Nimki Mukhiya 26th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki fails

Nimki Mukhiya 26th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tettar says to Babbu that control yourself. Soraj says to Nimki that you are forcing this marriage to stop, I am stopping myself because of Tettar only. Ritu says control yourself, she is our daughter in law. Ram asks Nimki to leave from there. They are about to leave but Richa calls Nimki. Nimki gets elated. Richa comes to her and folds her hands, she says I am thankful for what you have done for me but stop all this. Nimki says but.. Richa says I am married, I took pheras, my father did my kanyadan, only sindoor is remaining, now I have accepted Chirag as my husband. Tunee says what are you saying? Babbu says let her talk. Richa says I and Chirag love each others, our parents have accepted and blessed us, Nimki please let this wedding happen, I am pleading you to leave. Nimki is stunned. Richa goes to sit in mandap. Tettar smirks and says to Nahar and people that my daughter in law thought I was wrong and she came to stop me, we dont take each others side if we think others are wrong and we dont blame each other in our family, we believe in justice, all chant for Tettar. Chirag puts sindoor in Richa’s forehead. Nimki leaves from there in shock.

Babbu and Tettar are in palace, Dublo hides and hears them. Tettar says to Babbu that we made Nimki lose today, Chirag will handle Richa now. Babbu says our enemies are Nahar and Nimki. Tettar says Dublo is our enemy too, I feel like your brother is changing, he is looking in my eyes to talk. Babbu says no Dublo is very nice, he wont go against you. Tettar says I have read his mind.. he says today Nimki will face real Tettar, let her come. Dublo hears all that and thinks now I will be real enemy.

Scene 2
Tunee and Nimki are sadly sitting outside Ram’s house. Nahar comes there and says Nimki you are still here? Tettar needs you so he wont throw you from his house. Nimki asks him to shut up and says why you did it? Nahar says Tettar wanted young votes by getting them married and I got in picture too. Nimki says Richa’s life got destroyed. Nahar says her life is changed now. Nimki grabs him and says I lost this challenge but I will play now, you want to play politics so I will play it now. Nahar says then start from your house and Tettar. Ram takes Nimki from there. Nahar says to villagers that this is Nimki, she is a goon.

Abhi gets manager’s call, manager tells him about Richa’s marriage. Abhi says this is very wrong, it can be any women of our family, we are part of this sin, we let this happen. Manager says I am worried that Tettar will throw Nimki out of house. Abhi says he needs her, I wont let anything happen to Nimki.

Nimki is in Ram’s house, she screams and cries. Mauha tries to go to her but Ram says let her cry otherwise she will become stone. Nimki washes her face angrily. Tunee says you tried your best. Mauha says if Richa fought her fight then everything would have been right. Mono asks Ram to handle her, Ram says she is strong, she will come out of this trouble. Tunee and Mauha makes Nimki stop. Nimki says to Ram that why we cant save people? this case was similar like my mom, I see Richa hanging from fan too. Ram says dont feel bad, I am proud that you tried to fight for her. Nimki says we can destroy lives but why do we need God to make things right? Ram hugs her. Tunee says after all this, will it be okay for Nimki to go back to palace? Ram and Nimki gets tensed.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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