Nimki Mukhiya 6th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Nimki’s child in danger

Nimki Mukhiya 6th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mono is crying. Everyone prays for Nimki. Raml says tune went to take blood. Mauha says what if he gets late. Abhi says I have called moray lal. Mauh says I kept fighting and now when I wanted her.. Would she leave me? mono says if anything happens to her I would never talk to you. Abhi says this is only Tettar’s mistake. Babu says I won’t leave her. the doctor says Nimki’s heart is stopping. They all rush to the door. Nimki can’t breathe.

Annaro says rekha get me up. My back hurts. Dablo says leave her. DAblo says amma nimki was hurt too. she is pregnant. Imagine what she must have felt. I am here to tell you, that my relation with you is over. Annaro says what are you saying. Dablo says you can never be anyone’s mother. Rekha says I saw myself, she can’t be anyone’s. Dablo says rekha is right annaro devi. she says I gave you birth. Dablo says you also asked your husband to kill me. I was dead that. You can’t be my mother. You asked babbu to kill sweeti. she was raped everyday and you stood with ritu? What kind of mother are you?

Sweeti looks at Nimki. Babbu comes. Doctor says we are trying but her condition is critical. Sweeti says would she be okay? Doctor says we can’t say anything. Babbu says my child? Doctor says it is difficult to save both. Babbu sits down in shock. Babbu says nimki please open your eyes. I am here. He holds her hand. Babu says nimki open your eyes please. Nothing will happen to my child. Doctor says go out please. ABhi says please look at her condition. Babbu says my child.. They take him outside.
Sweeti says doctor said they can either save the child or nimki. Mono says save my didi please. Babbu leaves. Abhi says nothing would happen to Nimki.

Dablo says I thought at least you love babbu. And now you trapped him in this? You call yourself a mother? How? Annaro says he fooled all of us. Dabo says shuht up. You are not even a woman. You are just a puppet wife of a disgusting man. He hit Nimki. He didn’t even think she is pregnant. Wy did you stop him? And then he did this to you. Still you stood by him? You are a stain on women. He says reka we can’t live in this graveyard. Pack your things, we wont’ live. Let this dead body stay here. Annro cries. Dablo says if your husband dies I wont’ even come to his funeral. If we die before you don’t even let them come near by funeral rekha.

Babbu is upset. He cries. sweeti says everything would be fine. Babbu says nothing would be fine. I lost everything. Sweeti says crying wont change anything. Look at nimki she is still fighting. Tune says let me take mono and ramla home. Mono says I wanna stay here. abhi says no go home and rest. Mono says to Babbu would you take care of her? He says yes. Sweeti says your own family left you but they are you family now. You have to take care of them. Babbu says you used to tell me kids pay for their father’s sins. I did sins, so my child paid for it? Mauha cries. Tune takes ramla and mono home. Mauha hugs abhi and cries.

Tettar says Babbu is over. He has hit his wife and mom. He is accused. He tells chairman. Chairman says why did he do it? Ritu says he is aggressive. Tettar says yes. He can’t control his anger. My wife is so not well. she really loved Babbu. Tettar says I can do anything for this seat. Ritu says I don’t think Nimki would live.
Precap-Tune asks doctor what happened? They all rush in. Babbu breaks things in anger.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I love her. And I will miss her and the show

  2. I don’t know wts going in director mind bt i dont want that rapist babu singh deserves nimki as wife….in season 2 we all want to see nimki as wife of abhimanu bdo bcs day one only tht was the person who always there for nimki…..i dnt care wt ll happen abt sweety n babu get them new lead bcs nimki loves bdo n bdo loves nimki……if season 2 there is no inderneel sengupta means abhimanu bdo then nobody will going to watch this show… i m saying i hv heard inderneel sengupta hv left the show so i m nt watching it… always happen in all serials ..everytime good person has to suffer a lot will never get success n justice very bad messgae u r giving to society..

    1. If you think that BDO loves Nimki, please reconcile. BDO is a disgraced official who should have been been cashiered by now, but he has not been even transferred. He is not a lover of Nimki. He is her stooge who would unconditionally dance to her tunes. Do you remember how he stooped low and succumbed to the vindictiveness of Nimki to elope with Sweetie (whom he supposedly did not love, and loved Nimki instead). Is dancing to the tunes of one’s beau/ fiancee, unconditional support, and hence true love! As far as Nimki loving BDO is concerned, please make no mistakes, Nimki does not love any one. She loves only herself. She has already dumped many men – Tunne, BDO (thrice), Babbu (on and oft) and many others. She only loves people as long as it suites her. It is one of the ten commandments that the gentlemen should not eye a married lady, a dictum which this BDO always flouts. If Nimki was/is unhappy with Babbu then she must take proper divorce and then only go with any man, BDO, or otherwise. Until then, it will be a sacrilege on part of the makers to pair Nimki-BDO together, and horrendous for the ethical viewers to watch the show. It is better to close the show, whether it is Part-1 or Part-2.

    2. Thts ur thinking we all dnt think like tht both hv done things according to their own purpose n bdo accepted sweetie proposal for sake og nimki love n he teuely resoect her not dancing on her tune n tht time eleena love sweetie as her mother doesn’t like nimki….watch the all episodes again….n i just shared my views i didnt talking to u n everyone has right to share their view point…..wts ur problem….narrow minded people..

  3. Thts ur thinking we all dnt think like tht both hv done things according to their own purpose n bdo accepted sweetie proposal for sake of nimki love n he truely respect her not dancing on her tune n tht time eleena love sweetie as her mother doesn’t like nimki….watch the all episodes again….n i just shared my views i didnt talking to u n everyone has right to share their view point…..wts ur problem….narrow minded people

  4. Ramna Kumari

    Yes, you didn’t talk to me, you only shared your views, which is your right. I respect it. Kindly note that below every view as posted on this site, a ‘Reply’ word is appended for the other viewers to comment on the earlier commentator’s views. Accordingly, I commented, which is my right, and I expect you to respect it. Otherwise, we should avoid posting comments if we get unduly disturbed. Any way, I must respond to your arguments. Firstly, all of the people on Nimki’s side lack the courage to tell her when she is wrong (unless now you feel that Nimki is never wrong), and no guts to resist her for the same. The BDO is no exception. This is because Nimki would dump/destroy any body and every body who don’t tow her line. I respect and love many people, including my parents, husband, my children, but I will not succumb to their in-genuine demands, especially if it has far reaching implications like being part of eloping away with a boy/girl, the way the BDO-Nimki-Tunne trio did with Sweetie, at the behest of Nimki. If this is not dancing to the tunes, what else is it? Fine, the marriage-proposal between Sweetie and BDO was mutually accepted, but eloping to get married is not the answer as it leads (and led) to disastrous consequences. If at all they had so strongly decided to do this, they should have sought police protection and done it legally (now don’t tell me that they, especially the BDO, were not aware). As far as Nimki is concerned, I reiterate that she does not love any one, but herself. She is a ruthlessly ambitious woman who would trample any one coming in her way, be it her mother, father, sister, brother, friend, lover, husband, or even her own child. They are all commodities to be used by her to achieve or do what she wants. This is what she has been doing so far, but escaping the attention of most of the viewers because she is a smooth operator, and mark my words, this is what she would continue to do. Keep watching the further episodes, and never get attached to Nimki, she would only cause you pains (like you wanted her to marry BDO, but she dumped him, and now he is no longer part of ‘Nimki Vidhayak’. I’m not narrow-minded. I’m only a dispassionate critique. Sorry, if I have hurt you.

    1. Dear sometimes circumstances force to do that the way u said eloping with bdo n marriage sequence happened …..we all know tht was wrong bt hv seen tht mad family hw rigid they r hw badly they treated their own women st tht haweli……sometimes u hv to be bad with bad whether it’s ur wish or not……bt it di6mean u r disrespecting ur parents feeling first see tettar n anaro behaviour….well we both r right bcs everyone sees the things in different way….

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