Nimki Mukhiya 25th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi agrees to marry Sweeti

Nimki Mukhiya 25th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Elena is upset. She says I will never talk to papa. Abhi comes. she sleeps. Abhi says stop pretending. She says I learned this from him. Abhi says what else did you learn from papa? She says never listening to anyone. papa what did you learn from Sweeti? You learned smiling from her. When I look at her she reminds me of mama. Mausi says she is nice. Abi says Mausi please. Aren’t yo worried for Nimki> Mausi says I am but she doesn’t love you. I have seen love for you in Sweeti’s eyes. Nimki comes. she says abhi I want to talk to you. Abhi says is everything okay? Nimki tells them that Ritu is back. she says you ave to help her. They are getting Sweeti married to Ritu again. You have to marry her today. tune says yes please. abhi says are you crazy? is that how you

get married? Nimki says you want huge celebrations? Tune says we will get everything ready for you. Nimki says don’t worry about me. Please marry seeti. I promised her I will get her out of that place. Abhi nods. Nimki says wow Elena your papa is getting married. They all hug each other. Elena says yay my papa is getting married tomorrow. Abhi looks at Nimki.

Tettar says we have to get her married tomorrow. Babbu says shouldn’t we give her time? Annaro says she has to get married. Ritu says she is like wet cement. Anyone who drives on her, she will her his. Annaro says why are you confused? He says just want sweeti to be happy. Babbu says get ready for the wedding tomorrow. Annaro says babbu get everything ready. No one should know in the city. Nimki shouldn’t know at all. Babbu says she can’t do anything.

Nimki comes home. Diamond says you can’t go inside. Babbu asked me to sit here. Nimki says in age you should date you are a guard. I know the gir you are hanging out with. she is frmo gat tola. Her name is Rashmi. Good choice. But you are Tettar’s son. What if babbu and your mom finds out. Let me tell her. He says don’t say ma anything. Go inside. Don’t tell anyone. Nimki says amazing.

Nimki comes to Sweeti. she says don’t worry. You are getting married to abhi tomrorow. Sweeti says are you crazy. Don’t you know how babbu is. Nimki says no I am serious. Sweeti says I am not ready. Nimki says don’t you like abhi? Sweeti says he is a very good man. But please don’t get him in trouble. Nimki says he is hero of this story.
Nimki calls Tune and plans everything with him. He says I will come there with the car. Nimki says we have to take her out of the house.
Precap-Nimki tells Ram that she is getting Abhi and Sweeti married. Sweeti says to Annaro I will never get married to this man again. Annaro says rekha get her ready.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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