Nimki Vidhayak 22nd November 2019 Written Episode Update: Nimki saves Minto’s life

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Nimki Vidhayak 22nd November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The fake nurse gives injection to Minto. Nimki comes there and asks how is he? He says he is fine. Suddenly Minto starts shivering. Nimki asks what happened? She finds the knife with that nurse and tries to grab him but he runs away. Nimki takes off Minto’s IV canola and calls the doctor. Nimki tells Dadi that someone was giving him the wrong injection. Dadi says don’t lie, you were here to hurt him. Nimki says no, I am not lying. Dadi asks her to leave, you will kill him. The doctor asks Nimki to leave. Dadi says if she doesn’t leave then I will kill myself. Nimki leaves. The doctor tells Dadi that he is fine now. Dadi holds his hand and he grabs it in his sleep. Dadi smiles.

Shankar point the gun at the nurse. Ganga says I gave you one work and Minto is still alive. The nurse says I was doing my work but Nimki came there. Ganga says Nimki is destroying my plan, she asks Shankar to shoot him otherwise he is dead. Shankar is shocked and shoots the nurse. He is shivering. Ganga says this is your last mistake. She asks the servant to clean this body mess.

Scene 2
Nimki is worried. Abhi asks what happened? Nimki says I did the mistake of not recognizing the right person. Abhi says Babbu gave you worst wounds. Nimki says Minto saved my life, I have learned to trust him and I will move on in my life. I have to ask forgiveness from Minto, I am not a villain, I shot him and I don’t feel good. Dumri brings the tea and says this is a house and not a five-star hotel. Abhi thanks her. Dumri says she keeps shouting at me. Nimki smiles.

In the morning, Tune and Nimki bring Dumri to the hospital. She says what is happening here?

Dadi is in Minto’s room and checks the juice that the nurse brings. Dadi sees Nimki and asks why she is here again? Nimki says why? This is a hospital and my Mausi is ill. She asks the doctor to check her, she is not feeling well. Dadi says you are here to kill my Minto. Nimki says stop with your drama. I am here for my aunt’s treatment. She asks the doctor to check her, he says okay. Dadi says I will kill myself. Nimki says you can do anything you want.

PRECAP- Nimki says to unconscious Minto that I am sorry, my past has become your enemy as well but I won’t let anything happen to you. She turns to leave but Minto holds her hand and says I will never forgive you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. This b*t*h Nimki would do better to regret and repent for what she has done to Babbu and his family (agreed that they too have been equally bad to her, but then they are done with), rather than apologizing to Mintu, lest Babbu’s ghost keeps haunting her for life. Remember Brutus and Caesar in Julius Caesar? There too, Brutus thought he is a hero after murdering Caesar. This b*t*h Nimki too considers herself a heroine, duly supported by her coterie of stooge dogs- BDO and Tunne. Ha…ha…ha.

    1. Well quoted Tony. Dying words of Brutus, “Caesar, thou are avenged even with the sword that killed thee”. Nimki, thou Vamp, watch out.

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