Nimki Vidhayak 25th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Nimki have a showdown with Ganga

Nimki Vidhayak 25th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki comes to Ganga. Ganga says come inside, see my hand is bleeding. Nimki says you should have called a doctor. Ganga says this is a small wound but the stabbing that I have got on the back, what about that? You took my chair away, you must have got some guts. I won’t be able to save you now. Nimki says your saree has a stain too. Ganga says I won’t scold you. Nimki says you know I was a fan of yours, I wanted every woman like you, you had this motherly love but I know the truth about you now. This woman is just a filthy human. Ganga glares at her. Nimki says you portray yourself as a leader for women but you traffick girls? Ganga is shocked. Nimki says I know about your business of girls trafficking, I was there to find my sister but I found about you, I don’t know how many girls were destroyed by you. How many? You must have kept a count. Ganga says you did all this for that matter? I thought there was something else, I thought you backstabbed me. Nimki says I did it with my intelligence, I won’t let you become a CM. Ganga says there is nothing like that. Nimki says don’t try to touch me. Ganga says I am a big person, I will never traffick girls, this Mishra is behind all that. Nimki says you are lying? I have heard you, I know how you run that business. Ganga says you want to control my life, what do you want? Do you want a position? Big house? Big car? I will get everything for you. Nimki says you will go to jail and then you won’t have all that, you have already given me the CM chair. Ganga shouts at her and says enough, you think that you know everything so you can win? I will crush you easily. I have removed my sindoor so you are nothing. This world follows me so go and tell that you won’t become a CM and I will get that seat. Nimki glares at her. Ganga says if you have a problem in saying then you will see what I do with you. Nimki says you have no shame. You can meet your son the last time before going to jail. That CM chair is mine, don’t try to threaten me again. I can end you with that. She wears her glasses and leaves. Ganga throws a vase in anger.

Scene 2
Mahua is worried about Nimki. Abhi says don’t worry, Ganga can’t do anything with Nimki. All politicians are there. Nahar says Nimki is going to become a CM? How did this happen? Mahua says Nimki trapped Ganga to make her a CM. Nahar says wo. He gets Shankar’s call and thinks that he will ask me why I didn’t inform him before.

Mishra tells Ganga that Nahar should have told us about this plan. He is on Nimki’s side. Ganga says this girl didn’t do it for power, she did it to take revenge from me. Mishra says we can take her and hide her. Ganga says Nimki made a big issue when her sister was kidnapped, if you do something stupid then we will go to jail.

PRECAP- Hanuman calls Ganga and says if you don’t make Nimki a CM then we will take our support from you. Nimki says I will even give a seat to Ganga in the cabinet. Ganga gets angry hearing it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Is Nimki better than Ganga? Do a visceral analysis. No, she is not. Both are b*t*hes. But Nimki is a bigger b*t*h, she is an all time whore. She is as shitty as this serial, and as shitty as its maker Zama Habib.

  2. The maker, Zama Habib, in his pseudo purrsuit of women empowement, has taught the women two lessons through his b*t*hy character Nimki, which are both counter productive to the women empowerment. Firstly, a woman cannot empower herself without being a b*t*h, and secondly, a woman cannot empower herself if she is married or if she has children in which case she must kill them or throw them out of her life to get empowered. Hell with the serial, hell with Nimki, and hell with Zama Habib!

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