Nimki Mukhiya 6th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Sweety’s life in danger

Nimki Mukhiya 6th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Servant says to Nahar that women are taking part in arts competition because Nimki have put a prize gift for winners. Nahar says I knew Nimki would do something, let me talk to Kundan.

Nimki comes on stage, she tests mic, Babbu says its working. Nimki welcomes everyone in competition, my father in law have start this competition for himself, he is not a jerk. Ritu murmurs if she is praising him or insulting him? Nimki says Tettar could have arranged a dance competition but one day Tettar realized to do something for his culture, traditions, she asks everyone to clap for him, all chant for Tettar. Ritu murmurs she is going nice. Nimki says to girls that dont worry, make painting in one hour, you will get a prize and the painting that will win will be given to Priyank Chopra who will

put it on her saree. Ritu is stunned. Babbu says what she is saying? Ritu says let her do it. Painting competition starts. Chirag says to Kundan that I loosen the fan above Mauha, it can fall on her anytime and there will be a huge drama. Kundan says she is Nimki’s sister so it will be a big drama. Kundan calls Nahar and says we have done our work, send your men, this competition will be destroyed, he ends call. Ram comes to Kundan and asks why he is standing in corner, go sit on chairs, Kundan nods.

Mai asks servant where are you going? she says to clean Nimki’s room. Mai shouts that she is not a princess that you will clean for her. Dublo says her room is part of palace too. Nimki says when I look at her room, I feel like burning it. She comes in Nimki’s room and finds her photos there. She brings a broom and starts throwing her things from here and there, she finds a doll there. Rekha says this is Sweety’s doll which Tettar gave her and she gave it to Elena. Mai looks at the doll and says remember Sweety never left this doll and today its in Nimki’s room, she used to sleep with this doll, she gets emotional and says she used to call this doll as her mother.. she recalls Sweety taking Nimki’s side and says everything is changed, my Sweety is a puppet of Nimki. dublo says everything will be fine. Mai says I have been hearing that, that Nimki is taking over every relation. Dublo sees Nahar calling. Mai sees it and says you talk to Nahar? Rekha says its not that Nahar, its my uncle Nahar from Delhi. Dublo says to Mai that you will doubt me now? she says no no. Dublo hugs her. Rekha looks on.

In competition, Nimki sees all doing their paintings and says I am bored. Dumri says to Mauha that see my painting. Nimki says dont disturb her. Two girls fight and cheat. Nimki ask them to not cheat. Tunee says to Nimki that you passed your exam by cheating. Nimki sees Sweety tensed and asks if she is hot? She asks Mauha to shift her seat, let Sweety sit under the fan. Sweety says no no. Mauha says why? because I am a villager? Sweety says no no, okay I will sit at your place. Sweety sits under the fan which Kundan tempered.

Tettar talks to media and says we have to work on our culture, I want to promote our culture like America’s president do. Abhi and Elena comes there. All chant for Tettar. Media takes his photos. Abhi and Elena goes in audition room.

Kundan says to Chirag that why fan is not falling? They see Sweety sitting under the fan and says its more good.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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