Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 20th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 20th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, nisha hides under virajs bed, viraj sits on his bed, takes an empty letter n writes it to his mother reading mom why did u leave am I so bad that u didn’t feel like returning me, I miss u everyday, I promise u that I will fulfill my dads wish of worlds best sports academy n then I think u will find me, n come back to me. From a drawer viraj takes his moms bangle keeps it beside his bed n goes to sleep. Ramesh asks umesh not to get scared, umesh says but its high time I have to tell dad or else amanpreet will have to go with her uncle, dadi says whatever but whenever u talk to ur dad umesh take care that he doesn’t get hyper. Vijendra angrily calls everyone, ramesh says why are u so upset n angry, vijendra says vimla shd be coming with me but now she is denying,

vimla says Im coming, rukhma go just pack to sarees, vijendra goes for taxi, vimla says umesh look at ur dad plz don’t take any such step that upsets ur dad anymore, ramesh says vimla I will take care of umesh, vimla says umesh any of ur step that is against my n ur dads wish I will take ramesh responsible for it so think on it, vimla leaves. Ramesh says mohan the other bangle is ready plz give it too roopan so that this topic ends here. Nisha seeing viraj asleep, slowly comes out, she reads the letter that viraj has written, nisha feels bad looks at viraj , keeps the letter back n leaves, she goes to the door, while opening the door, viraj pulls her n pushes her on the sofa, nisha says sir its me nisha , viraj leaves her, viraj says u always land in wrong place at wrong time, nisha starts crying, viraj says why are u crying did I hurt u, wat are u doing here plz stop crying, how did u get here, plz plz stop crying firstly u entered my house like a thief n now ur crying this is making me feel so bad. Viraj offers nisha tissue, n says see I don’t like this crying thing, viraj offers nisha water, nisha gives him her used tissue n takes the glass of water, viraj gives her a weird look n throws it in the dustbin, viraj says so begin with ur fav word, nisha says sorry sir, viraj says that’s good n now start how n why, nisha says sir vodka, viraj says so ur vodka thief, nisha says sir plz let me speak, viraj says ur at my place , nisha says so, viraj says tell me, nisha says I spoke rudely with u so I came here to say sorry, viraj says are froma circus, nisha says how do u know, u know im from a family with 15 n so it becomes a circus, viraj says whatever let me drop u I cant leave u like this n how much vodka did u have, nisha says sorry sir I will bring n new one n give u, viraj says I didn’t meab that u shdnt drive when u had vodka, nisha says sir show me three fingers , viraj shows, nisha says one two three see I can read , viraj says still, viraj says oh my car keys are with dadaji, nisha says no wrry I have my scooty we will go on that, viraj says ohk, nisha texts sourabh to leave or else he will be caught. Nisha n viraj go on her scooty, nisha drives it, nisha keeps talking while riding, viraj says plz concentrate , nisha says though I have dashed into 2 or 3 times I can ride bike, viraj says stop now u sit behind n I shall ride, viraj says so how many of u are in circus, nisha tells each ones name, viraj says ur lucky u have a wonderful family, nisha shares with viraj funny things abt her n her cousins, viraj says u know everything abt cousins wat abt u, nisha says I will surely reach my dream some day, nisha says my house is here, viraj drops her, nisha says ur hair is little messy, vuraj adjusts it, nisha says sir plz sign this, viraj looks at it,n says u will decide u want to come or not, nisha says me, viraj says ur impulsive n keep doing foolish things ur brave but my academy needs a focused person n if u have this in u , u can come but to be frank I didn’t find it in u.

PRECAP: Viraj says to nisha u aren’t fit for this job according to me, may be u shd try something else.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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