Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 15th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 15th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, kirti says to ritesh that dadaji must have called him to know his opinion on CCTV , ritesh says its cool but im little scared kirti asks him not to worry n asks him to reject the idea of CCTV at home n agree only for shops. Roopan asks rukhma to iron her 70000 sari very neatly n carefully, dadi says laxmi u help me get ready n u get ready as well, laxmi says ok i will get ready n then come to ur room. Ritesh goes to dadaji.mohan asks vijendra how to check weather a guy is good or not, he says don’t ask me silly questions im already tensed. Mohan n ramesh stare at ritesh in strange manner, ritesh drinks mineral water, ramesh in his minds says this mineral water is not a good option for nisha, ritesh uses sanitizer, mohan says in minds his a kirti type guy good choice, vijendra says in mind i wish i had found him for dolly atleast his parents wouldn’t demand non veg. Dadaji says todays kids are very intelligent so rites hi guess u know why ur called here, ritesh says yes i know, ritesh says n its good to be concerned abt security n its very good, dadaji says i wish ur parents wont appose, ritesh says no they wont infact that wat they want, infact i asked my father which system is best n he said mine is tthe right one, n by the way how many cameras u want, ramesh says to mohan why is he worried abt the marriage video now, dadaji asks ritesh will it be a good decision to invest, ritesh says ya just order me n i will do it for u, dadaji says ok, n says ramesh mohan vijendra do u have any questions, mohan asks how is ur digestive system, ritesh says its good why, ramesh asks did u wash ur hair today, ritesh says no i will wash it later, mohan asks wat is ur shirt size, dadaji says stop making fun of him, dadaji says ramesh drop him home, ritesh says ok dadaji n one more thing ur option is best decision for ur shop, dadaji n others get confused, dadaji says i think he has misunderstood the marriage proposal. Ritesh says ramesh uncle i have best dealers just msg me if u have queries ramesh asks dealers, ritesh says i will see u later. Nisha sourabh n dolly force a hacker from their college to hack summits account, the hacker agrees, nisha says before we begin are we doing the right thing, dolly says yes it is if we don’t do this my life will be an hell after marriage, nisha says ok , the hacker hacks summits account n sents an email accepting the transfere order, while sourabh n nisha fight weather to rwrite Bangalore or bengluru , n dolly sends an email in her rubbish English, reading it nisha n sourabh get angry n yell at dolly for her stupidness. Nisha dolly sourabh come back home, umesh asks dolly where was she dolly say she was busy in parlour, summits come there n very angrily takes dolly to a side n yells at her saying with whose permission did she mailed his boss , umesh asks summit to calm down n asks him wat is the matter, summit tells umesh that dolly mailed his boss for Bangalore transfer, umesh says dolly why did u do this, nisha says wat option did she have from day one u are lying to her summit, umesh asks nisha not to come in between them, dolly says why shd she be quite she is just telling the truth, sourabh says don’t tell anything to them i hacked summits account n nisha is right summit shd have thought abt dollys feelings, summit gets abgry n says who the hell are u to speak in us im her to be husband,sourabh says shes first my friend n don’t think u can do anything with her n think we will remain quite, umesh asks them to calm down n asks summit why did he lie to dolly, summit says i agree i lied but that doesn’t mean she hacks my mails, dolly says u shd have told me on day one abt ur decision there was no need to lie, marriage is best on trust n looks like u don’t trust me n if this is wats gonna be continued i don’t want to marry u, summit says ok we quite this marriage n leaves, dolly starts crying,ramesh comes n sees dolly crying n asks wats the matter, umesh says dolly is getting emotional abt her marriage.

PRECAP: Suku calls umesh n asks him to come to guest house urgently as there is big problem.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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