Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 18th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 18th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, ramesh n laxmi hear nishas voice n go to her room n see her all scared, laxmi asks her wats is the problem, nisha says nothing, laxmi says nisha why did u says yes to marriage nisha, nisha says i have slowly started liking ritesh n he is a good guy, laxmi says but ur eyes are saying something else, nisha says wat, laxmi says they are hiding something that is troubling u, tell me wat is it, ramesh says she wont tell u, did she tell u she is having those scary dreams again, nisha says mom its normal n im very sleepy so no more discussions, laxmi n ramesh wish her good night n leave.
Next mrning nisha hears someome calling her she goes n sees sourabh n says wait i will come down n then we will talk. Nisha goes down n says why are u here early morning, im here to ask u why did u say yes to ritesh, nisha says sourabh u leave orelse dadaji will scold u, dadaji comes n says sourabh,sourabh says dadaji im sorry, dadaji says now a days u don’t say Namaste n only sorry n yes talk to the person for sweets u had ordered while dollys wedding.dadaji sees ramesh n ask him where is he going, ramesh says to fetch some vegetables, dadaji says umesh will do that u go n get the packet of diamonds n come to shop we have lot of work there, ramesh says ok. Nisha says its good from my one yes so many things have changed.
Jwala while leaving from school sees her tutor there,she shows him maths paper where she has done very badly,tutor says ok we will work on it next time, he offers her to drop her on denying forces her but till then suku comes n jwala goes with suku.
Laxmi goes to nishas school,n asks the principle there if any such incident took place with nisha when she was in 8th or 9th ,at the beginning the principle dpesnt coordinate well but on explained by laxmi agrees to coordinate.
Nisha goes to dadi n try to cheer her up, dadi says i didn’t like ur decision, nisha says im happy with my decision n says i want u to be happy as well, dadi says if ur happy im happy as well, nisha shows dadi a story in newspaper abt rifle shooter who was paralysed for 2 years n has come back, dadi sees his photo n says his face resembles the boy abt whom i dreamt for u, nisha says dadi im getting married to ritesh, dadi says anything can happen may be god does some miracle n this dreamy boys falls for u, nisha says dadi ur very cute n leaves the room.
Suku says nisha choose between riju chiju or suju, nisha says wat is this, suku says these are riteshs nick names. laxmi sees nisha with suku n slowly goes to her room. Roopan calls jwala to get ready for her tuitions. Laxmi searches nishas cupboards, vimla sees laxmi n asks her why is she so tensed, laxmi says the doctor asked me to search for clues, vimla says i will help u n both start searching, they find nishas scrapbook, vimla says nisha was so talented would bring atleast one award for archery , wat were those days n why did nisha quit games was there ant study pressure, laxmi says not at least from me or ramesh, vimla gets a call from panditji n leaves, laxmi finds few pages in scrapbook torn, laxmi clicks the half torn pages photos.
Mohan talks on phone abt the 5 lakh loan, roopan asks jwala abt maths papers, jwala lies to her saying she hasn’t got them yet, roopan n mohan get into quarrel due to 5 lakh loan. Jwalas tutor comes, roopan tells him that her math papers haven’t come yet n she is worried, tutor(ashish)says no worry she will get good marks i will work on it just make sure no one disturbs us, roopan says ok n leaves. Ashish says to jwala good u didn’t show math paper to ur mummy ur math sir is mt friend i will ask him to take a retest n then u show her the new paper. Nisha sees that ashish is being very touchy.ashish says jwala come to terrace im waiting n leaves, nisha calls jwala n says im finding ur sir very weird wat was he saying, jwala says he was saying abt studies n nothing much, nisha says ok but be careful.

Laxmi tells doctor abt the torn pages, doctor says this means nisha has definitely gone through something very serious.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  2. Desperate to knw nisha truth

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