Nimki Vidhayak 24th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Nimki back stabs Ganga

Nimki Vidhayak 24th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki sits in her room and recalls her time with Babbu. She then recalls trapping Ganga to become a CM. She thinks that I am worried that something is gonna happen.

In the morning, Nimki enters Ganga’s house. All ministers are there. Mishra is shouting at Hanuman. Nimki asks them to calm down. Hanuman tells Ganga that you should have considered asking us before choosing a CM. Mishra says I won’t let you become a CM. Shankar asks them to calm down. Nimki says we shouldn’t fight like this. Hanuman says I want to choose a CM that is lovable by people so I want to vote with everyone else. Ganga says I don’t want to go for voting as that can bring insecurities that is why I choose Nimki as my CM. Nimki says me? Ganga says I am proposing Nimki’s name. Hanuman is shocked and thinks how can this happen? Ganga tells Hanuman that I want to bring new people in this government, let me know if you all agree? Nimki says I can’t take this duty. Ganga says you are a talented person, you will keep everyone happy, she asks everyone if they all agree with Nimki’s name? Mishra says I am giving Nimki’s name too. Hanuman and others agree with Nimki’s name too. Ganga tells Nimki that I have done my work, you have to do you work now. You will become a CM. Ganga thinks that she will suggest Ganga’s name but Nimki thinks that her game is going to end now.

Scene 2
Mai talks to Pishko and says I can get a job for you from Ganga. Minto says she is a busy person, you can’t go there. Mai says I went to her house once.

Nimki tells everyone that I am blessed to have my name taken. This is a duty and I am answerable to people. A CM has to be just and honest so it can’t be given to a wrong person. Thank you for choosing me but I can’t do this alone.. I want support of you all, you people have made me a CM and I promise to always be with you. Ganga has supported me and I will not disappoint her. All cheer for her. Ganga looks on.

Tunee comes to his house and says Nimki will become a CM soon. Dumri says she is a CM now? Tunee says there is still time for that but her name has been chosen for it. Sweety says Ganga must be fuming right now. Abhi says Nimki will not spare her now.

Everyone congratulate Nimki. Ganga’s hand gets burned. Nimki asks if she is fine? Ganga says yes. Nimki thanks her for choosing her. Ganga leaves from there. Ganga tells Shankar that

PRECAP- Nimki tells Ganga that I was a fan of yours but I know now that you are a trafficker of girls. Ganga is shocked to hear that.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Nimki (read Zama Habib), you have been having the b*t*h’s day all these while. It’s high time now that you are had once for all. Anaro, where are you? Rise and shoot this Nimki dead and avenge your son Babbu’s treacherous killing by her! This would be the most just and logical end to this serial.

    1. Well said, Subhadra. Those who live by the sword are perished by the sword. This Nimki b*t*h has been living by connig, mindless revenge and rancour, treason, and treacherous murders. Let Babbu and his family be avenged. Let Anaro shoot her dead. Firstly, Nimki is not a heroine, she is a vamp. And even if one insists that she is a heroine, then still, she is a heroine with dark/grey character, and such heros/heroines are killed in the end (Amitabh Bachhan in Diwar, Dilip Kumar in Ganga Jamna etc) to part the lesson that such characters, even if they are heros/heroines, cannot be glorified. Let this b*t*h Nimki get killed by Anaro. This would be an apt end to this filthy serial.

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