Nimki Mukhiya 9th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Sweety doesn’t win

Nimki Mukhiya 9th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Abhi says to Nimki that we have to find out who irritated bees. Ritu says it was a small thing, let it be. Mauha cries, Mono says her painting destroyed. Ritu says to Tettar that Sweety shouldnt win, all are angry about bees and if your daughter wins then they will say you arranged this event because of her. Tettar says do something. Ritu changes prizes and says we should give first prize to Richa and give second to Mauha. Mehtu says to Sweety that you will win. Nimki says I feel like Sweety will win.
Tettar says to people that I got bitten by bees too. Nimki asks who won first prize? Tettar says let me announce second prize first, second prize goes to Mauha. All hug Muaha and clap for her. Ritu says its villagers’ victory. Tettar asks Nimki to give prize to Mauha. Nimki gives

her the award. Tettar says now its time for first prize, it goes to Richa from village. All are surprised but claps for her. Richa is the same girl who saw Chirag irritating bees. She takes prize from Tettar. Tettar thanks everyone, he says everyone will get prize who took part in competition today, all chant for Tettar. Mehtu says to Tettar that you pleased people.
Elena says to Sweety that you should have won. Sweety says winning is not everything. Abhi says you won in my eyes.

Kundan says to Chirag that you irritated bees? Chirag sees Richa going to Tettar. She tells Tettar that Chirag did all that. Tettar grabs Kundan. Kundan asks him to calm down. Babbu slaps Chirag and says I will not spare you. Chirag glares at Richa, she leaves. Tettar asks Kundan to remain in limits, he leaves with Babbu.

Scene 2
Dublo meets Nahar and says what? now you wont arrange your function? Nahar says we have to cancel it. Chirag says I can arrange it. Nahar says you cant do anything, you couldnt destroy Tettar’s function, Kundan says he tried. Nahar says you were exposed by a girl. Dublo says now Tettar wont trust Kundan. Nahar says you both are useless. Chiragh says you are insulting my father. Nahar says one girl exposed you and you couldnt do anything. Kundan and Chirag leaves. Nahar asks Dublo what to do now? He says let me think.

Dumri says to Tunee that bees bit me so much. Nimki is there too and says bees bite seeing people’s nature, all laugh. Ram asks Mono to bring toothpaste, it will soothe her. Dumri says apply it from your hands. Nimki asks Mauha to keep the painting safe. Mauha says my painting was destroyed and they gave me the prize? Nimki it was destroyed after you made it, they saw your efforts, you should become a painter, fulfill your dream. Mono says Nimki wanted to marry in a big house and she did. Nimki recalls how Mai said that she was not their daughter in law. Ram asks if she is going to palace? Nimki says I dont want to go there… I mean I want to spend sometime here, I will have fun here. All say yes. Nimki is sad.

Ritu says to Sweety that this competition will help Tettar win the elections. Sweety puts ice on her bees bites. Ritu shows her painting and says I saved your painting. Sweety says but you didnt have time to save me, Ritu says Abhi was saving you, your painting deserved to win. Sweety says I knew you wouldnt let me win because of your politics. Ritu says I am doing all this for your father. Sweety says let me tell you that I went there for Nimki only. Ritu says not for Abhi? She glares at him.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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