Nimki Mukhiya 8th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Sweety wry of Abhi and Nimki

Nimki Mukhiya 8th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tunee announces people you should gather for Janmashtami function, villagers says many people are still missing.
Tunee comes to house and says to Ram that see we have done such good arrangements, Dumri asks where is Babbu? Nimki says he will come soon, all leave. Tunee asks if Babbu will come? Nimki says Babbu is not taking call, let me call Diamond. She calls Diamond and asks where is Babbu? Diamond says he is watching dance performance with me, he is not coming, he ends call. Tunee says what will you do now? Nimki looks on.

Diamond and Babbu are drunk and enjoying dance party. Diamond says you had to go to Nimki’s function as a good husband, Babbu slaps him. Nimki comes there. Babbu doesnt see her and says I am not her father’s servant that I will go to her.

He turns and sees Nimki there, he says you shouldnt have come here, you are Tettar’s daughter in law. Nimki says you shouldnt have come too, you are Nimki’s husband, my father is waiting for you. Babbu says what is this father father? what can I do to make your father happy? I dont want to be your goodie goodie husband, get lost from here before I create a drama of you. He goes to dance again, Nimki is hurt and turns to leave from there. She sees power switches and turns it off, she thinks that if he thinks that he can enjoy dance after breaking my father’s promise then I cant let it happen.

Nimki comes to function. Mauha says is Babbu ill? or something else? Nimki says nothing else. Mauha says what we will tell papa? Nimki says let me think, he thinks Babbu didnt do right.

Abhis and others comes in function, they greet everyone. Mauha says Elena is like Radha. Abhi asks where is Nimki? Mauha says she is Radha so she is practicing.
Abhi comes in house and sees Nimki tensed. He asks if everything is fine?
In function, Sweety arrives and greets everyone, she says Babbu is not feeling well. Dumri asks what happened? Tunee says dont worry, I am here. I will go and meet Nimki.
Nimki says to Abhi that I did all this so I and Babbu can surprise Ram as Radha and Krishna but Babbu is not coming.. she thinks and says you always said that you will be with me, can you become my Krishna? He thinks and says okay.. Nimki holds his hand and says thank you, you will be my Krishna now. Sweety comes there and is stunned to see them. Nimki says you will be my Krishna now, she leaves with him and doesnt see Sweety there.

In palace, Mai says to Ritu that you are a useless husband, you couldnt stop Sweety? you have no manliness. Tettar says she is right, make her follow her limits. Babbu asks what happened? Mai says she left our function and went to village. Rekha says someone is always there from us. Babbu gets angry and says I will bring her from there. Rekha says you might stay there, Babbu shouts to stop it, I will bring her back. Ritu says let me see what you can do to bring honor of house back, Mai tell him to show his manliness. Babbu says I will bring her in half an hour.

In village, Abhi and Nimki dances as Radha and Krishna. Sweety is uncomfortable seeing them together, Ram is sad that Babbu is not with her. Abhi and Nimki dances together. Tunee and Mauha joins them too. Elena brings Sweety there too. Sweety dances with Abhi. Sweety dances around Abhi with so much energy that all stop and look at them. Nimki is stunned. All clap for them. All see Babbu coming there. Mono says Nimki you said he is ill? Babbu grabs Sweety and says lets go, she says what are you doing? Abhi says leave her. Babbu says this is my family matter and if you try to interfere then I will kill you, all are stunned.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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