabki fikar kartha hey na……….

    3. Absolutely ur crt kanisha ……. Gangwal family Ku super mapillai( damaad) amanchiruku…… 🙂 🙂 really they were lucky…..

      1. hahaha exactly susi.. 😉 😛 ….mappillai… !!!!!!! 😛 😛

  8. yaar very exited for the next episode…… plzzz nishu kabhi tu bhi kabir ko kiss kar diya kar….

  9. guys…ek aur shocker on its way…
    goodness kabir and viraj are not even real brothers…they are step brothers!!!! :O :O S#!T !!!!!! :O

  10. I am still a bit confused…… Precap showed Viraj cming to stall the wedding wen Kabir was applying sindoor but the episode shown on 23 rd(thats today) showed him cming even before Nisha came down…… So is he going ro come again as he even said ‘ Main aapko aur kisika nahi hone doonga’

    1. are that was just a way to show that he’ll come to stop d wedding…usne aake shaadi rokne ki koshish ki na…bas…iske age woh firse aega toh use toh bohot maar padegi… 😛 😉

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