Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 18th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 18th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, laxmi sees kabir at the gate and asks him what is he doing here,kabir says just going on a walk, laxmi says don’t be scared and holds his hand gives him keys and says lock when u come back and if u ever wish to share something don’t hesitate,kabir says aunty, is it fine if I call aunty,laxmi says yes it is I know it will take time to come to mom but its ok,kabir says do u think me n nisha are good for eachother I mean compatible we don’t even know eachother,laxmi says even years sometimes are not enough when nisha said yes even I thought for a second but then since I trust my daughter I would like to go by her decision and if u weren’t the right guy u wouldn’t be here and would have ran away don’t worry I know its not easy but today the way u stood by nisha I wish u do it always god bless u and yes take care it’s a bit cold.
Rukhma tells nisha dadaji is calling her,nisha goes to dadajis room, dadaji asks where is kabir,nisha says kabir has gone,dadaji says what rubbish look who is standing behind u,nisha turns and sees kabir smiling,dadaji says come come I need to talk to u,kabir get ur parents number I need to talk to them, kabir says number is in phn,phn is charging and room is upstairs and anyways mom will be sleeping so I will give u tomorrow,dadaji says ok.
Nisha asks kabir why didn’t u go,kabir says for u wify and I thought I shd give it a try,nisha gives him cold look, kabir says I thought if I go the situation will worsen so I came back as a key to the problems and gives nisha keys and says give these to ur very sweet mom.suku tells ramesh that nisha took the decision in anger, ramesh says I knew something was wring but whysuku says bcoz of viraj and kaira,ramesh says I have to talk to babuji abt it and ramesh leaves,laxmi comes and says where are u going, suku what happened.

Kabir says to nisha see after 3 months my visa expires then I shall leave and anyways I have no money and for 3 months we will live like a married couple and just fight and so family will know we aren’t compatible and one day I will vanish and then all u will get is sympathy hows it, nisha says I don’t know but we will go by it and kabir thanku for being with me when I saw u back I felt so relaxed don’t know how to say u thanku,kabir says u can kiss me,nisha and kabir smile.nisha sees ramesh walking towards dadajis room in anger and follow him.
Dadaji says to ramesh I wouldn’t like to speak on kabir and nisha,ramesh says but this isn’t fair i=and I wont let it happen,dadaji says what u will leave house again, see ramesh if something wrong u do may be our relation will get worst, nisha says I wont let it happen kabir u go plz,ramesh says kabir and nisha are too young and nisha is doing it in anger,dadaji says already the picture has created lot of problems not anymore, nisha says dad dadaji is right im ready for marriage,dadaji says see she is more smarter than u,dadaji and ramesh leave.nisha walks,dadi says stop nisha I know what are u going through but abt ur decision its right for this situation and I know u will live up to it I know it wasn’t easy for u but I know ur very smart and if u want my help tell me,nisha says I didn’t take this situation for family but in anger as viraj is getting married he made it easy to take this decision,when I heard abt it I got so angry that I said yes,dadi hugs nisha and says see child whatever happen its for our good and I see truth in ur eyes and I trust ur strength don’t lose hope.
Ramesh calls nisha, dadi says nisha go now handle ur dad,nisha says yes I will and goes to ramesh, ramesh and laxmi in the room,on nisha entering ramesh says why are u doing this why did u say yes I know u aren’t happy,nisha says I am happy thousand times I have told u why did u go to dadaji, trust me dad I am happy to get married to kabir,ramesh says isn’t it the truth that u said yes in anger bcoz of viraj,now tell me truth nisha,nisha says yes,laxmi says nisha,nisha says laxmi relax me and dad the decision though in anger im happy bcoz im moving om and no more attached to the past associated with viraj, I know I loved him but now he is my past and kabir my future and dad don’t take tension u don’t look good, smile u look nice,laxmi says ramesh we should trust her.
Kabir on terrace nisha comes with coffe and gives him, and says now we cant move back,kabir says we had no option it would have been a huge problem for the whole family,and plz don’t get senti I love this coffee and so im back, nisha says u never are serious, kabir says I came here for photo and look what happened and now we have three months god knows what will happen.

PRECAP: nisha says to viraj sir look into my eyes im ur nisha trisha and all the names u gave me and I know u still love me sir.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. but I still pray that it shud be a dream or any imagination or any joke but not should be in real…..

    1. my strategy tells love becomes unconditionable when someone willnot realise that he or she loves and cares for him or her

  2. r u also from Kerala or TM.??????

    1. naa i m from north side of india

  3. hai kanisha … also from kerala

  4. yes it should be ………. but kabir’s expression were awsom in the precap when he looked towards viraj nd nisha

  5. but i’m not from Kerala or TM… I was just asking….

    1. ok……..where?

  6. i’m also from north side but living in M.P…….

      1. 🙂 🙂 😛

  7. hey ppl…u know what??!!! i wrote to star plus at [email protected] n they responded…!!! 😀 they say that NAUC is not going off air…n the second thing…i wrote to em about the NIBIR thing as well….that there r many ppl who lyk and support the nisha-kabir jodi…n its just bcz viraj was introduced first opposite nisha and he got so much time to establish his character that ppl still luv him…i told them that they should give the nisha-kabir track sum more time…so that kabir also gets sufficient time to establish his character….n they said that they r happy wid my response 😀 and would convey it to the producing team….come on nibir fans keep writing to star plus at [email protected] or call at 1800 3000 7827 and show ur support for NIBIR!!! 😀


      1. Hi sweet 🙂

    2. Omg yeyyyyyyyy thank u so much amyra 🙂 🙂 😀

    3. thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu is very small but thaaankkkkkkkk uuuuuu ………. i willl surely try …….

  8. o my god , o my god , o my god ,…….
    yaaaaaaa … thanku so much amyra…. :-)))))):::::::

  9. keep writing…still niraj is on the lead….each and every response of ours counts…so show ur full fledged support to nibir jodi!!! becoz we r THE NIBIR FANS!!! 😀 😀 😀 and we r no less!!! kyunki aakhir me hamara dilwaala kabira hi dulhania nisha ko le jaana chahiye…aur kai nahi!! 😀 😉

    1. Hey amyra. I can’t understand some words u wrote in Hindi can u pls translate…

      1. i said that in the end it must be kabir who should marry nisha and no one else… 😉

    2. but don’t stop this with just a thanx…do write to star plus and show ur support for nibir..and make them understand that the real hero is none other than kabir!!! 😀 :* <3

      1. I am keep on writing amyra. …..always our real hero is kabirrrrrrrrr I love so much kabir 🙂 😀

    3. yaar amyra thum apna sentence sahi karo “” aakhir mey hamara dilwaala kabir hi dulhania nisha ko LE JAAYEGA “” ( le jaana chahiye nahi ) …………

      1. i told ya…m super bad at hindi… 😛 but nyway…thanx… 😉 🙂

  10. bilkul sahi…. dilwaali dulhania kabir hi lejaayega…..

  11. Love kabir and nisha’s jodi

    Viraj is just so nt required in nisha’s life after hurting her so much,though latter there should be revelation of buaji

    Bt bt bt it is nisha n kabir ki jodi hit hai…viraj should should know the truth n apologise thats it..!!!!!! Plz makers let kabir n nisha fall dr each other in 3 months

  12. Love nibir……only

    Nooooooooooooo for viraj

  13. o wow !!! thax amyra n u r right we r no less than niraj fans…..thanx 1nce again

  14. wow amyra kya news sunai hai
    but plz plz plz i’m so so sorry kyonki mai wo sab nahi likh sakti :-((……. jo tum sab log starplus ko likhkar bhej rahe ho….. plz yaaarrr mujhe tum sab maaf kar dena…… but mera fullllllly support tumhaare saath hai……… plz i’m so sorryyyyyyyyyyyyy……

  15. we want nibir nibir nibir nibir nibir nibir nibir nibir ………………..we all r vd u nibiiiirrr……..

  16. Oh God what an awful precap why can’t this nisha understand that that ugly viraj is not suitable for her!? And that ugly aman should know her limits and stop poking her nose in other’s lives and stop advicing them and diverting them! And btw amyra thanks for the info

  17. oh!! my my….. what a bad precap….. ;-oOoOoOoO

  18. Personally I like to see niraj more on this show…but iam more interested In seeing how they get the academy back running… and will nisha continue her career in shooting or not… and how niraj together get the academy flying high…

  19. okk nyce 🙂

  20. yeahhhh…….

  21. kabir is gud .viraj look like nishu’s granpa

    1. Ha ha haaaaa ya 🙂 😀


  22. No devga kandipa enaku pidikavey illa ……….yuck


    2. yaarrr susi again Tamil…….( :-(((

      1. OK tell me the meaning of :- ninak watt aaand (its Malayalam)……tellllll????.

  23. I to think so …r u from chennai???

    1. I am from tamilnadu Susi

      1. Me too Sri…

      2. me tamilian too!!! 😀 😀 😉

  24. gud evening devga ….
    I think Nisha and kabir will surely love each other in these three month……. now let’s see what happens next……………

    1. Gud evening guys ..ohh I don’t know malayalam

      1. my friend is Malayalam that’s y i know its meaning :- “u r mad “……. (don’t feel badd Yarr … I was just checking whether u know the meaning of it or not…..)……….

  25. really very funnnyyyyy :-))))

    1. So sry kanisha ….. I can see more Tamil people here ….

      1. don’t say sry…. no need. OK …..

  26. Rahul reallyyyy very funnyyyy. :-))))) (*_____*)……

  27. I think today amyra is very busy….. yaarr amyra i miss u :-(((

  28. hey guys…did u c d recent spoilers….viraj is going to cum to nisha-kabir’s wedding…and would try to stop it!!! 🙁 and then he will open his heart out to nisha then and there….that he loves her a lot…and due to sum circumstances he wasn’t able to tell her….now what!!!shaadi honi chahiye yaar!! 🙁

    1. thanks amyra for this website…..

      1. Mee too amyra thank u

    2. amyra,dont u viraj??/

      1. actually dont u like viraj??

      2. sorry…but i don’t lyk viraj….. 😛 not at all…..coz he is way to mature for nisha…sorry… 😉

  29. what!!!! r u telling??? how do u know???? yaarr its very bad news…. viraj mind ur own don’t spoil nisha’s life and my favorite NAUC……plzzzzz
    And where r u busy amyra???? i miss u yaaarrrrr…

  30. yaaar viraj shud not be succeed in his plan…. plzzz

    1. U Viraj as rahul said u looking like nisha ‘ s grandpa So ashirvad leje…. But don’t interfere in nisha’s life….. ….. Kkk & mind ur own business 😛

  31. hi guys hope ur 10th std exams r going well… I wish kiara n viraj r together n nisha n kabir together n it is good to know nisha is letting kabir called her wify. N amyra thanks for that website as I was eager to know what’s happening next 🙂

  32. pls.pls.plsssss bring nisha and viraj back 2gether

  33. never never never :-P…….

  34. Nisha n kabir is best from start I dint like viraj

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